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My Girlfriend, Me and Another Guy

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I'll call myself 'Pete.' I am a 50-year-old businessman in the New York area, and I have a very active sex life with my girlfriend of eight years, 'Pam' (32), whom I love very much. She is a beautiful woman in every way. In any event, we frequently masturbate each other and for each other and we like to talk about our fantasies. Imagine my surprise when she recently told me that one of her fantasies was to watch me being jerked off by another man. I couldn't say the idea turned me on especially, but nothing turns me on more than seeing HER turned on, so I said that sure, if the occasion arose, I would go along. I never really expected that anything would come of it.

About a week later, she told me that she had invited a co-worker to have dinner with us. She said he was a very nice person, he worked in her department, he had recently broken up with his boyfriend and he seemed a bit lonely. Of course I said fine, I looked forward to meeting 'Rob' and we planned the menu for the next evening.

When Rob arrived, we had a nice meal, and after dinner, we were talking in the living room. Pam and I were on the couch, and she seemed quite affectionate, putting her hands on me a lot. She remarked that she felt she was very lucky to have such a nice boyfriend as I was, and one who she thought was so handsome. Then she asked Rob if he agreed that I was handsome, and he said why yes, as a matter of fact, he did. DING DING DING! Suddenly I remembered her fantasy. Sure enough, Pam said to Rob 'Well, are you attracted to Pete?' Rob was a little self-conscious, but said yes, he was. So Pam said to Rob that if he wanted, he could come on over to the couch and sit next to us.

There we were, with me in the middle. And Pam put her hand between my legs and started rubbing my dick. Rob, I could tell, was liking what he was seeing, and Pam took his hand and put it on my lap. Of course, I was hard by then, what with two people interested in my dick.

And from there, off we went. Pam told Rob that it was fine with both of us if he wanted to handle me, and in fact, she would LOVE to watch. Rob could not have looked more pleased, and he rubbed me, and then slowly unzipped my trousers and took my cock out. Pam was breathing hard and had been wearing her usual short skirt and I noticed that her hand had disappeared under her clothes. Rob was smiling hugely and said that he had been celibate since his boyfriend had departed six months ago, and nothing would please him more than to have the opportunity to masturbate me. Pam told him to please, go ahead and do it, and I have to admit, by then, I wanted it too. Rob did not seem to be interested in my doing him, but just wanted to fondle my dick and make me come.

He was really very good at this. I mean, I am a completely heterosexual guy, and nothing gets me going like a beautiful woman, but this was unexpectedly nice! Pam came a couple of times while Rob took his time in pleasuring me, and at one point, while he was sliding his hand up and down my shaft, she went into the bathroom and got some lubricant and slowly drizzled some onto my cock. This felt different with a guy jerking me off, because he clearly knew exactly what he was doing, and a male hand feels different than a woman's. He seemed to know exactly how much to work the head and then back off without me coming. Pam was continuing to jill herself and I could tell that this experience was even better than she had imagined it would be. After about 45 minutes of masturbating me, I was at the edge and finally I spurted cum all over.

I told them that this had been a very enjoyable experience, and we all agreed that we would do this again, soon. After Rob left, Pam was still highly aroused, and so we spent a couple of hours talking about it while we made love to each other.

I expect that I'll have more contributions to make to Solo Touch as time goes by!



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