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My Girlfriend's Brother

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Saw my first hard penis


Back around 8 years ago I went over to my girlfriends house to see her. It was during Summer break and we were out of school for the Summer. I knocked on the door and her older brother opened the door. I went right in just like I always did saying hello as I walked by Bobby. He then told me that Joan wasn't there and that another of her friends came by with her mother and they went shopping. I had a bit of a crush on Bobby so I wasn't in any hurry to leave so I sat down talking to him. We talked for awhile and I told him I was thirsty and got up and went to the kitchen for a drink of water. I got a glass and went to the fridge as I knew about the jug of water in it and filled my glass.

Bobby was standing at the door wearing some loose basketball type shorts and I was in some cut off shorts and a halter top. I turned around to face him and when I looked at him I almost dropped the glass and my mouth dropped open. I then said 'BOBBY!' My eyes were glued to his shorts. It was like he had a tent pole down there. He looked down and threw his hands down to cover himself saying 'oops!'. He was now blushing. I asked 'did I do that to you?'. He answered 'you sure did'.

At school we girls often talked about boys and there 'dicks' and what they looked like and hard ons and there 'cum' etc. At that age we were certainly curious about there equipment. I told Bobby that I'd never seen a boy down there and would he give me a quick look at his. I've since learned about how boys get all excited about showing there dicks to girls and I sure saw this with him. He quickly dropped his shorts and stood there in front of me watching me looking down at it. His dick was so hard and so big. He then put his fist around it and started stroking it. He asked me 'want to see me jerk off?'. This was something else we girls talked about and I told him 'if you want to'. Oh, did he ever. I sat there and watched him stroke it. All the while he was looking at my boobs under my top and at my bare legs. It wasn't half a minute and I saw his face get distorted, his eyes tightly shut and he let out some deep grunt sounds and I got to see a boy 'shoot off' for the first time. My mouth feel open seeing this. I'd been told about this but there is nothing like seeing it in person. His cum flew out several feet in front of him landing on the floor. He turned loose around five good streams of the white gooey stuff. His legs were shaking and he sat down to get back his breath. It was fabulous. He then got up pulling up his shorts and got some paper towels and wiped the cum off the floor not wanting his mom and sister to see it.

I told him how neat it was and thanked him for the 'show'. As the Summer went by Bobby and I got together when ever we could and it got to be a mutual thing between us with us getting each other off. It was some kind of Summer and when school started back I was much more of an 'expert' about boys and there 'dicks' in our conversations among the girls.



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