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My Girlfriend's Mom Taught Me How

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My Girlfriend's Mom Taught Me How
I am over 60 now but can remember very clearly the first time I masturbated. Interestingly, I had had sex BEFORE I learned to masturbate! (I wonder how common that is?) My first sex was in a shower with the daughter of a friend of the family. We didn't know what we were doing, just fit together when we were exploring our bodies. A couple of years later we did it again but then I knew the mechanics, just not the feelings.
My first time masturbating was another sort of accident. I was talking with another boy in school and somehow the subject of naked girls came up. He said he had never seen a naked woman or girl. I was surprised because in our house nudity was not a big deal. I didn't tell him that but did tell him I had showered with a girl and had put my "pee Wee" in her. He got excited and asked me to tell him about it after school.
The school I went to had a swimming pool in the back but it did not have any water in it. (Never did the 3 years I was in that school). We met by the pool and he jumped into it. He said to come down but not let anyone see us so he could hear about my shower. I jumped in and sat down with him and told him about how we had been looking at each other's differences and I thought my pee wee would fit in what looked like a slit to me. I had an erection but didn't think much about it at the time I told him. He said like his? and saw him take his cock out of his pants and slowly stroke it. I said yeah, but why was he pulling on it? He said it felt good, so I took mine out and started to imitate him. It DID feel good! We spent the next half hour pulling our cocks and telling each other how good it felt.
From then on I pulled my meat about once a day but never had a climax. My first climax was later when I was having sex fairly regularly with several girls. One day I stopped by one of their house's and found the girl not there but her mother was. Some how, I don't remember exactly how, she got me to tell her I pulled my penis. She asked me to show her and I did with a somewhat red face. She said I should learn to do it right and proceeded to take me in her hand and jack me slowly. it felt much better having her do it! Then she leaned over and took me in her mouth and softly sucked me while stroking me. It felt even better and she accelerated it until I had my first climax in her mouth and hand! From then on I left her daughter alone and once a week the mother would jerk me off and then teach me how to please her. First how to rub her clit, then to eat her and finally how to have sex with her. When she had her period she would just masturbate me until I came, and it seemed like each time there was more cum than the previous time!
Now I am over 60 and still masturbate since my wife does not want to have oral sex and has let our sex life dwindle to zero. So I masturbate, preferably with someone on ICQ. I know she uses the vibrator I bought her but she doesn't know I know. Actually I have gotten to where I prefer my hand to her idea of sex (missionary only thank you very much). But sure miss oral sex and mutual masturbation!
Anyway, that's the story.



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