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My Good Friend Lynn

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When I was younger I had a good friend Lynn. She befriended me much earlier in my life after my parents split and I only had my father at home.

Lynn was about 40 years old at the time but she looked much younger. She taught dance, was tall and skinny with long dark hair and acted quite young. We did many things together and she taught me a lot about life.

One Summer day we were both laying in her yard soaking up some sun in our bikinis. I was asking her about her live in boyfriend Dave. He was a teacher much older than her and I did not understand. Lynn told me he was a good man and was stable and that is what she needed. I asked her about sex and she said he was ok and she made do. After me asking a bunch more questions about her making do Lynn asked me if I masturbated. I was a bit shy to tell her but I did say yes. She said that is how she made do and made her sex life complete. She told me Dave knew about her toy collection and was quite ok with her having self pleasure time and did not even mind if she watched soft porn movies to help her out with her fantasies.

After a bit more talking I asked more about her toys she talked about. Lynn asked me if I ever used or saw sex toys. I told her I only used my fingers and the end of a hair brush that was the perfect shape for my pussy. Lynn then asked if I wanted to see her toys and I said sure.

We got up from sunning and went into her bedroom. Lynn told me to have a seat on the bed then she pulled a box out from under it. She started to show me one by one her toys that she had and it was quite a collection.

She showed me two that she said were her favorite. One was a small egg shaped thing that slipped over her finger and vibrated on two speeds. The other was a blue thick straight tube type vibrator with lots of bumps all over it.

Lynn slid the small one over her finger and pressed the button on the remote attached by a wire. It started to buzz and she laid it on my hand. I said oh that is strong and she said yes it works good, then laid it on her clit on top of her bikini bottoms. She smiled and said yah that feels real good. She kept it there for a moment and then said wait. She stood and slipped off her bottoms then put the buzzing toy right back on her clit. She said yah, that's much better. She stopped after a moment and said I should try it and if I liked it she would buy me one. I slowly put out my hand and she slid it over my middle finger. She said it's much better directly on the bare clit so I slipped off my bottoms too. She said she also likes to hold her lips apart for direct contact with the clit so I tried it that way to start.

I remember feeling so comfortable vibrating my clit while she directed me along. It felt as if it was for teaching purposes only like I was a student but it also felt really good. As I moved it around to find the right spot I smiled and said I found the perfect spot now. Within seconds my smile went away and I was feeling so good in my pussy. This feeling was better than I had ever felt before with just my fingers. I told her right there that I may never stop doing this to myself. I said I can't believe how good it feels then I could feel my orgasm coming on.

I kept on going then I looked her directly in the eyes as my breathing got very heavy. I remember going from smile to gasp about four times then rocking my hips then it hit me hard. I came so nice and it felt so good to be with my good friend having this great orgasm.

Once I stopped Lynn asked if I was done and I said no way and that I wanted to do it again. A few seconds later I put it back on my clit and the nice feeling started again. Lynn pulled off her top and picked up her other favorite toy. She stood up and went behind me then undid my top, slipping it over my arms one at a time. I moved with her so I did not have to stop what I was doing. Lynn lay back on the bed and slid the toy inside her pussy. I vibrated my clit some more while she was having fun sliding her toy inside then out and over her clit then back again.

We shared close to an hour together watching each other orgasm and I learned a lot that day from Lynn.

Lynn kept her word and bought me my own finger vibrator plus a long vibrator that I learned to use very well. That was the beginning of me learning how to give myself great pleasure instead of ok pleasure.

I was Lynn's friend for quite a while longer. She was at my wedding then after I only saw her a few more times. I would love to connect again and maybe I will some day.

Thanks to Lynn for being such a great friend. We should all have friends like her.



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