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My Gorgeous Cousin

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This story is a true one. It's been fifteen years that I've been carrying this secret, and there are only a few people who know of the intimate moment that I shared with my cousin.


At the time, I was 21, and Erica was 18. We had pretty much grown up around each other, as our families were very close, and in our childhood years, we often spent summer weekends together whenever our parents wanted to get away.

Growing up, I thought Erica was a strange kid, who was more interested in things like collecting bugs or toy horses. She was also a year older than my sister, and they often got on my nerves together, as older relatives tend to think of younger ones. Around the time I was graduating high school, I began to notice that Erica was growing up. She had long red hair, beautiful green eyes and full lips, and her body was developing all kinds of curves. At this point, I think the most people would notice that a relative is attractive, and in this case, Erica was becoming a real head-turner. At the time, however, I dismissed it, as this was my cousin, after all.

A few years later, Erica and I were at a family get together, and we were both discussing our lives and relationships. I was single at the time, so she asked if she could set me up with her best friend, Kelly, as she felt we shared some things in common. I agreed, and Kelly and I went on a very successful blind date that progressed into a few more dates. Nothing much happened other than some heavy petting and making out, and she was leaving town to go to school in Florida. So a more serious relationship never got off the ground.

Over the course of these dates, we often spoke of Erica, and Kelly told me about some of the wild dares that the two of them would pull on each other in school, such as leaving class to swap underwear in the girls' room (both of them are a voluptuous D), or not wearing any underwear with a skirt. I was intrigued, and remarked that I had noticed that my cousin had a potential wild streak. Kelly then revealed that in my cousin's prying about our first date, she made the remark that she thought I was 'hot', and more surprising; 'She said 'God, I'd fuck him'.' My jaw was agape.

It turned out that Kelly's attitudes were far more liberal that I had thought. 'I really don't see anything wrong with it,' she said. 'I have a lot of friends who've fooled around with their cousins.'

I blew off the notion with nervous laughter, but over the next so many days, and many erections, the conversation of that date was racing through my mind. I spoke with one of my more perverted male buddies about it. He responded with 'Shit, dude. If I had a hot cousin, I'd be tempted to go for it and not tell anyone about it!' He wasn't helping.

A week or so later, Erica and I went to hang out. Throughout the evening, our conversations were loaded with details about our sex lives, how many times we've fooled around with people, our masturbation techniques, it just went on and on. Finally, in a very ballsy move, I brought it up to her that Kelly told me about her comment.

'I'm going to kick her ass.' she responded after a shocked pause.

Even more forward on my part, I began teasing her with the idea that the two of us could fool around as long as we kept it a secret. I couldn't believe I was even suggesting the idea, even as in jest, and neither could she as she replied that it was incest, and that it was wrong. I considered the subject dead, and we continued hanging out.

A few days later, we agreed to go out again, and I picked her up around eight o'clock. Upon arriving, she got in my car and insisted that we drive somewhere. She wanted to talk. I had no idea where this was going, and assumed we were just going to check out a movie or something.

'I've been thinking about the other night,' she started, 'and I've decided I want you.'

I was flabbergasted. My dick was immediately rock hard, but my head was swimming with a million reasons to run away.

'I'm 18, and you're 21,' she continued. 'We're both consenting adults, and no one else has to know.'

I tried to argue, but it was no use. My libido had taken over. We decided to go and park the car on a lot behind my old high school, near the football field. For some reason, it seemed to be just as taboo as what we were about to do.

The moment I shut off the engine we were immediately all over each other. Our mouths and tongues were interlocked, and she smelled divine. I expected to undo Erica's top slowly, but she wasted no time and had her shirt and bra undone. She had a pair of the most perfect breasts I had ever seen... the kind that women get boob jobs to have. They were perfectly upright for their size, and had large, light-pink areolas. I licked and sucked her nipples as she offered them up to me. Her skin was a perfect milky-white. My pants were undone, and she immediately began stroking my rigid penis. It was only a matter of time before I came, and we wiped up the mess with a tissue.

Erica told me that she wanted to come, but she wanted to go someplace a little less confined. We put our clothes back on and drove back to my house. Once in my bedroom, all our clothes came flying off again, and we were once more making out and exploring each other's bodies.

As I removed her panties, I noticed that she had a perfectly trimmed vee of fire, red pubic hair, which she immediately commented upon as being her 'fire crotch'. Below that was the most beautiful vagina I have ever seen in my life to this day. Her small clit had emerged from its hood, and was perfectly accentuated by her labia, which spread themselves like some pink butterfly. Erica was absolutely dripping as I inserted a finger inside. At this time, I didn't know enough about concentrating on the clitoris, and she was quick to correct me and tell me what she wanted. I circled and teased it, sending her into a rush of orgasm. We continued on with this a few more times, and then I began to reach into my night stand drawer for a condom.

'No,' she proclaimed. 'That's where we have to draw the line, but I do want to see you come.'

'Jack it off for me? Just do what you do by yourself, and I'll give you a nice show?' she purred.

I laid flat on my back and grabbed a bottle of lotion from the night stand. Lubricant was squirted on my cock as she got on all fours and turned her ass around to face me. She massaged her breasts with one hand and spread her pussy lips with the other, giving me a full view inside her wet crevice. It seemed to take an eternity for me to come, as I was a bit shy about it, but I had never been harder in my life. When I finally exploded, it was everywhere, and I thought I would nearly collapse.

We agreed that we could keep going all night, but it eventually became late, and I had to take her home. Within the next week, she called me to see if we could do it again, but I felt extremely guilty about it after the fact, so we never got together, nor have we ever discussed it between each other since.

Time went on, and I eventually found out from Kelly that Erica told her about the incident in full detail. She felt nothing less of the two of us, and thought it was extremely hot, it led to a similar sexual exploration of our own. Years later, I told a partner about this as well, and it, too, led to some fantastic lustful sex. To my knowledge, no one else knows about any of this, and I've kept it a total secret until I found this site. After reading similar accounts here, I decided that it was time to disclose this anonymously. I know that my cousin and I are probably deviants for what we've done, but it was one of the hottest sexual experiences I have ever had, and it still fuels many a masturbation session to this day.



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