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My Heart Was Pounding

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Here's my true story. I'm 28 now and living on my own. In 1995 I was 17 and living with my parents in Toronto in an apartment.

Back then I acted straight around them and all my friends. But I knew I liked guys but never had been with one. No guts I guess.

It was Friday and a school holiday, my parents were at work and I decided to go for a bike ride. Our apartment building complex backs onto a plaza. I usually ride by on my way to a local park. As I was riding by, I saw this guy, facing the back wall of the plaza, with his cock out taking a leak.

He was about 23 or 24, wearing a dark blue T-shirt, dark work pants and work boots. He looked a little unsteady. It was about 4pm and I guess he was drinking with the guys at a bar in the plaza.

Anyway, I'm riding by and glance his way and he looks up at me-cock in hand, a stream on piss going down the wall in the laneway behind the plaza.

I just keep riding and disappeared around the corner. I stop. My heart is pounding. Was this my chance? Should I approach him? What if was straight(probably) and decided to pound the shit out of me?

I decided to go for it. I turned my bike around and raced back.

He was now walking along the laneway, in the opposite direction. I stopped and looked his way. He stopped, looked back and kept walking away.

I started riding along the back of the stores towards him. He kept walking, not looking back anymore. My mind was racing. What do I say and how? Do I come off offended and angry? 'Hey queer, what's your problem?' Or, try something else. I decided to try the 'something else'.

I came up beside him and stopped. (Didn't want to block his way-too much 'in your face'.) He stopped and looked at me. I was (and still am) 5'11', 150, brown hair, blue eyes. Not bad looking if I say so myself.

I opened my mouth and said, quietly, 'Looks like you've got a problem'. He didn't say anything, just looked at me-kinda worried expression on his face. I then said, 'Maybe I can help you.' He looked away, then back to me. ''Was just taking a piss'. I said, 'I know.' I pointed at the building beside us. 'I live right here. I'll help you.' My heart was exploding, I was so nervous (and excited, and hard).

I kinda cupped my crotch and looked down at his.

He didn't move or say anything.

I said, 'I'll do everything. You just stand there, OK?'

I got off my bike and turned in around, facing my apartment. He asked 'Where we going?' I said, 'Right here. I live here'. I started to walk and he followed.

There's an opening in the fence at the back of plaza. We went through that and walked down a small hill to the back of the building. Now I'm trying to figure out where exactly we were going to go. My parent's apartment? No way. Then I thought about a mens/women sauna that is in the basement of the building, near the locker rooms. Never been in there myself, but guessed(hoped) it would be empty.

Used my lobby key to get in through the back door. Neither one of us spoke. Took the stairs down, carrying my bike with me. Got to the sauna door. Noticed a sign that said: 'Tue/Thus/Sat Women Only. Mon/Wed/Fri/Sun Men Only'. Well, at least I got the day right.

Went up to the door and realized I didn't know if you needed a special key or if the lobby key would open it. My key opened it.

It was fairly small, with two sinks on the left, two washroom stalls on the right and at the back the sauna. We went inside and I turned the thumb lock on the door. I checked the sauna. No one was there. I leaned my bike up against the sinks.

My 'friend' had sobered up a lot in the last 10 minutes. He said, 'I got to take another leak' and stepped into the first stall. I was hot, hard and my heart was pounding. He made to close the washroom stall door. I gently pushed it back and slid in too. He just looked at me but didn't say anything.

He was standing directly in front of the toilet. I was standing between the toilet and stall wall on the right. I remember reaching over with my left hand and cupping my hand over his crotch.

He didn't say anything or make any moves. I guess that it would all be up to me.

I fumbled with his belt and undid it. There was a snap at the top. I pulled it apart and stopped. I massaged his crotch, really slow. My head is pounding and my cock hurt it was so hard.

I pulled down his zipper and bent down (kinda awkward with the toilet in the way). He had white underwear and I pulled down his pants just a little. I turned him so he faced me. I remember so clearly moving my hands from his crotch up to his stomach and back. He dark hair running straight up from his crotch (I'm smooth). And his abs were solid. My hands stopped there and I pressed against them and he pushed back.

I next part is just a blur. I wanted to pull his pants right down. He would't let me. So I pulled down the front of this underwear and eased out his cock. He was cut (like me) and still soft. I immediately started jerking him.He got hard so fast (about 6'). And I was getting even harder-hurting so much I was in real pain.

He didn't say a word. Didn't touch me.

I reached around and cupped my hands around his ass. I tried to work his pants down from the back but again he pulled them up. I thought maybe he'd groan or something when he came. Nothing. Just three strong pumps of cum on the washroom floor.

He went soft pretty fast. I stood up and fiddled around with my pants to get them down. Pulled down my underwear and my cock sprung out. I reached out a took his left hand and moved it over to my cock. He didn't pull back but he didn't do anything either. I held his left hand with my left hand on my cock and jerked off with my right. 15 seconds later I shot off, gobs of cum over the toilet seat and on the floor.

Took me a few seconds to calm down. I grabbed some toilet paper and wiped off my cock. Grabbed some more and made to clean him up but he took it and did it himself.

We both zipped up and stepped out into the open area of the sauna. I went over to wash up at the sink. He headed towards the door and turned the inside lock. I looked over and said 'Thanks'. He said, 'No problem.' and left.

That was my first time and in some ways the best. I still get that pounding in my heart when I'm with a buddy of mine and we touch each other at the start. But it is never as strong a pounding as that first time.

I've told this story to a few friends. Kinda nice to finally get it down on paper (so to speak).



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