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My Girlfriend's Bachelorette Party

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I enjoy masturbation very much. I found this site quite by accident one day while surfing the net for masturbation stories.


My girlfriend is getting married in three weeks. This past Saturday night my friends and I gave her a bachelorette party at my house. My friend, I will call her Amy, got a few serious gifts but many were X-Rated sexual toys given in fun.

The party finally ended and people started leaving until eventually it was just Amy staying behind to help me clean up my house. When we got done picking up and straightening up the house Amy started looking through all the toys she had received. We were both laughing as we picked up vibrators, butt plugs, pussy suction cups that vibrate and so on. We were laughing hysterically and having a good time.

She was holding one medium sized vibe with little ears that massage the clit while the larger part works the inside. Amy said she couldn't wait to try that one out. I was holding another one and I said 'this one looks good to me!' We were continuing to laugh hysterically.

Amy gave me somewhat of a dreamy look and said 'let's try them out!' My mind went into a sudden whirlwind. I have a serious boyfriend who I love dearly. I have never had a bi-sexual thought ever. At the same time I got almost an immediate tingle in my pussy. 'Come on, let's try a few out,' Amy said again. I was so full of mixed thoughts. I was thinking the toy I was holding would surely feel damn good, but it seemed so kinky to do this in front of or with Amy. My pussy continued to tingle. 'Umm, I'm going to fuck myself with this one,' Amy said, as she held up the vibe she was holding. 'You can use that one,' Amy said as she nodded to the one I was holding. 'Let's go to the bedroom,' Amy said as she got up.

Not knowing what I was getting ready to do, I just got up and followed her to my bedroom, vibrator in hand. At first she just laid down on my bed on her side, turning her vibe all around looking at it closely. I laid down on the other side of the bed and looked at mine. My mind was still spinning. She put the long end in her mouth and made mock sucking action on it giggling as she did so. We laughed out loud again. Then she started talking about how the thickness and length compared to her boyfriend, and I compared mine to my boyfriend.

We were having fun really. Finally she said, 'I want to try this one right now.' She laid back and undid her capris and slipped them down to her ankles and off and she laid there with her legs apart but still wearing her panties. 'Damn, no batteries!' She said. One girlfriend, however, had given her about a dozen AA batteries as a joke. Amy scurried into the living room and came back with the bag of batteries. We loaded our weapons!

I was still doing nothing really, as Amy proceeded to turn hers on and experiment with the different speeds, and she shrieked when she saw there was a forward and a reverse on the gyrating 'dick.' She placed the vibe against her pussy and she started rubbing it against her clit. She moaned and said 'this REALLY feels good!'

I could see a faintly darker area under her panties. I had to admit to myself right then that I was becoming turned on. 'Do you mind if I fuck myself,' Amy asked? I didn't have time to reply. She pulled her panties off. Laying there with her legs open I could clearly see her pussy. My heart suddenly was pounding!

As she rubbed the vibe against her pussy, and up between her labia, my body told me I wanted my pussy filled with my vibe. As I watched her I pulled my pants and underwear off too. 'Fuck this feels good,' Amy said. Just as I was experimenting on the outside of my pussy, she slid hers up inside herself as she let out a gasp. By now I was so turned on!

There was something terribly exciting about seeing her so naturally fucking herself with no inhibitions. I slipped mine inside my pussy too and was suddenly overwhelmed by the feeling. 'You have a pretty pussy' Amy whispered as she looked over at me. 'So do you' I said in reply.

From that point on neither of us said anything. We laid side by side on the bed masturbating with the vibrators as they carried us both to huge orgasms. They were powerful orgasms probably heightened by the, for me anyway, unnatural act of masturbating with someone.

When we were done we both just laid there for a while. Amy said 'that was nice. Thanks for joining me.' I told her I had never ever done that before with another woman. She said she had in college, and to her it wasn't that big of a deal. She said she wasn't a lesbian or anything, that she had never done anything more than what we had just done with another woman.

As we started getting our pants back on I saw her again looking at my pussy, and I admit I looked at hers again also. I said I would wash off the vibe I used and clean it with alcohol, and she laughed and told me to keep it because she had received at least five of them at the party!

She gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek and told me thanks for hosting the party and she left.

It has only been three days since that party and my mind keeps going back to Amy and me on the bed, naked from the waist down, masturbating together with the vibrators. Then I get this vivid image of her neatly trimmed pussy wide open. I am finding my heart racing again. This morning I got the vibrator out and fucked myself again with it fantasizing Amy was beside me fucking herself too, flashes of her pussy racing through my mind. I gave myself a thundering orgasm this morning. I am finding myself WANTING to do this again with Amy, only I don't know how to tell her. If it never happens again, I thoroughly enjoyed it!



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