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My Girlfriend Told on Me

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At 18 my girlfriend was 17 and her best friend Shelly was 18. They were both hot! I changed one name only. Kate. True story that I wish had a bit more to it.


I would visit Kate every time I could. She was a virgin when we met and up until the time when this happened.

She would only allow me to finger her and she would then masturbate me to orgasm. That was good for me! I got to see her hot body and then cum while she stroked my cock.

One night as we were done playing around and I had just cum she asked if I ever jerked myself off. Very slowly I said well uh if I have not seen you in a while maybe sometimes. Well that was a lie because I jerked off every night even after we were together. She was shocked that I said yes and kept saying I was perverted and not normal.

After a bit of talking together I went home. I could tell that even though she sounded shocked she was very interested in my masturbation.

A few weeks later I was visiting her and her girlfriend Shelly was there too as she was many times. They were always together. That night as I was leaving they walked me to the elevator and as we walked down the hall Kate said to me, I told Shelly what you do. I knew exactly what she meant but did not answer. She then said, she knows that you jerk off. I was so embarrassed I wanted to drop through the floor! Shelly said, it's ok I think it's quite normal for guys. Kate turned to her and said you should not tell him that and then the elevator was open. I kissed Kate and then stepped in the elevator. As I turned around Kate said have fun jerking off tonight as Shelly just smiled.

Well I was less than happy as I then thought that Kate felt I was strange. I called her and we spoke about it again. She still did not think it was normal as she said then anyway.

A few weeks later we all had a day together at Shelly's parents for Saturday night while they were away. It was a day of laying in the back yard and I got to squirt the girls with the water hose a few times being it was so hot that day.

They both had two piece bikinis and I was hard most of the day. Kate had a great ass with small tits and Shelly was very skinny with fairly large tits. I liked both at that time, I was 18.

After dinner and as dark set in the girls said we were going to play cards. The game ended up as strip poker although I was told I could not show my cock.

To shorten this story I will tell you only Kate was completely nude at the end. We all started with very little anyway. I think she got excited being nude while we watched her. She was the one who said lets now play truth or dare.

I was not too happy with that because I knew what they would ask about. I did not ask them becasue I did not want to bring up the subject of masturbation.

After only a few turns Kate asked me how many times a week I jerked off. I was again so embarrassed. Then it was Shelly asking how I learned to do it. The next time I took dare from Shelly. She said, show us how you do it, you know, jerk off. I could not believe that Kate agreed that I should do what the dare was.

After much back and forth I ran from the table where we were into Shelly's room. I grabbed her sheets and covered up. Then I pulled off my jeans and said I would only do it if they never told a soul in the world. They both jumped to the end of the bed and agreed. I was shaking thinking of what I was supposed to do next. I was also horny as hell and decided I should just do it.

I dropped the sheets to reveal my almost fully erect cock. I sat with my back flat up against her headboard and said I usually use lube. Right then Kate said wait a minute and ran from the room bringing back her purse and took out a tube of jelly lube that she would use to jerk me off. (I was turned on months before when her aunt told her to jerk me off with it and gave her a sample from her work).

I squirted some on my hand and started to stroke my cock for the girls. They were equally interested in my stroking and after stopping a few times short of orgasm I said I wanted to cum. What a great cum it was as both girls watched me jerk my cock to orgasm.

They both clapped as I finished and I then felt a bit odd sitting in front of them knowing what I just did with cum on my hands and body.

I only did it once but they both joked about it many times later.

That is how it happened to the best of my memory. I wish they could have done it for me.

Months later I found a book that Kate said had been given to her by Shelly. It was teaching girls how to masturbate. I really think they masturbated together but I don't know for sure.

I wish I could see her today. I would ask if they did.



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