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My Hobby Riddle Solved

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Thanks for the help in solving the riddle.


I wrote my story back in July and with the help of the Solo Touch people that wrote in, I was able to solve the riddle 'After the bliss to the end the pain, thrice into darkness with no shame. All to the hilt or never the task, in the emerald glow forever you will bask.'

I went back to the small shop that had 'EL PENE VERDE DE LA LUZ' and walked in. The shop owner and his wife were behind the counter. I told them why I had come and what I intended to leave with. The lady asked if I could answer the riddle and I told her I could.

I told her 'After the bliss to the end the pain' means that I must first masturbate myself with it till I climax. She told me I was right so far. I then told her that it had to go up my butt. Again she told me I was correct and then asked me how many times. I told her thrice or three times and that I had to take it all in, or up to the hilt. Her and her husband seemed very pleased.

The man went over and hung the 'Closed' sign on the door and locked it. He then pulled down the window shades. I began to feel a little uneasy. The women then asked me to remove my clothing. I began to slowly strip down until I stood completely nude before the couple.

The man reached into the display case and pulled out the mahogany chest and gently set it on the counter. The women slowly opened the lid and pulled out the green glass dildo and held it up to the light. Even under the incandescent light the dildo glowed. The man went into the back room and came back with a mat and laid it on the floor. The women held the dildo out for me to take. I gently reached for it. It seemed so beautiful and smooth.

I went over and lay down on the mat. I spread my legs and eased it into my now wet vagina. I slid in so easily. I began to masturbate with it. I went slowly at first. I had never masturbated in front of anyone before and having the shop owner and his wife watch was quite unnerving. I closed my eyes to concentrate on my masturbating. I began to relax as I continued. I began to feel an orgasm build but very slowly. Keeping my eyes shut I began to work it, speeding up and then slowing down. My juices were all over the shaft. Then out of nowhere I came. It rippled through me.

I heard the lady say that the pleasure part is over and now 'to the end the pain.' I rolled over and got on my knees and bent over. The dildo was soaked with my juices. I placed it up against my anal opening and slowly began to push. Even as wet as it was it didn't go in easily. I worked it until it began slide in. It was stretching me as it went in and that was a little painful. I pushed until it was all in. The next two times it just slid in.

The women told me she would clean the dildo up as I got dressed. My butt was sore as I moved around with my clothing. The man took the now clean dildo and placed it back in the case and handed it to me. 'It is yours to take, for you have earned it,' the man said. You may ask me if it was worth going to all of this trouble to get 'EL PENE VERDE DE LA LUZ'. I have hung it up in my window and let the sunlight filter through it and the glow always amazes me.



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