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My Growing Up Years

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How I started


When I was real young I use to always run around with my hand in my panties. My mother would tell me nice girls didn't do that, but I liked it and besides my older sister did it too.
One day I was in the tub and my sister Daisey came in to pee. I watched her and I got a tingle in my cunny. I noticed that Daisey was studying my naked body. The tingle increased. When she was done she wiped herself and pulled up her panties. She said she would wash me and proceeded to take the soap and started on my back, then my chest, then my legs and then my cunny. It felt so good and she was taking a long time there. I couldn't help it, I started to hump her hand. 'Like that, do you' she said then stopped. she gave me the soap and left the room. I was pissed, I wanted her to do more. I took the soap and started to rub my cunny. After a while I got a feeling like I had to pee and then WHAM, my first orgasm. Boy was that great. It started me on a long road of masturbation.
One night I was in bed almost asleep when Daisey asked from her bed if I was asleep. I pretended I was. She quietly got out of bed and came over to my bed. I felt the sheet being slowly pulled to one side. I felt Daiseys hand sliding up my leg to my panties. She rubed my crack and my lips thru my panties. God that felt good. I peeked out of one eye and saw Daisey had her hand in her panties and was going to town on her cunny. After a while she let out a moan and stopped playing with me and went back to her bed.
I didn't want her to know I was awake but I needed to get off myself. I waited for about 5 minutes till I herd her sleeping then went to town on my clit till I came hard.
Daisey use to sneek over and play with me quite a bit. I always pretended to be asleep. One night I woke up and she had her hand in my panties and rubbing my clit. I had all I could do to pretend I was sleeping. She was making me come and I thought I would scream when I came but she stopped and left the room for the bathroom. I quickly finished my self off before she got back.
That summer I started to sleep with no panties on to make it easier for her to get at my cunny. I would always finish the job when she went to the bathroom to finish herself off. I was always worried she would make me come and she would know I was faking sleep. A few weeks later I was real horny so I left the sheet off and laid on my back with my legs spread wide apart. When Daisey came in I was pretending sleep. She put the small light on next to her bed and then noticed me.She came over and was looking at my exposed cunny. Thru squinted eyes I watched her take off all her clothing. She started to masturbate looking at me. I could feel the juice running down the crack of my ass, I was so horny. Soon Daisey got down and started to run her fingers lightly oner my cunny. She ran a finger thru the wetness. She said softly, 'Robin are you awake?' I pretended to be asleep. She continued to finger me and even put a finger up my cunny. I watched her thru squinted eyes as she took that finger and put it into her mouth then back in my cunny. AS she was doing this she was playing with herself with the other hand. As she got hornier she got bolder. She lowered her face to my crotch and licked it a few times, then started eating me in earnest. I felt myself ready to explode so I grabbed Daiseys head, pulled it into my crotch and humped her mouth till I came with such a loud moan I thought I woke our mom. Wow, I told Daisey, thats the best you have ever done to me. 'You mean to tell me you were awake all the times I touched you?'
'Sure was.' I replied. 'Why you little bitch.' she said and with that she strattled my face with her dripping cunt and proceeded to force me to eat her. Her cunny was real wet and I did not know if I would gag on the juice but after my first taste I loved it. As she squarmed around on my mouth she would tell me how she liked to be eaten. She soon came in a torrent of pussy juice, which I drank down and licked her clean. After we finished she laid in my bed and we talked. She told me she was sorry she didn' know I was awake those times because we could have had a lot of fun.
I asked who had eaten her before. She asked me how I knew she was eaten before and I explained you were telling me how you liked to be eaten so I figured you were. She giggled and said she wouldn't tell me just yet, but some day.We finished off that night with a 69 that was fantastic.
More later.



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