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My Hands/Her Hands

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How I met this amazing soul mate, a woman who unlocked this insatiable sexual appetite within me.


Hi! My name is Margeret and I'm a 43 year old mother of two living in Missouri. My daughter is in high school and my son has just entered college. My husband of 21 years and I run a little business out of our home. To most of our friends and neighbors I imagine we exemplify the classic, upper middle class, suburban family. A look beneath the surface would reveal a few starteling surprizes.
My body matured at an early age. By 4th grade I had breasts and experienced my first menstrual cycle. My sexual awakening had begun. Like my father, I was a voracious reader. In junior high, Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys no longer appealed to me, not after I read one of my father's paperbacks! My Dad had one hell of a collection of paperbacks in our basement. The majority of paperbacks were very sleazy and seductive! I began to live for Friday or Saturday nights when my parents went out for the evening! I would pick out one of Dad's paperbacks and read and masturbate all evening. I was in heaven!
I met my husband in December of my freshman year. Our dating was pretty ordinary. We went to my sorority parties, movies, all that boring stuff. We did heavy petting, oftentimes naked, but no intercourse. Stupid me! I was on the pill and AIDS hadn't come into the picture. What more could we want?! Can you believe, 22 years old and both virgins?! From the day we decided to get married I could feel that something was missing I just couldn't figure out what...Love???
I would say that it was about 12-13 years ago when I came to the realization that if I ever wanted to really find sexual gratification and fulfillment I would have to find it with a woman. I can't tell you why or what caused me to feel this way. It just happened. I know my body and what turns me on. I know I could satisfy another woman and she could satisfy me. What I didn't know was how to find this woman! I don't think that I ever stopped thinking about it. I masturbated constantly wishing that someday it would be another woman bringing me to orgasm. I am still embarassed that I look at a woman and wonder what kind of pussy she has and her lips and then dream about doing her. Wet and fingering myself thinking about this, I would feel like I was loosing control.
In desperation I began 'lurking' in internet chat rooms and I found out real quick how shallow the other females are. I sickened myself that I stooped so low, freely offering up my desperate passions to be sampled for a quick thrill by a strange woman I would never meet again. There is nothing for me in those rooms. I tried cybering with people, now and then, but I was very disappointed. No imaginations! I felt like I had to do all the work. I tried a couple of guys but that was a disaster! I didn't really feel anything. One turned out to be 19. That sickened me. I tried women too. A couple were ok, but not special like Donna. I found that few ladies wanted to meet again. One was very self centered.
When I met Donna, something just clicked and I knew from the begining that Donna was very special. Even though she is married, too, I have no regrets. None! Not any! ZILCH!!! We were both such kindred spirits searching along the same path, it seems that destiny brought us together.
I have planned on letting my family know that we communicate on line. Of course, I don't plan on discussing the details, just that she is a 'pen pal' I chat with regularly. We are planning on meeting each other and this way it will be much easier to explain. It could also explain the situation if they find me naked infront of my computer with a vegetable between my legs. ;-)
The passion, the fun, the seriousness, we have experienced on so many levels is beyond my wildest dreams. Now I know that Donna is my fantasy woman. Since we met in that chat room, we have made a vow that every afternoon at 3:00 PM, where ever we are, what ever we are doing, we will pause and think of one another.
Never in my wildest dreams did I ever realize how totally satisfying making love with a woman can be! It's absolutely addictive! She is such a feeling, caring lover. I would love nothing more than to continue to talk to her all night. I have dreamed countless dreams of she and I together, reaching for clouds and searching for stars so that we may see and climb even higher. Lately, I have this warm feeling inside all the time. It feels so perfect, so right. I have encountered a hundred little things that I wanted to share with her, but she was not there, and it made me appreciate her and our times together even more. Yet, still, I close my eyes and imagine us together hot, sweaty, wet, and wild, and, of course, I'm lost for the rest of the workday.
What a day yesterday was! From the srart, I did not want to get out of bed. I wanted to stay snuggled with thoughts of her under the covers for all eternity. Unfortunately; however, so many years of responsible actions are impossible to change. I had meetings out of the office all day, one after the other. The first one at 9:00am. The others following in rapid succession. Each meeting taking me farther down the road, farther from the erotic pictures of her in my computer. My final meeting, at 4:30pm, was across the state line in Sioux City. It was a profitable day yet very unfulfilling! I would much rather have been romping through some new erotic adventure with Donna. As each meeting ended I forced myself to mentally prepare for the next. It was different; however, on my return from Sioux City! At last... time to be alone with those orgasmic thoughts of her! With a smile in my heart, and a warmth in my mound Donna and I began a very sensuous journey back to my office!
So many thoughts...all crashing into my head simultaneously! Obviously trying to repress her all day was now going to produce a flood of very rewarding fantasies! Images of hot tangled sweaty bodies... silk scarves... romantic music... curly pubes... throbbing sex... screams... moans... hard nipples... erect breasts... frenzy... cucumbers... vibrators... orgasms... more orgasms... loving... spanking... probing tongues... mouths exploring... masterful fingers... Hugging...Kissing... swollen clits... to say I was on fire was indeed an understatement!
I began to think ahead... to imagine what tonight has in store in our chat room, so much intrigue and wonderment left to explore! I had no idea what to expect... the thought of Donna's planning and surprises sets me off! Still all the images of so many beautiful bondings... rushing at me from every angle. Cascading me with unparalleled passion. I was wet beyond belief! My clothes were sticking to my sweaty body! Thankfully I was wearing a skirt. My fingers began to probe only to be halted by unyielding panty hose! I pulled the car off at a roadside rest area and entered the rest room.
Frantically I ripped off my panty hose and began to masturbate out of control and out of my mind! Immediate spasms overtook me! The thought of what she called a double dildo slopping in both of our pussies and our titties squashed together was too much. Her idea of lovemaking with her with a dildo made me nearly collapse shuddering with orgasm. I attempted to compose myself and continue my trek home.
Since I was now driving sans panty hose and undies, and the images just kept building to a crescendo, I began looking through the car for stimulus other than my inadequate fingers. Then I noticed it...my cell phone! I've always known it would help me in an emergency... never did I anticipate such a marvelous emergency! I was able to wedge the phone between my wet swollen lips and the seat of my car. All the way back I rocked and rocked pushing my phone deeper into me. What a sensation! Spasms continued to shake me, images of our tangled bodies relentlessly flooding my spirit accompanied me to my driveway. At that moment the only thing that could have added pleasure to what I was experiencing was to remove my phone from its cherished wedge to answer a phone call from Donna! Had anyone actually phoned while I was driving, it would have been the end of me. My cell was set to silent 'vibrator' ring mode!!!
Back at home, my husband was watching TV. I was relaxing a little, waiting so ever impatiently for our special time covered with an afghan, pretending to read a book while ever so earnestly using my fingers and thinking of her.
It is now the next day as I write this. Donna and I have just spent the night on line, enthralled in the beautiful depths of our passions, caressing one another with torrid words and making love over and over and over. It is now about 4:10am. I am listening to an Oldies station on the radio in my office, trying to formulate my words, feeling so full of warmth from this liaison I just experienced. After we signed off I just sat here staring at my blank screen for a while replaying the last 4 hours in my mind. The power she has over me is unbelievable! Then I read through our chat, touching myself again.
I thought I would sit here and try to put into words the beauty and joy I have found in our lovemaking, they way we make love through this strange medium and the amazing effects she has on me.
After we parted for the night I threw on my jeans, a clean T-shirt, sandals and a light pullover nylon jacket. No panties, no bra. I got into my car and headed out for God knows where! There was a light rain falling, a starless night. I realized that I was ravenous. I decided to go to IHOP and get some carbohydrates. Sitting alone in the booth I couldn't stop thinking about what a surprise tonight was. I felt like Donna was sitting right next to me, the scent of our lovemaking was still present on my body. When the waiter took my order I wanted to tell him that I had just made love with the most fantastic female in the entire universe! But, instead all I could say was 'short stack of blueberry pancakes and a large Orange Juice please'.
Well, I'm back now and still totally aglow from tonight. I can't explain what happened. The words fail me. Donna totally took me by surprise! We logged into our chat room and I was expecting to talk for 10-15 minutes maybe sharing our day, maybe just talking warm fuzzies, feeling so glad for this special time with her each evening. I thought we'd kind of tuck each other in and say 'good night'!
Was I ever mistaken! The more we get together the more vivid become the pictures in my mind. Surely not because of anything I have said or done! It is all Donna. Each day becomes a new adventure. Each adventure becomes more exciting than the one previous! She is unbelievably erotic! Every time I think we have reached a pinnacle... the next night she takes me to even higher heights. If there is any downside to all this it's the realization that I cannot even come close to giving back to her the pleasure that she gives to me. I feel so totally unqualified to return to favor.
The pictures she draws through her sensuous words are exquisite. I can never measure up and only hope and pray that she will not tire of constantly giving to me. I feel that I'm a selfish bitch, always taking, never giving. I want to give to her. I want her to feel what I feel but my inadequacies over shadow my words. My words would probably say 'my tongue begins to lick your wetness' Donna on the other hand says 'I plunge my tongue deep into your slick, willing cunt...your juices flow into my mouth...I swallow, drinking them in'. There is no comparison! I cannot equal or even come close to uttering such beautifully satisfyingly erotic prose! She is a master storyteller. I am nothing but a remedial recounter. I can't help but wonder how long it will be before she tires of my inexperience!
From the onset tonight I was lost to her touch as she began to seduce me online. I got sooo turned on just finding her
it was fantastic! There was this immediate intense charge that just shook me. It was wondrfull. Just thinking about it is making me shake again. The moment I saw Donna sign on my hands went immediately to the hem of my T-shirt. When we chat, I bunch up the hem and just push it deep into my pussy with my fingers as far and as much as possible. As I rock back and forth on my chair the sensation is wonderful! I can sit there and masturbate and type and read at the same time. I hadn't even realized that I was doing this until about 10 days or so ago. It's something I never did before we met. Before Donna, my fingers were my friends.
Almost instantaneously when I visualized her hands under my T-shirt my nipples jutted out as hard as rocks and I felt a burning deep inside. As she proceeded to describe how she would massage and suck and lick my feet she knocked the breath right out of me. I had so many sensations at one time I was on sensory overload. I didn't need to touch my self thanks to her pictures. I was totally out of control. I had lost it, in a mater of a few short moments I was nothing but a whimpering mass of putty. With the hem of my T-shirt inside me I was wriggeling all over my chair. I was experiencing so many diverse sensations at the same instant. I was shivering from anticipation and burning with desire! Bolts of electricity were smashing through me! My breath was coming in short gasps my lungs were bursting. As she continued to seduce me every nerve in my body was tingling. I can never remember such an eruption of juices from within me. When I started to cum there was no stopping. She later asked me if I had experienced multiples. I can't answer that! I don't know if I just experienced the world's longest continuous orgasm or it was a series of orgasms. Either way I love her for what you did to me tonight! Believe me, this WAS INTENSE! When I finally stopped cuming I was totally spent. I couldn't talk, I couldn't move, I was so dizzy, but so much at peace. I have never experienced so much emotion in such a short time.
I've been trying to understand what specifically set me off tonight. I don't think there is any one answer. It was a combination of several factors. Part of it was the total surprise; as I said earlier I never expected to say more than 'Hi! How was your day'. Never did I anticipate such total rapture! Of course a major factor was the pictures she was painting, a picture of passion and ardor that went straight threw my heart.
Somehow, Donna has managed to unlock this insatiable sexual appetite within me, and I love it! I still do not have any idea how I can ever give back to her what she gives to me each night. All I can do is hope that as time goes by I will learn how to satisfy her and give her the joy that she has so wonderfully bestowed upon me.
She is in my thoughts constantly. When I slip into my bed tonight she will be with me. I will be holding her tightly in my arms and awaken to stare into her dreamy eyes. I will dream of passionately intense lovemaking and I will touch myself all night long wishing that she was in my bed, enjoying luscious thoughts of her as spasms of shear joy wrack my body!
Well I guess I've gone on long enough with this stream of consciousness and it's now 5:45am. No wonder I can't keep my eyes open. I've been filled with such joy that I wanted to pause and create this little shrine of words to the boundless love shared by Margaret and Donna. I will end with a little poem that I wrote to Donna. I hope that everyone reading this will be blessed to find a lover and soul mate with whome their spirit is as perfectly harmonious.
Love to all,
I will open you
petal by petal
taking all the time in the world.
I will build with you a slow fire
stick by stick
and watch the color of your sunrise.
I will play with the wind of you,
cover you body with smiles and games,
promises and fantasies that disappear
without a trace.
I will stir your secret core,
witches brew of potions
and incantations,
and feel you simmering, rolling,
floating in my hand.
I will fill you slowly up,
every crevice and curve,
watch feel hear smell taste you
growing full



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