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My History of Jacking and Auto-felatio

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I have been reading Solo Touch for years and decided I would like to share my story with other readers.

Like most young boys, I started rubbing myself as I remember getting the urge and pillow fucking in bed at night until my cock stiffened and became too ticklish to touch. This went on for several years before the big day arrived.

Let me preface by saying that pantyhose has always been a huge turn-on for me and growing up in the 70's gave me a lot of sexy legs to look at whether it was my teacher's, women at church or TV commercials.

It was one day in spring that I remember one of our neighbours came over to our house to talk to my mom about an upcoming luncheon at our church. She was wearing a nice pleated skirt which was about knee length with high heels and shiny tan pantyhose. I couldn't take my eyes off of her silky legs as she sat on our couch. She would dangle her shoe off of her foot and occasionally it would fall off completely to reveal her painted toes covered in sexy nylon. Soon I had to excuse myself as I was getting that familiar urge that needed immediate attention. I had decided to go to my bedroom and stroke myself while the thought of her pantyhosed legs were fresh on my mind. As I was rubbing my cock, I imagined her offering to come in and rub her legs and stocking feet all over my body while I jacked off. My breathing started increasing and my cock got really stiff as my balls tightened up and all at once 4 or 5 streams of white milky cum started shooting out on to my belly and chest. It was the most incredible feeling I ever had and I couldn't wait to do it again.

Jump forward a few more years and I'm jacking off on a daily basis only now I have a stash of porn magazines that I had acquired from friends at school. I had one friend in particular that managed to get a hardcore magazine which showed a couple having full penetration and oral sex. He let me thumb through the magazine and I was so curious about eating pussy and what having my cock sucked would feel like.

It was later that evening during my jack-off session that I decided to try sucking my own cock. I was unsuccessful at first but after a couple of weeks of trying different positions I was able to throw my legs over my head and lock my feet under the bedrails which gave me enough leverage to lick the head with the tip of my tongue. The feeling was pure ecstasy as I was able to tease myself for a few moments. I was now hooked and was determined to get the head of my cock into my mouth and suck it to climax. It took me several more weeks of stretching and practising until one night I finally was able to stretch that extra couple of inches and finally suck on the entire head. My tongue quickly swirled around the head of my cock as I tried to suck it and maintain the position of having my hips planted directly over my head. The excitement soon built up and my cock started to stiffen as the head swelled in my mouth and then I started shooting streams of cum down my throat. I had finally done it!

I continued this ritual until I met my first real girlfriend and we started experimenting with sex.

Jumping forward 30 years-After several years of marriage, I still masturbate a couple of time a weeks but haven't tried auto-fellatio for fear of hurting my back or something worse. It was after taking Palates for a year that I decided I was getting very limber and would try to see if I could suck my cock again. At first I couldn't even get it within 5 inches from my mouth but after several more weeks of stretching and losing a few inches off my stomach, I was finally able to lick the head of my cock again!

Hopefully, with some more exercise and stretching I will someday be able to experience that excitement I had as a 15 year old again!



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