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My Girlfriend's Roommate is Hot!!

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I am a junior and college and I have been dating the same girl for over 6 months. Although my guy friends tell me about all the sex they are getting Angela is very shy and has never let me do anything but finger her underneath her panties.
Then one late afternoon about a month ago I went by Angela's dorm room and her roommate Pam was the only one there. The longer I talked to Pam the more I noticed how sexy she was. Unlike Angela she had a nice firm set of tits and beautiful black hair surrounding her pretty face. Pam asked me to stay until Angela got back. I agreed and sat on Angela's bed across the room from Pam. As she talked I couldn't help but notice how she kept staring intensly at my eyes. Pam began to tell me what a great guy Angela said I was and how well I treated her. She began to cry and tell me that her long time boyfriend back home had just broke up with her and she found out from a friend that he was banging one of her best friends while she was away at school. I got up and sat next to Pam and she put her head on my shoulder as she cried. Damn, her hair smelled great and I began to get a boner from holding her next to me. I continued to console Pam and pat her on the head when Angela came back and as she opened the door she seemed upset that I was holding her. Pam immediately told her it was her fault because she was upset and crying and that I was not coming on to her. Although Angela and I went out to the movies I could not stop thinking about Pam and how great she smelt and how I got an instant hard on when she touched me.
Two days later I was looking for Angela again at her room and again Pam was the only one there. This time Pam had a little pajama set of shorts and a top on and she looked soooooooooo sexy. My mind began to wander and I questioned myself as to whether this was a set up by Angela to get me in trouble. Pam stated she was sorry for getting me in trouble last time and I told her I was not sorry for consoling her and if Angela was upset too bad. She began to talk about how she felt like she would never have another boyfriend now that her ex Chad had dropped her and how she was having so much trouble adjusting to college life. I told her that a girl as pretty as her should have no problem finding a guy and she stood up and hugged me.
As I began to let go Pam just continued to hang on to me and not let go. She smelt just as good as last time so I started to smell her hair. She then took my hand and gently placed it betwen her legs until I could feel the warmth coming from her pussy. When I stepped back she continued to use my hand to rub against her mound and she began to gently kiss me. Oh my god, could this girl kiss. She gently nibbled my lips while running her tongue in and out of my mouth in the greatest french kiss I have ever had. As I was rubbing her pussy she took her hand and began to rub my now growing cock through my pants. It felt so good but I was worried about getting caught by Angela. I think maybe the fear caused me to get more excited as Pam asked me if she could take my cock out of my pants. I stuttered yes and Pam unzipped my jeans and reached in to pull out my hard cock. Pam then started to stroke my shaft and rub on my balls. This was by far the best hand job I had ever had and I worried that I would come to quick. I worked my hand inside of Pam's pj shorts and began to rub my hand against her moist wet pussy lips. She moaned and groaned and as I began to rub harder on her clit she shuddered and came on my hand. I did not stop and instead slipped three fingers deep inside he wet pussy and began to reach for her g-spot. Now she was strecthing up on her toes and you could tell she was trying to come even harder. As I felt her come again she stuck her tongue down my throat and grabbed the back of my head. She was hot and horny now.
As I took my hand out of her shorts I licked my fingers and they tasted so sweet from her come. This turned her on even more and she began to stroke me even harder. She told me now it was my turn to come for her. My cock was rock hard and the veins were bulging as she continued to jack me off. Since my cock and balls were the only thing sticking out of my fly it made my cock look even bigger. Next Pam dropped to her knees and continued to jack me off next to her face. She looked so beautiful and I was dying for her to give me a blowjob. Instead she gently licked up one side of my shaft and then the other until my cock was shiny with her spit on it. She began to take only the head of my cock in her mouth but she fluttered her tongue on my sensitive underside. Oh god I would have walked through broken glass to get her to take it all in her mouth and she seemed to know it as she only teased me. She even took her teeth and gently bit on the head of my cock almost sending me through the roof. As she continued to jack me off she asked me if I wanted her to take it all in her mouth and suck me off. Always the gentleman I told her only if she wanted to. To my delight she said she wanted to make me happy and she wanted to make me come. I gently took the back of her head and pushed her toward my cock and she took half of it in her lovely mouth. Then as she began to slide her lips up and down on my shaft she took more and more until it was all the way down her throat. When I looked down I saw the most beautiful girl I had ever seen looking up at me with her gorgeous lips wrapped around my throbbing cock. I couldn't take it anymore and I told her I was going to come. She told me she wanted to feel my hot come on her face and this put me over the top. I was so turned on that my first spurt of pearly come landed in her hair and the next two on her forehead. As she continued to stroke my cock I deposited three or four more spurts on her cheeks and some on her lips. Pam now had a 'pearl necklace' all over her face and hair and she looked so sexy. This picture burned into my memory so that everytime I saw her on campus I would think of her beautiful face covered with my semen.
The last 3 weeks I have continued to date Angela but Pam has smiled at me and licked her lips every time I look at her in class. I guess she will never tell Angela because she has not confronted me yet. Although I am continuing to date Angela and I am happy it is wonderful to remember that one afternoon with Pam and her wonderful mouth!



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