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My Hand Loves Me

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My Hand Loves Me, or reading my own palm
I will have sex tonight! The 1st time I masturbated was when I was 12 years old- I was in 7th grade and had met a guy who I was friends with at school. He asked me one day if I'd ever 'jacked off', and I told him, 'no, I don't know what it is'. He told me that it's when you get a 'boner' and you pull it back and forth real fast with your hand around it and keep doing it until it starts feeling good and then stick your legs out real stiff like and it would feel real good and you'd shoot a wad of white milky juice out of your dick. I thought, 'this sounds real silly'. But couldn't wait to get home to try it After school I entered the house and everyone was gone. The folks were at work and I was an only child. So I hit the fridge grabbed a snack flipped on the tube and scarfed down. After that I went in my room and thought about what my friend had said, and my peter started getting hard just thinking about it. So I whipped it out and started jerking away, thinking, 'what am I a cow or what?' Pretty soon just as he'd said it began to feel 'good'- a real deep feeling somewhere inside me in spots I never knew I had before. I had been stimulated by a nurse in a Catholic hospital when I was 9 years old after having a urinary exam and I had to pee after the procedure. It hurt and the nurse promised to make it feel better. She did. And that was my 1st time ever knowing anything felt good 'down there', but she rubbed my tiny prick and I peed and probably came at the same time all the while it hurt like Hell, because I bled too. They had stuck a tiny camera up inside me to check out my urinary tract. Anyway, so back to my 1st real pud-pulling session. I jerked it real fast and started to raise my legs and as I did a feeling of exstasy hit me like a mac truck and I shot my cum all over my shirt and my bedding. It felt so good I could not stand for awhile. Then I had to clean up the mess. I was scared that someone would see the mess or worse that i had harmed my body in some way. I was also scared that someone could tell that I'd done this and I'd get my ass beat. I remembered after coming home from the hospital I was laying on the couch and started to play with myself a little because I was sore, trying to duplicate the feelings the nurse had given me and my mom walked around the corner and caught me and started yelling that she never wanted to see me do that anymore and that did I know that Jesus could see me and what I was doing? I never let her see me touch myself again. This began my life of masturbating which thru it all, home life, school, church, marraige and divorce has been a constant companion. After my 1st real time everytime I'd take a leak it would feel good; in fact real good. I'd get a pass to go pee at school, take a quick whiz and then blow a load all over the stall! I'd yank my crank 5 or 6 times a day. I started making up phrases for it like 'stroke my spoke' and 'yank old Hank' and a bunch of 'em. Now I wasn't raised Catholic, I just happened to be in that hospital. We were Baptists and I never heard the subject brought up at church or really anywhere. We were pretty consevative and this was in the 60's. So I grew up with a lot of guilt too. I was taught to keep myself pure until marraige, which meant to refrain from intercourse before marraige. Something I still believe in. We didn't discuss options like masturbation or oral sex or mutual masturbation. Way before Clinton and Monica! I just knew it was wrong for me to stick my peter in a girls pussy, because the Bible teaches that it is fornication. So I never got laid until my wedding night at age 25. I had however had some sexual experience with some girls and even a couple of my male cousins. The litle girl next door she and I used to play Dr.- I was 3 years older and I was 6 when I moved next door to her. As I began to discover sex in various ways, I used her as my patient. I had my own private gynecology practice going. I used to get her tio pull down her pants so I could see her little smooth seam, and I'd rub my little weinie up and down on her snatch, but never in it. I never would taste it because her little pussy kinda stunk. If it had've smelled better I'm sure I would have become an expert cunnilinguist at a very young age. She put my penis in her mouth one time- just for a second or two; she didn't suck it or perform fellatio on me. It was just there in her mouth briefy. Her mom caught us. Thankfully she didn't see or hear what we were doing, only that we were playing Dr.- She gave me a lecture I have never forgotten and really put the fear of God in me. I was afraid of her and my folks too! After going thru kissing cousins of the opposite sex, I had a couple of incidents with 2 of my cousins who were guys about my age. We didn't really homo-off exactly. We just experimented, like what the girl next door did. We put each others penises in our mouths and just held it there briefly, without moving the mouth or toungue around. This happened a couple of times and it got boring. Besides we were hetros and wanted girls. We did jerk each other off a couple of times, but even that was a bore. I liked my own stroke the best! None of us guys turned out gay, we just messed around. We didn't really know what to do, as we'd never had a real blow job. I had a lot of guilt over that stuff too as well as messing around with the little girl next door. I used to make out with my neice who was 3 years younger than me, in the closet. One day my hand went up between her legs and I started rubbing her thru her clothes while I was kissing her. She melted in my arms. I was about 14 or 15. This became a regular practice for us. We'd jump on each other like two snakes. I don't know that I ever made her come. This went on for about a year and she started really growing up and we quit. I always wanted to ball her. I had a lot of guilt about that too. When I finally got a real girlfriend, she was older and had been there and done that. We talked about it and we decided in the interest of love and our Christian ethics that we would not have sex. It was OK because I wanted to marry her and save it for that. One night we were making out, something that rarely happened, because we did not want to drive each other nuts. We were laying on the floor. The next thing I know I'm on top of her, 'dry-humping' her and all of a sudden she melts in my arms and seemed to pull me into her somehow; which was impossible because we both had our pants on. She was exremely wet and so was I from my own pre-come; it looked like I'd blown my nut, but I hadn't- my balls were aching for relief. She admitted she had an orgasm and asked me how I felt about it. I told her OK. She was willing to 'help me out' but I told her no, because it would get us in trouble. So I went home and masturbated. The next night the same event almost occured again and we stopped short of it and agreed that it was going to get out of hand. I loved her and the Lord so much that I didn't want to- but my body sure did. We broke up and I dated a girl who was a little young for me, who was hot as a pistol, had big breasts a tight little ass and was sweet as she was nutty. Not especially pretty, but she had a zany personality that made up for it. But she was way too hot for me and way too young. She tried to get my cherry every night. We'd start making out and she'd be throwing her clothes in every direction and soon she'd be naked. I had to have a peek. I have always loved the sight of a womans pussy. And hers was real pretty! She got me so hot that I'd go in her bathroom and jack-off! She got so hot I finally figured the only wa y to deal with it was to do it her, so I reached down and rubbed her little pussy through her panties. She'd come and come and come...One night she grabbed my hand and slid them inside her undies and said, 'here do it like this; it's better!', taking my finger and guiding it to her swolen clit. She was so wet and smelled good. One night I had to taste it, so I snuck my head down there and began to taste and savor the flavor, licking her lips and clit, I stopped before she could come and told her we can't do all of this. I'm going to lose my virginity if we don't stop. So I finger-banged her. A couple nights later she grapped my zipper and pulled out my throbbing peter and wrapped her sweet lips around it and began to suck it so sweetly. Up and down with her toungue swirling around the head like a propeller! After about a minute and a half, I made her stop because I was about to give her a semen gargle! She was supposed to be a virgin too, but by the way she sucked my cock I knew she was very expeienced! I had to break up with her too because of the sexual stuff escalating. I had a few girlfriends after this and dated around a lot with other church girls, (they are horny too!) But I kept myself high and dry with them and went home and practiced. I had read everything about sex I could get my hands on, and had used everything from mom's old Electrolux vacuum, to dad's sander in the garage, every lubricant; Vaseline, cornhuskers oil, Jergin's, Mom's cold cream. I practiced beacuse I was afraid of being a premature ejaculator after reading the Hite Report, so I would take all night to get off, stroking it real slow and savoring each stroke up and down. I can go for literally hours; alone or with a partner. Then I met my wife to be. She turned me on to aloe vera. I had some bad zits and she said they'd cure them. Sure enough it helped. I took home some leaves of the plant- later a couple of the plants. I would rub the gooey juice on my bad complexion areas and it hit me like a brick; hey this stuff should be good for strokin'! And it was. I couldn't wait to tell her. We'd already admitted that we did our selves off. She's had lots of sex, a kid, a couple of miscarraiges and abortions. Before I knew it we were engaging in mutual masturbation. With aloe vera. One night I just pulled the crotch of her panties aside and pried her twat open and smeared aloe vera all over it and began eating her twitching cunt, nuzzling her tiny clit, gently sucking on it and her lips. Thinking I'd quit, she sensed I was gonna pull away and said, DON'T STOP!!!- I didn't. It was very neat to have her come with my mouth. She turned around and grabbed my peter and began sucking me slowly. Pretty soon the inevitable was about to occur. Neither of us knew what to do. I said, 'I'm comin'!' and she pulled away and I yelled, 'don't stop!' so she grabbed it with her hand a began to stroke and suck at the same time and it went of on the out-stroke; part of my jiz went down her throat, part of it hit her in the face and the rest of it went all over us and her bedroom! She had never blew a guy to orgasm before and had never seen one come before. We laughed our asses of and this is how I got sucked into a marraige! For my 25th birthday she took me on a hike and we got atop a big rock and she pulled out my dick and said, 'I have a present for you' as she engulfed my hard on. A couple of hikers came upon us and i said, 'we got company'- she said, 'hmmm,hmmm' as she kept bobbin' my knob; her head going up and down in my lap like a sewing machine and never skipped a beat. The couple stopped to admire her in action, and I simply said. 'Birthday!' They said, 'Happy Birthday' and kept truckin'. We were married a few months later and had sex everyday for about 10 years, most of the time at least once or twice a day and sometimes more. After 12 years we went our separate ways. I did finally bang the girl next door. But we seemed too close. It was like we were family. We masturbated each other and then had oral sex...she still stunk down there. We fucked a couple of times. And that's all it was. Just fucking. Not making love. The other girl- the hot under age gal, she showed up again briefy, twice, and we nearly got back into it. She even to told me she'd like to pick up where we left off when she started my 1st 'almost blow job' and offered to go to a motel with me and take her 3 or 4 kids with. I declined. After 6 or 7 kids total, 5 marraiges and a lot of other negatives, I just couldn't get into it. There have been a couple of other incidents...but I'm a single divorced man and I still cherish my morals and want to save myself for marriage again. So I am celibate. But I have a hand that loves me! And it's the best piece of ass I have ever had! I am my own fortuneteller too! I just read my palm and I will have sex tonight, my other palm says I may get some strange if I switch hands; but only if I can gain a stroke! I am waiting for that special someone who will fill that void in my life though. I do love mutual sex much better than alone all the time. I did masturbate all thru my marraige and so did she! I love my hand, but I really love pussy! And I am nuts about cute panties! I juse to pull my wifes off, and put them under my pillow for sniffing and touching. Both while we were having sex and even in my sleep. Well t's late and I'm a horny son of a gun right now! Gotta go stroke that spoke! My experiences part 2- My hand loves me. Practice Makes Perfect This 2nd installment of my experiences with the wonderful art of masturbation deals mainly with some of the taechniques that I have discovered over the years and how they relate to sex with a woman. These techniques allowed me to become a pretty good lover in my own estimation and a great lover in the words of the few women I have been with. As I said earlier I 'practiced' the sex act by myself by stroking myself very slowly. I would do this for hours sometimes. I got beyond vaseline, which is a terrible lubricant, and discovered that my own pre-come juices and saliva make a very good mixture. Almost the viscosity of vaginal fluids that secrete when a woman is stimulated. One girl I had mutual masturbation with wanted me to lick and suck her nipples as I finger banged her. She taught me how to bite and pinch the nipple very gently to arouse her and drive her over the edge. She in turn did the same to me. It was quite an eye opener for me. I transfered that to my own 'solo' activities. Nipple stimuli is particularilly enjoyable during sex with a woman and both hands are free to access both nipples simultaneously. For either partner or both at the same time! By the time I got married at age 25 and still a virgin, technicnally speaking in terms of vaginal intercourse, I was ready for the real deal, or so I thought. Because I could masturbate all night without coming, staving off orgasm, just a little bit before coming and then slowly bringing myself back up to the apex again and so on. On wedding night, my new bride and I disrobed one another and then we decided to shower together and then make ready for bed separately. It was quite exiting. Waiting for her, she came to me and we needed very little foreplay to get interested. We jumped into the act like animals. I slid into her as she guided me and it was so good to finally be there! I thought, 'Wow! I'm no longer a virgin, and I finally got me some pussy!' I started pumping very slowly, but my hand had never felt quite like this! I came within 30 seconds or less! How embarassing! I was so ashamed and I felt like an inadequate fool. She told me, 'Don't worry about it. It's your 1st time after all.' She was right; It was just so good to finally get some! I was afraid that all my practice was all for nought. But I soon found out that it wasn't. Before we went so sleep together for our 1st time, I made her come manually and then she reciprocated. I would have been OK with a hand job, but she so willingly moved down to my throbbing peter and gave me sweet head for my 2nd come that night. The next morning we tried again and she was a little sore, so she told me to relax and enjoy it because she was not going to get much out of it. I should have just pulled out, but she urged me on and held me tightly and helped me last for about 5 minutes and I could tell she was uncomfortable and I said, 'Help me I'm gonna come.', and she began tweaking my nipples while I shot a huge load of come into her.I then manually brought her to her climax. We drove to our cabin in the mountains and went to dinner, and came back for our 3rd encounter. I have always heard that 3rd time is a charm. And usually it is. And it was. We began slowly. Not expecting much, except for her to probably be sore and not do so well herself. We turned each other on very much with gentle fondling and caresses and moved on to oral sex. I started on her 1st and she got very close to coming and she said, 'your turn!' so I laid back while she nursed my swollen head. I almost blew my load in her mouth and she stopped and we just said, 'OK -let's do it'. I climbed aboard, and settled into her very slowly, not wanting to shoot too soon. I eased in and out so shallow and slow as a snail. She tightened around me and said, 'It's feeling very good!' I got very close to coming after that, and pulled out, immediately began stroking her lips and clit while I got into postion again to give her head some more to keep her hot while I cooled down. She grabbed my slick cock and began to stroke me while I orally nuzzled her box. I climbed aboard again after a few minutes of this when she signaled me by pulling my peter towards her body. I slipped in, guiding myself into the puddeny territory of her vagina, and thought to myself, 'Puddin', Puddin', I want to eat your puddin'!'- That's what that song is about! She then told me, 'I'm getting sore again!' 'Shit!', I thought, 'we are so close!' and I thought, 'hey wait a minute! I know what I'll do' as I slid my hand down between us with my finger gathering moisture off the shaft of my pecker. I began massaging her clitoris very slowly and slowed my thrusts down to a minimum, barely moving in and out. My hand got tired in this position and I impaled her with my prick- all the way in. I kept it there and began moving my hips in a circular motion, gently grinding our mons areas together. She was getting hotter than a pistol, and began squeezing me so tight I could hardly breath. She said, 'Pump a little', so I did very gently and in about a minute we were having our first of hundreds of simultaneous orgasms together. I wasn't the 1st guy she had been with, but I was the 1st she ever came with from intercourse and 'come together' on top of that. Now I knew what John Lennon was talking about! All my 'practicing' by myself had paid off. All my learning to finger other girls to orgasm had not been wasted either. The next morning when we woke up after falling asleep in each others arms, we moved right into another sweet session. And this one was even easier. I stimulated her in all the right ways and moved in at her invitation and began very slowly and in 15 minutes of slow thrusting, without stopping or any manual stimuli we moved right into another wonderful similtaneous orgasm. We used the aloe vera and KY for lube. Mostly this was beacuse she had been on birth control and her fluids had diminished.Plus she was beginning her period. I learned quicly that a little manual stimuli went a long way with her. And a lot of it went an even longer way with me. She would stroke me and suck me for an hour at a time, when time allowed, while I tweaked her nipples and clit. I was so used to long periods of stimulus that I needed it sometimes after the initial shock wore off of getting laid. There are so many facets of the self stimulation arena and how it can play an important part in partner sex. It is hard to gewt all of the info all in one essay. I may have to back up and re-group and think of some more good things to tell about it. I hadn't had sex for a long time after my divorce, except for one little reumion with the ex-wife that only proved we could still make love, but not be in love or be together. I met a gal who literally seduced me because I wouldn't move fast enough with her.I'll call her Kelly, because of her green eyes. She came out of my bathroom with nothing on but a towel and threw the towel off and jumping on me, said, 'I'm gonna fuck your brains out!' I then told her, 'Yeah, well I'm gonna rock your world!' She tugged at my pants pulling out my swollen dick and sat on it (we were on my couch). After a few minutes of this I said let's go to the bedroom! We jumped in and I began slowly poking her tight little crevice. I started the circular motions alternating with slow shallow thrusts. They had to be shallow because I only have 6 inches. My ex-wife used to brag to her friends, 'he's 7 inches on a good night!' I had learned with her to slowly penetrate very shallowly. In fact this is where we fond out out about G-spot orgasms. Because of the angle of my dangle in respect to my average length and my technique, I was able to stimulate my ex-wifes G-spot very easily. Now this girl, Kelly, she had never ever had a guy screw her slowly. She said every guy who ever banged her, really banged her. Hard and fast with complete penetrations. I had never really done that. My ex didn't like it and I liked it slow. After a few minutes of this Kelly began coming and coming and coming...she told me to pull out while she flipped over and got on her knees. I entered her from behind and as soon as I hit her pussy she began coming again. She'd already had 3 or 4, and now another one. I began tweaking her nipples and biting her earlobes and her neck. She howled and squeeled and screamed and made noises I have never heard come out of another human being. She got so wet that there was a puddle of her juice as big around as a pillow under us. Besides this, I was sweating like there was no air conditioning in Atlanta in thre summer and she was too. I could feel her heart pound in her chest and she panted like she was giving birth! Every time she came the jugular arteries in her neck bulged and I could see the lifeblood gushing through. I couldn't believe what was happening. We had started at about 11:30 PM and it was already 1AM! She was a swimmer, as Paul Newman said in a movie, whose title escapes me at the moment! She was the most adventurous piece of ass I have ever had. She tried every position possible with me(except anal). And she just kept coming! We lost count after 20-something. We went arounf the world and she began to suck my cock licking the juices from her pussy off the shaft and my balls. She said ,'stick your fingers in me!' I did so and began probing for her G-spot with my dexterous guitar picking middle finger. She grabbed my hand and pulled my fingers out of her and began sucking them. 'Mmm, your fingers taste so good!' I told her, 'they should, they are covered with your pussy juice'. She told me, 'Yes. And I love pussy juice!' She beagn stroking my blue veined penis with it's huge, swollen purple knob. (She told me later the head of my dick was a great G-spot stimulator) She was still coming and shuddering, shaking and sweating. Her sweet head was soaking wet. I have never seen a girl get so torn up having sex! Her makeup ran all over us and the bed. Her hair looked like she had been in a hurricane. She hit her knees again an invited me back in the doggy style position. I entered her exquisite chamber and hit her cervix and she launched into a phase of orgasms I have only read about; she had one continuos orgasm that only hit highs and lows. It didn't stop. For over 20 minutes.It was more than multiple orgasms, which she'd had an hour earlier! My dick just got harder and I just kept pounding her. By now I wasn't slow poking. I was jack hammering her with all that I had left in me. By now the clock reads 2:30 AM and I have came yet and I haven't lost my erection once. And I was 40 years old too! I did have several mini orgasms that I held off on. She continued in her continual orgasm, spasming and writhing beneath me. I stopped all of a sudden and hit bottom and stayed there.'What are you doing to me?!' she asked as I began the circular motions again and then slowly began the shallow, snail like thrusts. Her come hit again, and hit her so hard she went off her knees, tumbled to the floor, I followed her, entered her missionary style and we began crawling up the bed and somehow got back up on it and began another banging session that didn't stop until 5AM. I finally told her, 'Look, Kelly. I'm beat. I haven't had sex in a couple of years and I have never had it like this! But I need to sleep, but 1st I need to come. Please help me. Stroke my cock and lick my nipples!' She obliged me, and began to suck it again and then I rolled over on her and drove it home for one last tiime. As I pumped she kissed my nipples and tweaked them with her fingers and brouight me to my orgasm finally which seemed to last for 3 minutes! I just kept coming and coming! She kept tweaking my nipples with her fingers and stroked my ass as I came. I rolled over and said, 'AHHHH!!!!' We talked and cuddled. She liked that. She said no guy had ever taken her out to dinner before, or ever opened a door for her or talked and cuddled. She asked me if i was on drugs? I said I never have. She then told me that she never heard of a guy fucking that way for that long unless he was on speed or something. I have never even smoked pot. Much less a drug like speed. I was high on making love to Kelly! I was getting very sleepy and my little nympho says to me, 'hey babe. ya wanna fuck? I'm horny again!' We finally went tio sleep and I only slept 20 minutes then I awoke to see the rising sunlight on her face so sedate and satisfied. She looked so sweet. I reached and touched her hand and she brought it up to her mouth and kissed it. I rolled over. And guess what I did? I masturbated and fantasized about all the good pussy I had just had! My fingers smelled of her sweet sex. heck my whole body and the entire bedroom smelled of her sex! My moustache smelled like her pussy for days! I told her, 'hey, sweetness; you are the fuck of the decade!' And she was- next to my hand. We had about a months worth of these sessions, then she up and split. She told me that she had a jealous roomate she rented from who didn't like me or her finger. Kelly masturbated too. Plus her room-mate was also her lesbian lover. This explained why when I started to eat her flowery snatch she pulled away and said, 'I get plenty of that.' She did let me dive on her sweet little muff when she shaved it one night. It felt so good to my mouth. My lips and tongue really got turned on licking and nuzzling her twat! And fingering it was a pure joy without all the hair down there. But she took off. This bird had flown, as John Lennon had said, once again. Back to the art of masturbation! On that subject just let me add these last comments . For all of you guys out there; Whip it! Whip it good! And for you goilz out there; You go girl! Uh huh! Mmmmm Hmmmm!!! My hand loves me... I thought I'd add a 3rd installment to my burgeoning posts! These have to do with some of my special solo act techniques. My most exciting hand to wang come-bat 'came' about when I was past my teens and into early man-hood, just prior to getting married at age 25. Now being a Christian, as I have indicated in my other posts, I have had some guilt over past issues regarding some of my sexual exploits. I pretty much wanted to save myself for marraige due to my convictions, and I sorta failed, but saved the 'main event', intercourse for my wedding night. I dealt with a lot of guilt over masturbation and certainly thought it was a sin at times. i prayed for deliverance, even fasted for it. I recall going 3 to 5 days without eating trying to be more spiritual, and attempting to get closer to God. I also wanted more faith and power in my prayer life. I prayed constantly about pulling my pud- even when I'd do it. I have actually cried while I did it. I recall some of those fasts, I could never get past 5 days and even then I would cheat, by drinking coffee and sodas. I couldn't wait to break my fast. I'd go eat somewhere really special; I could afford it. Look at the money I saved! But as soon as I'd finish my meal, strength hit my body and so did sexual desire. I'd get so hot that I'd start pre-coming in a matter of minutes. Without any stimulation. All mental. But when I got home, it was time to go to my room and make sweet love to myself. I never planned it to be this way. I have always desired to make sweet love to a woman. Even when I was little and knew absolutely nothing about sex or a womans body, I could see myself, as a little guy, hugging, kissing and caressing and fondling these hot women who could have easily been a mother to someone. They weren't kids or teenagers. Mom's friends would say, 'He's so sweet and affectionate' and I was. I wanted to touch their soft curves and feel their warmth and smell their interesting odors. Womens legs and their butts have always just gotten to me. A nice pair of legs and a sweet tight ass to me just means everything else must be in the right proportion. I never looked at their breasts 1st. Although I do like them. I love the texture and the sweet taste and smell of them. It's the little boy in me. I have a fantasy that I have yet to fulfill, and I'd sure love to; to fuck a nice big pair of breasts. That looks so sexy and the thought of it drives me wild. Coming on a womans face doesn't really do that much for me. It was funny to both of us the 1st time it happened to my fiance and I, we laughed but after that it just seemed so disrespectful and demeaning. But to see my shaft go sliding up between two ample globes is a vision in my brain I'd truly love to see. I had a chance to, but never thought of it. And as I said I'm not a breast man. I would think of women as a youngster in school looking out the window ignoring my studies. I had a teacher who made me sit under her desk when I was unruly in class. I had to sit under their while she sat facing me, wearing a skirt with her legs spread. I got to look her up, so to speak. She always wore panties and it was intriguing to look up there. No wonder I have such a panty fetish! I'd get ti trouble so I could peek. Then another teacher made me sit under my own desk, and I could see up the skirt or dress of a couple of the girls! Those sweet little panties! Talk about Up-Skirt! All of these mind trips and fantasies made it all the more accessible for me to make love to myself, in lieu of not having a female to go at it with. I'd strip except for my underwear and jump in the bed and pull a hankerchief out from under my pillow to catch my jiz. I'd already ruined most of my sheets by this time and mom had said she didn't know what I was doing to them, but it had better stop. So I had plenty of hankies to come in. For a long time I'd just lay it on my chest to collect my load, then one night I got the bright idea to lay in on the bed and roll over to my right side, on top of the hankie and pump my prick into my hand like it was in a vagina and come on the hankie. This was before I happened on to aloe vera for lube. Mom had some handcream she'd gotten that was especially good. I forget now what it was, but it was slick and really hit the spot and cleaned up easily. And the after feel the next mornig wasn't all sticky and gooey or yucky. It felt really soft to touch myself, just a little strokey-wokey and- WHAMMO! Instant erection, if I didn't already have one, and if I did the feelings were so intense I had to stop to keep from coming! Well on these nights where I'd broke fast, ate real good, and came home horny for my own self (actually I was horny for some waitress or some cutie at church or in the supermarket), and just had to make sweet love to myself, I got some of moms handcream, (I just took the bottle to my room- and take it back when I got up to whiz) stripped down to my shorts and began to lube up my aching member. Nice and easy now! Ahhh! That's good. Mmmmm! Yeah. I recall how the pre-come would just run out of it. I found that some lubricants mix well with it. If it doesn't, (say like Vaseline), lose that stuff, it aint happening. It needs to mix well with pre-come and saliva. I'd stroke that dick all the way down to the bottom and back up to the tip real slow. My come would almost hit in 10 strokes, I was so 'pent-up' from abstaining. My nuts would ache and swell. I'd start all over again and almost get there and stop and on and on it would go until I could take it any more and roll over and blast away into my 'yellowy colored come stained hankerchief'- now there's a song title for you! I think I'll write that. Could be a chapter for my new book coming out next year; Creative Masturbation- a guide for the solo artist. Or maybe I'll title it 'Masturbation- The Existential Imperative' At any rate my 1st orgasm after not coming for days was always real sweet, and I'd come and come and it seemed to last for days! And such a mess because I was 'backed-up' with this half a pint of semen aching to get out of my horny peter! Well one night I was 'practicin', strokin' away and having to stop start, stop start and I began to pray about it. I said, 'Lord, I am so sorry that I can't quit this! I am just not strong enough, and I am too horny and it feels too good! Please help me and please forgive me.' I was stroking away praying. Sounds un-holy doesn't it? Well folks he made penises and vaginas and he made 'em feel good and he put that desire in us and then he asked us to save it for marraige. I was crying, strokin', prayin' and trying to figure it out. A voice in my head said these words to me; 'I wouldn't have you ignorant'. Now I didn't hear voices all my life and I still don't. I have even been a mail man and have never heard the voices telling me to go somewhere and harm another human being or destroy any property. I have heard the voice of God in my head telling me to come to Him,or to not go to a certain place (I found out later I would have been in danger) or to go pray for someone, which in every instance the person got well. I don't have a hot-line to God, and I don't heal people at will, nor am I psychic. I have wished for the abilty to do these things but it aint in the cards. When the voice said those words to me (deep inside me...not audible in the room, and not my mind, because I could 'hear' my own thoughts') I thought to myself, 'ignorant about what?'- Then it hit me. A revelation came to me that changed my life and my feelings and convictions about this so-called sinful practice. My thoughts were in the form of a question, "What am I doing- what am I 'really' doing and why?" My answer came as a thunderbolt in my brain: 'I am simulating the sex act as it would be with a partner, a wife, and I am relieving myself of sexual tension and pressure. I am learning about my body the best way I know how to with the means I have available to me. My thoughts raced as I began to grasp the implications of this reveltaion to me; What I am doing isn't necessarily wrong. In fact it can be right. I need relief. The relief I need can and will provide me with the knowledge I will need later on when I begin to make love to my wife, when I find her. I began to stroke myself with confidence that what I was doing wasn't wrong in and of itself. I began to think of what i would be thinking if I was in my wife's pussy. My thoughts raced. A whispery conversation crossed my mind in an instant- all of it at once; "How does that feel?"/ "Go slower, yeah that's good" / 'Not so hard, easier, and to the right a little, yeah!" / 'Is that better? How about this?"...All the while I was stroking away and not having to worry about stopping to keep from coming too soon. I know fundamentalists will think I am possesed and will say how could God possibly speak to someone in this manner and even condone such an act? I have thought about that one too, myself. Believe me! But you know what? God doesn't want us to be ignorant. He created sex to be enjoyed- not just for procreation and repopulation of the planet. He did lay out some guidelines about it and I am not going to preach to anyone- I am just convinced that God is alive and well and has created us and sex too and wants his creations to be happy and enjoy what He has made. That night I learned how to make love to a woman, and I had never did it before with a female, not even a handjob from one, and had never fingered a girl either. I had never seen a porno video. I had read everything on sex that I could find, and anybody who has ever done this will tell you that there is so much conflicting information out there and so many ignorant opinions about some of it, it would be easy to become quite confused by reading so much by so many. Back then especially (this was about 1977) as compared to the information available now. Now I am not trying to stir up a religous debate here, but there are those who are angry at God because of these issues. And some may get mad at me! I have read all the scripture that is quoted in behalf of the anti-masturbation gang, and frankly it doesn't jive! The closest thing is where Jesus says about us looking on a woman to lust after her in our heart is the same as adultery in our heart. I am sure He counts it as that. I can deal with that, and I am guilty of it. All of us men are. We don't have to jack-off to commit this sin. It may even be easier to mentally make love to a faceless individual, whom we consider as our 'dream girl', in my case 'my wife to be' whom I hadn't met yet, and even now, am seeking as I am divorced. I have heard one of those old 'sayings' that preachers everywhere like to 'quote' and they invariably credit to the Bible as scripture and use it to condemn people in their congregation to Hell for this sin. The so-called 'scripture is; 'It is better to put your seed in the belly of a whore (harlot), than to spill it on the ground' How many times have we heard this shit? I am getting nasty now because I don't like people mis-representing the Bible and mis-quoting it. It is OK with me if you don't choose to believe it or believe in God (actually I pray that you will), I can deal with that. It is usually 'believers' who really get these things fucked up because of their own convictions and they will quote somebody else quoting this and use it to their own self-righteous gain. I have a standing offer of $1,000.00 to anyone who can show me this verse in the Bible. I have read it over and over and I am sorry my friend it is not in there and it not in the Jewish Torah (law) either. They don't even comment on it. Except for the Jewish ceremonial washing and rules of uncleaness after an emission of seed on the person. It isn't even linked to Onan, which any idiot knows. Onan's sin was he was disobedient to God who commanded him to go in unto (have intercourse with- complete, not early withdrawl) his dead brother's wife that she may bare him a child, and he said, in essence, 'fuck this!' and pulled out a shot his load on the ground in rebellion to God refusing to impregnate her. So God snuffed him for it. If God had have snuffed all the masturbaters out for whacking their cocks he would have killed off all the men! What do you think the men did who were away from home on a hunt, or off to battle, or on a missionary journey? C'mon you half wits, you are as bad as the do-do's who said we'd all go blind! And what about the women?! They do it too. If God is pissed at us men for it and not the women, then it is a seed issue. But even still, even in that case it would still be a seed issue; she's denying the entrance of seed into her reproductive tract by not having intercourse and fingering her fleshly seashell! (my latest euphonism for the act of female masturbation!) OK- Where did this so-called 'scripture' come from? I consulted a Hebrew Scholar who studied the ancient Hebrew Scriptures and writings of the Jewish fathers for 12 years in Israel. He also has studied and taught Comparitive World Religions. He is a Christian and an avid student of the Greek New Testament, which his father is considered a scholar in that area and the Greek Old Testament as well. With these credentials let me tell you what this man told me. 'What I am about to tell you is not very popular, in fact it goes against the fundamental grain and brain. There is no scripture of this saying. And that is what it is. It has no roots whatsoever in Judaic writings, scriptural, historical or otherwise. It ahs been alluded to and 'quoted' and mis-quoted for so many years- centuries now, and always acredited to the Bible. And there is no scriptural basis in Christianity, or Judaism to support it in any way shape or form. Now as to the origin of it, there seems to be even then, some discussion, but the earliest known source of reference for that particular saying is from the !st edition of the Catholic Catechism, and even in that case, it seems to be a quote from another source, and isn't necessarilly a dogmatic statement, however it could be construed as 'scripture' to the Catholics, but they don't source link it to the Bible." Now that bit of info may ruffle some feathers and even kill off a sacred cow or two, but I for one am sick of all the guilt and shame that Catholicism and Protestant fundamentalism has heaped on all of us for centuries over this issue. I don't need to be told I am a sinner. I know this. But to tell me that because I take care of a necessary bodily function in the most sincerely reverant manner available to me, rather than sin with my neighbors wife, or a harlot, or the sheep next door, or some lady in a bar or...All of this kind of guilt laid on all these people have driven them to commit worse atrocities. Should I feel guilty over having to eat? Or pee, or take a dump or blow my nose, or clean out the wax in my ears, or scrub the lint out of my belly-button, or scrape the gunk out of the corners of my eyes, or spit out phlegm, mucous...? In turn should a woman feel guilty about her particular bodily aparatus indigeonous to her specific gender; meaning menstrual fluid- blood, vaginal wetness from whatever the condition...maybe she wakes up after her 'wet-dream'- what about mine? Our bodies have orifices and these ports in us have their specific function and to deny them the clean-out that they are designed to have will promote illness in the body. I have heard religous right leaders squawk, 'Sex is not a necessary bodily function!'- OH REALLY! When did you become a Dr. of Medicine and where did you get the notion that you are qualified to address this issue when the information at hand is certainly to the contrary. Intercourse may not be necessary, except in procreative duties, but the orgasm itself does have it's health aspects. (which are discussed elsewhere on this site) That night I heard those words inside me, I began a new phase of 'self-love'. It isn't the most selfish act in humanity. I have been told this too. No taking a human life, now there is a selfish act. Capitol punishment; How selfish. Murder; Selfish. Suicide- the most selfish of all acts. It tells the world, your friends, family and neighbors, and your acquaintences, and God himself that your life is such that none of them can contribute one thing to make it better or give you a reason to live. I only mention this because have any of you considered the number of people who are so guild ridden by their masturbation and the 'evilness' of their act that they feel worthless and unredeemable and helplessly hopeless and take their own life because they can no longer deal with it! How sad!! This is not God's will , nor His ways! The following remedy I discovered by accident in 1980. OK- with that in mind here is my secret remedy for vaginal dryness, expert foreplay stimulation, this is natures best replacement lubrication- 2nd only to the fluids your body has naturally, just not always in ample quantities. It keeps the vagina moist and slick, it is great for manual stimulation of the penis, it is great for oral sex, as it enhances the natural flavor and odors of the genitals. (provided they are clean!) If you are squeamish about genital odor or taste this is the remedy for you. Get yourself an aloe vera plant, preferably one with the little spikes or spines on each edge of the leaf. Best leaves are thick ( a quarter inch or more) and sturdy- a flimsy leaf aint gonna cut it! Break a good one off as far back as possible, be careful of the oozing yellowy-green juice here that bleeds out of the leaf, it will stain bedding and clothing. Best to do this in the kitchen after you break it off. Wash it with running water, cut off an 1/2 inch or so of the leaf after it bleeds a little and throw the piece away, then cut off an inch or so, more is better usually, and cut off the little spiky spines. Put this piece on a cloth that is OK to stain, or a paper towel folded in fours to absorb any fluid. Now test it before you haul it in the bedroom or where ever you plan to make love or self love...do this by taking a fingernail and lihghtly 'skin' the juicy edge of the aloe vera piece and see that it is 'gooey'. It should have a viscosity or thickness about like a fresh milkshake; you should be able to get a bunch of it on you finger after scraping it off in a little gob and it doesn't run down your hand like water. If it does try another section of the leaf, or get another leaf that's thick and meaty. It needs to be thick, in order for it so lubricate the sex organs sufficiently so as to stimulate them properly. If it's so watery it runs off it aint gonna do the job. If it's a good leaf then by all means lube the tube! Lube up that pussy and rub it, or eat it or when she's begging you to, poke it! Aloe vera mixes well with normal secretions, saliva and KY-Jelly. In fact a mix of aloe and KY is great! I love to stroke my peter with aloe vera because it's very clean. You wake up with a squeeky clean dick the next morning that feels wonderful to the touch. Aloe vera is very healing for the skin. The mouth, vagina, rectum (hemorhoids) hands, face even recomended to be ingested for aid in curing ulcers!...it is a very beneficial plant to mankind! My next big fantasy; a new position I call the 'drill-press'- the man lays on his back with a big hard on that's been stroked and sucked with aloe vera. The woman affixes her self on the ceiling fan which the man has to turn on the switch so she can spin around and around and hang on while the man below her thrusts in and out of her sopping aloe vera lubricated pussy. Now if you don't have a deficient moisture problem and your pussy gets very wet, like my Kelly, from a previous installment, good for you! You are very blessed indeed! But if dryness has ever been a problem, here's your answer. Well here we are again with more about 'Solitaire Affair'- but then maybe it isn't so 'solitary' after all in some cases. I recall when courting my wife to be, she seemed fascinated by my 'bone' as she called it. In fact she told me once, 'you know for a little guy, you got a big dick!'- Which is factually silly! I am about 5ft 7in and I am just an average guy with an average 6 inches. She used to tell people I had 7 inches on a good night and swears it measured this once when she was sizing it up with the ruler. At any rate she was as fascinated with my instrument as I was her orifice. I called it her crevice. Or her canyon. We used to drive up to the mountain near us here and hike, once we arrived, or fish in the lake. Hiking was fun- but the drive there was cool to. I'd get turned on and my woody would pop out of my chorderoy OP shorts that are shorter than what I wear these days. I seldom wore underwear then, especially in the summer time. My penis was always showing off even when I wasn't turned on. But when I did get aroused, it would come out to have a look. She would be driving, and I would sit there while she stroked my tool. Once we got to our destination we'd hike up to some secluded spot for a little 'rookie-nookie' me being a virgin and all. We hiked up to the falls and we get in under it and let the water come down on us while she stroked my cock and went down on me! After we got married we calmed down a little, but I never got over wanting to see her pussy and she pretty much wanted to see my peter. She used to tell me that she'd, 'never sucked a sweeter peter'. She would come in the shower with me and grab it and soap it up and stroke it until I could hardly stand and then hit her knees and blow me while the water tumbled down on us. Kinda reminiscent of the hike to the falls. I'd get out of the shower with a 'hard on a yard long' or so it seemed. I'd be drying off and she would throw her towel on it and laugh. 'The human towel rack', she'd laugh and say. She would follow me to the bathroom and if I was taking a leak she would say here let me hold that for you and grab my cock and aim it into the water. She understood how hard it is to pee standing up and hit the water without pissing all over the floor and the seat, lid, wall and everywhere else. I saw a funny one time while I was jacking off in the head at work, on the door someone had written, "Any fool can piss on the floor- Be a hero and shit on the ceiling!" I looked up and sure enough someone had tossed a turd up to the ceiling and it stuck! I laughed so hard I couldn't come and just gave up and went back to work. The wife and I went back east every year on vacation and on our way back I drove most of the way. I hate town driving and mountain roads. We had left and the 1st day of travel we made it to Albequerque, New Mexico. I was spun tired and needed some rest! We hit a motel, all I wanted was a shower, some food, some pussy and some sleep! Just the essentials. Waking up refreshed having gotten all of those things in that order we hit the trail. She kept fiddling with my cock all the way down the interstate. She whipped it out as I was climbing that steep hill heading east on 40 and started to stroke it- and then suck it! I floored it and the damn accelerator stuck! I started pumping the foot pedal trying to get it to unstick and get back to normal all the while the incline of the hill is lessening and the car is going faster and she's sucking harder and all I can say is, 'Stop' , 'don't stop!'. 'shit!!' I finanlly got thru to her that we are going over a 100 miles an hour and the headlines are going to read, 'man and wife decapitated in car crash and she has dick in her mouth!' I finally got her to stop and in a lst ditch effort top slow down the car I reached over and turned off the key. The car immediately slowed down. I turned the key back on and everything was OK after that. As the hours added up, and the miles clicked by, I was getting tireder and hungrier and sleepier and hornier! So was she. As we approached Amarillo, TX we were talking of whether to stop or to go on. Meanwhile 'Elmer' is sticking out his big old head and shining in the Texas sun. She unzips me and pulls him out and starts sucking away. About that time George Strait's song, 'Amarillo By Morning' is filling the airwaves and the speakers in the car. My CB was on too. Them truckers were riding high that day cruising right thru that west Texas town while my old lady gave me head on the freeway, and they were looking down watchin' the action. They were blowing their horn and she was blowing mine! One trucker broke in on the CB, "Ugh, break one-nine to the little yellow 4 wheeler with the seatcover in the lap of luxury, but have y'all got a license to do that? C'mon." I grabbed the mic and clicked on and replied "Ugh, affirmirative, good buddy- that's a big 10-4!" He comes back and says, "Ugh yeah, hey would y'all like to switch lanes or speed up or let me by, I don't want you to be a hood ornament on my rig here- be kinda like comin' and goin' at the same time!" About that time I began to shoot, I buried the accelerator, she buried my bone for one shot, the car took off on it's own as it stuck again, meanwhile she's pulled me out of her mouth and is spitting come all over the car, and is now stroking my creaming cock, and it's shooting all over the car as well as me and her. Up on the windshield, the headliner and the dash. She then goes back down to finish me for the last few spasms of my 'gasm' About a dozen trucks hit their horns and were blinking their lights and coming in on the CB, "10-4 babe, way to blow!!" This became our little ritual- everytime we went thru Amarillo I would just pull it out and get a blow-job right on the freeway. And everytime we hear George Strait's song we have to snicker. We still do even though we a divorced. Last year at Christmas I went by her folks to see our son and she started telling this story to her mom and dad and her brothers and sister in laws and our son. I was so embarrased! And to think it all started with a little handjob behind the wheel. We had another practice- I was a musician and I was always faithful to her. I had numerous chances to cheat on her with dozens of women. She wanted to keep me happy and in her bed. I would come home tired and sweaty, hungry, and horny from all those hot babes trying to fuck me at the gig. I would get a shower a snack and hit the sack. Not wanting to disturb her I 'd began to quitely masturbate as soon as my head hit the pillow. She heard me the 1st time I did this and she said, 'don't do that! When you come home like this you wake me up everytime and I'll give you some pussy! If I'm on the rag, I'll kiss it till it comes! And if I have something wrong with my mouth I'll give you hand!' She pulled me up on top of her and I said, 'babe, it's real late and i just wanna come and go to sleep and I know you are tired and need to sleep too!' She said, 'Look, don't worry about it. This is just for you' Do it as long as you need to and come any time- I don't have to. I fact I'll be hotter than a pistol in the morning!' I rolled off of her and said, 'please just stroke it! I am tired!' So she did- she stroked it so sweetly and then she knelt down beside me and started to give me head and I was about to come and I know she don't like it in her mouth so I start to pull away and she stops and says, 'OK- now me on top' and piles on top of me with my quaking penis sliding into her moist vagina. She pumped and pounded and then rolled me over on her again, and said, 'OK- now get your rocks baby!' as she grabbed both of my hard nipples and began to tweak them with a finger and her thumb. I splashed a load of creamy spuge into her hot cavern. And then kissed her good night as I rolled off of her and curled up next to her to fall asleep. She hugged me until I was asleep and tried to talk to me as I mumbled. The next morning she said, "Now tonight when you come in- same thing. You get yourself some pussy. If I want to try to come I'll let you know. But rather than you masturbate- or go out on me, because I know those women will be there to try and get you, I want you to be sure you come home and get laid from me!" We did this for years. Well here I am again. Thought I'd send a little more info and tidbits about our subject 'at hand'' Contrary to the name of our site here, it doesn't have to be a solo act and even married relations can be more of a mutuality in this realm in times of physical discomfort and / or health problems. And of course psychological health can and will play a part and make certain acts difficult to perform and make others a neccessity. With that said, let me say I have enjoyed a long running masturbatory engagement, in fact I have often commented that i am married to my hand. I am a guitar player and some people have accused me of being married to the guitar, but to tell the truth, I have always been 'a 2 instrument kind of a guy' to quote a friend of mine. Once married I found I stilll needed the self satisfaction. Whether it was that there was no pressure to perform or the fact I just loved the way my hand felt, I can't say. Most of my marital sex involved hand to genital stimuli from me to her and from her to me. Also almost always there was oral sex involved. Usually as foreplay in combination with manual stimulation. And then the actual act of intercourse often included some masturbation or manual stimulation depending on how you interpret it. Often when she'd get sore one of us, usually me would combine clitoral stimulation while I was thrusting away trying to time our comes together. Sometimes I even would grab my dick and wrap my hand around it and thrust in and out of it too as I plunged into her vagina. She often would grab a hold this way too. This accomplished two things. It helped me sustain an erection on a few incidents and more often was the case, it prevented me from thrusting in too far. Not that I am big. I have a normal, average 6 inches and it's almost as big around in circumfrence. But she was a small gal with a shallow vagina and her cervix was 'tipped' or something the Dr. told her when she asked why it hurt when I 'hit bottom'. The old saying about pussy, "You can't wear it out and you can never hit bottom' sure turned out to be jive in my case because she got sore and tired very easiliy and I could hit the bottom with ease. Now here is something peculiar to me; while I would kneel beside her and eat her pussy she would stroke my peter with KY or aloe vera juice from a fresh leaf. It was very good foreplay for me. Ladies out there, there are some of us out here who are not premature ejaculators, and we need you to pull that pud, and buff that helmet too! Here is the peculiar part; when we would switch, and she'd go down on me, she didn't want me to give her any clitoral stimulation. Mainly just her breasts and her butt and thighs and everywhere else. She said 'I don't really need it, it is a turn on enough to kiss it!' On the few occasions she had caught me pounding my puppy, she didn't seem to mind, but was curious why I needed more. I could only say that there was a part of that I needed on my own and that I didn't want to have to bug her for sex anymore than I was already. (3-4 times a day) Right after we got back from our honeymoon, where we literally did it morning-noon- and night and then some, she anounced one night right after we had did it that, she needed to tell me something, and informed me that she didn't need it everynight, and that (this was her idea) if I needed it she would give it to me, but that on nights or times she didn't need it she would just let me have some pussy and I could just get it and not worry about making her come- just don't be all night about it as she needed her sleep. Thus began our ill-fated journey, with her telling me that the cookie jar always had cookies in it and all I had to go was get mine. We were young and needed counseling about this matter- I was a horny son of a bitch and she ended up hating me because I nailed that pussy over 12,000 times, before she finally said, 'ENOUGH!- I can't do this every night anymore!' Much to her dismay I was relieved. I thought it was expected of me in some kind of ritualistic rite of passion to prove my manhood everynight by getting a piece of ass whether she needed an orgasm or not or even wanted me to be with her. What had occured was that she had inadvertantly supplanted my hand by offering her pussy as a 'masturbatory orifice', and had set herself up for a fall, and hated me because of it. It is sad and I admit I was wrong. I have told my son, 'Don't use women for anything. It's not right and they will hate you for it'. It is a wonder we had any good sex or lovemaking- We did and actually quite a bit. There was way too much of this though. I did ask her to masturbate me with her hand after that on occasion and she was OK with that. I even told her, 'no I won't ask you to finish me off with your mouth or won't even let you'. I lied- and she did it over and over again! I had good intentions. If she had have allowed me to pull down her panties I would have screwed her. I never want to live this way again. There is nothing colder than the pussy of a woman who doesn't love you. I read that years ago and I can tell you first hand it's true. She had an interesting way of teaching me a lesson about wanting her to swallow. I had insisted that she prove her love by swallowing mine- she sucked me dry as I creamed a gigantic load in her mouth. I assumed she had swallowed it as it didn't exit her mouth and she didn't gag and cough and spit all over the bedroom. She calmly rose up to greet me with her kiss and I never felt sqeamish about kissing her after she sucked me off after all she kissed me after I ate her snatch. She approached my mouth to kiss me long and deep and I prepared for it, our lips met and she spit my load of semen into my mouth in one big splash. I could feel it's warmth and saltiness and sour taste and thick globby consistency..I knew that moment i was never cut out to be a cocksucker...well I might my own dick, but certainly not another on belonging to someone else! It was weird and I immediately spit it into a tissue. I said, 'OK I get the message. I'll never ask you to swallow it again!' I do recall on some occasions being so drunk I couldn't hardly get a hard-on much less keep it up long enough to satisfy her. But we learned something from this too. A few things actually. She could suck it while it was 1/6th of it's size and the soft, wet, warmth of her mouth usually shot my tool up to it's normal 6 inches plus! She would stroke it and get it hot and I would then enter her and go soft. Man I was drunk (I don't drink anymore- 10 years sober now! Thank you Jesus!), so drunk I just wanted to get up and get a beer and forget this. But we kept at it in this condition. A hooker I met, and only talked to, had told me that I shouldn't worry about the size of my cock as it doesn't have to be any longer or any harder than my tongue to satisfy a woman.(she also told me she had fucked over 5,000 guys and that she could tell I had 'an average size cock'- I remembered this conversation one night and I told my wife that I wanted to try something. I took my little shriveled up noodle and rubbed it around on her wet pussy, going up and down in her crease and she said, 'Hey! That feels pretty good- do that some more. I rubbed it around soft as a damn marshmellow flicking her clitoris and her lips and she just held on tight and squirmed under me. With my hand tiring form this awkward position I had to rest and just laid my little peter in her trough and began to slowly move about, kinda thrusting, more like dragging it up and down her crevice. I sniffed my finger, having all her juices and mine too on it. I reached under my pillow and grabbed her panties and buried my nose in the crotch to catch a whiff of her twat. Trying anything to get hard again. No dice. I was about ready to quit and she said, 'Don't stop!' As she reached down to squeeze and stroke my limp dick. Her hand tiring and her own passion coming on, she stopped and just left me to my own devices. As I tried to stimulate her with my 'soft-off', I reached down and began stimulating her clit and after about 2 strums, she grabbed my hand and pulled it out and said 'hold me, I am going to come- don't stop what you are doing!' I kept it up and she began to orgasm with my limp biscuit; I could feel her throbbing clitoris against my pecker, I could feel her lips swell and actually grab and grasp my now swelling penis. I pumped through her orgasm with my dick as soft as tofu! By the time she finished I was hard as a rock! What a turn on! I had made her cream with my soft weenie! Now she was in the afterglow and enjoying my hugging the shit out of her my rod had swelled to new heights we believed, though we were not about to stop and measure it. I pumped away and she grabbed my nipples with her fingers and thumb and I shot a wad that lasted at least a minute and a half! I pulled out after soaking for a minute and the come just ran out of her box! A ton of it. We learned a valuable lesson that night about erection failure. So what?! I knew what to do. I knew what I'd do in my senoir years if and when I had trouble. It is too bad but she was never ready for 2nds the way my girlfriend Kelly was who I was with after my divorce. Kelly was study in sex all over again. I was 40 and she was 21. Girl friend could fuck! I got a softy one night because I was so tired and she said, 'don't worry I can come with it like that'- I said, 'you gotta be kidding', not dreaming she'd had an experience like that. She told me she had been with a guy who was somewhat older than me and couldn't get it up at all and had bet her he could make her climax with a soft dick. He won the bet. I told her it had happened to me a few times and I could do it too and more! I layed on top of her and swirled around in a circle, my flimsy penis in her vulva; I could feel her lips contract and hold it. This girl could have picked a silver dollar off a bar with that pussy! I told her so and she said she'd be me $50 she could, but I didn't take the bet. I slow-poked, with it about 1/2 hard and she began to come, my dick instantly sprang to attention and I slid into her musky cavern with my vein-bulging member plunging into her puddles of wetness. She began to come and then she came again and pulled me out of her and rolled over an



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