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My G.P. Appointment

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I have a relatively high sex drive and when I'm single I need to masturbate once or twice a day, otherwise I'm constantly horny. I masturbate myself to sleep but I don't count this because I usually fall asleep before I get close to orgasm. But this does mean I usually wake up very aroused and I always orgasm in bed before I get up. This happened to me a couple of months ago and I thought I'd share it here....

This particular morning, my alarm clock hadn't gone off (the battery had died in the night) and I woke up 20 minutes before I was due a doctor's appointment. Not even noticing how aroused I was in my rush to get there, it was only when I sat down in the waiting room and could breathe out that I realised everything from my pelvis downwards was tingling with unsatisfied arousal. I was there for a full pelvic exam and with horror I realised I couldn't have a doctor probing down there when I was this horny. I stood up and headed for the restrooms (since my doctor was running late), intending to have a quick play and to make myself orgasm quickly and with minimum fuss. But I had problems. I was so tense and worried that I needed to cum that it wouldn't happen. After 10 or so minutes of sitting on the toilet pleasuring myself a voice called out.

'Beth, are you in here?' I answered, trying to regulate my voice. 'The doctor is ready for you'. Cursing, I dried myself out entirely with toilet paper, hoping I wouldn't get wet again too quickly, and headed for the doctor's room.

We greeted each other and chatted for a few minutes before she asked me to put on a gown. I went into the side room and did so and settled on the exam table. I could already feel myself getting a little wet again but of more concern to me, I could feel how puffy and swollen I was. Surely she'd notice? She asked me to put my legs in the stirrups and I reluctantly did so. She sensed my hesitance.

'Don't worry; I've done hundreds of these. Just relax' she smiled, but I still caught the slight surprise in her face when she took a look at my swollen pussy. She knew I was horny, that was for sure. But she ignored it like a professional and begun her exam. I flinched when her fingers spread my lips. 'Sorry' she muttered, concentrating on the exam. She began to probe, examining the outside at first, and my arousal increased ten fold. I begun to get more wet, and closed my eyes, trying to think non-sexual thoughts. It wouldn't work; I need to come so bad all I could think was 'touch me'.

All of a sudden her finger held my clitoris from both sides, between her thumb and index finger. I gasped in surprise.

'Sorry' she said again, and I shook my head, not trusting my voice. She was steadfastly ignoring the fact that cum was now dribbling out of me, and inserted two fingers. I immediately felt like I could come any second and when her fingers touched my g-spot I squirmed.

'Stop'. She immediately did so and looked up at me.

'Did I hurt you?' I shook my head; now close to tears I was embarrassed. She nodded knowingly. 'Don't worry, this happens a lot, it's natural for your body to react to stimulation, don't be embarrassed'. I nodded, still excruciatingly so. 'You're not in a relationship, are you?' I shook my head. 'Do you masturbate? That could relieve some tension for you'

'Usually in the morning, I didn't have time today' I managed to croak out, still throbbing and tingling. She nodded.

'That'd do it!' she smiled. I felt a little more relaxed by her upfront approach. 'I need to finish examining you, okay?' I nodded, resigned, and I certainly didn't want to have to come back. She ducked back down between my legs and reinserted her fingers. The imminent 'I'm going to come' feeling returned in seconds and my muscles clenched.

'Relax' she repeated and I tried to do so. She probed my g-spot again and something in me snapped. I didn't care anymore, I just needed to come. I let out a tiny, involuntary moan. To my utter surprise, her fingers didn't move on. Instead she begun rubbing my g-spot. I moaned again. This continued for a maximum of 30 seconds before everything began to tingle and blur.

'I can't... I'm going to cum' I blurted out. She looked up and nodded.

'I know, it's okay, go on'. I tipped my head back and arched my back as she kept rubbing, tipping over the edge.

'Oh God!' I cried, entire body convulsing on the exam table. I could feel fluid running down onto the exam table, soaking into the paper there, and my hips bucked. I slowly came down and she removed her fingers. 'Sorry' I mumbled, absolutely spent.

'No problem. I'll let you clean up and get dressed, we'll talk about your test after'.

And that was it. She walked out, me still lying spread eagled and gasping on the table. I cleaned up as best I could, leaving the soaking wet paper on the table because I didn't know what to do with it, and then she came back and was all business. She didn't mention the fact that she'd just brought me to a mind-blowing orgasm and neither did I. As I was walking out she called my name. I turned.

'Not that I think you want to go back over it, but don't mention that to anybody. I could lose my license'. I nodded.

'I won't. Thanks.' She smiled again.

'See you next time'.



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