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My Golden Boy

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When I was fourteen-years-old, like all young teenaged males, I was constantly horny. My friends and I were forever getting boners at school (e.g. showering after sport, getting changed out of our uniforms and into our sports gear). We were physically maturing and we were aware of each other's bodies and attractivness.

Charles was my best friend at school. He was a gorgeous guy - blond hair, blue eyes, a slim yet muscular build. Like me, he also had a problem in the pants department. One day Charles and I decided to do something about our horniness.

Lying on my double bed, Charles stripped off his white T-shirt and sport shorts. Because we were going swimming later in the afternoon, he wore a pair of black speedos under his clothes. The speedos were very revealing and when Charles took off his clothes I could see not only his VIP - visible penis line - but also what looked like the mushroom-shaped outline of his cock head.

I almost had a heart attack, right then and there on the spot, being so close to a real-live dick for the first time. I felt excited, shivering all over, and Charlie naturally was excited too.

Forgetting all sense of manners, I leaned forward and with one hand I yanked down the front of Charles' bathers. His completely naked body looked amazing - so white and beautifully formed, just starting to sprout golden fields of chest hair. His bare penis was likewise amazing - pink in colour, between four and five inches long, and circumcised. From my vantage point, it was deliciously thick and round and almost edible.

'Holy shit,' said Charles, covering his genitals.

'Shit?' I said, confused.

'Yes, holy shit.' My friend's face was bright-red. 'You do realise what I'm going to have to do to you now, Earl?'

'No. What?'

'Since you pulled a fast one on me, I'm gonna have to pull a fast one on you. Ready or not.'

Climbing on top of me and straddlig my torso between his legs, Charles stripped me of my own shirt and shorts. Lovingly, he pulled down my red speedos, exposing my dick and balls. In contrast to Charles, I felt a little ashamed. My willy was on the small side - less than four inches erect, and my shaft was less thick. On the upside, I had more pubic hair than my mate.

'Nice sausage,' said Charles, admiring me.

'Thanks,' I said.

'Do you know what we should do?'

'No. What?'

Wriggling his hips, Charles motioned up and down with his hand, imitating the classic gesture for jacking-off. 'Are you game, little buddy?'

'I'm game if you're game.'

'Do ya really want to?'

I eyed Charles' balls, which were dangling only inches away from my chin. 'Yeah. I really want to.'

'How bad?'

'Really bad.'

With a smile of satisfaction on his face, Charles climbed down from his position of dominance on the bed, and encouraged me to sit next to him. He wrapped his cold hand around my dick and I felt an electric current shot through my entire being. That afternoon, my friend and I found yet another fun interest and hobby to share.



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