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My Girlfriend Jacked Me Off

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Masturbation has been great, I discovered how to do it on my own when I was 13, I can still remember having a jar of Vaseline and laying on my bed naked, trying to figure out a good technique on how to come, back then I didn't know what I was doing but I knew how it worked. I have been masturbating for 4 years now and had fun learning different ways to pleasure my self. One of my first encounters masturbating with a girl was about 6 months ago with my girlfriend, it was my birthday and we went out to eat, when I was going to drop her off at her house, she invited me in. Her parents were gone for the weekend on a business trip to New York. We decided to sit down and just talk, then we started talking about sex, and how we had never done it before. This really got me aroused; I could feel my cock getting bigger in my pants.
Well then she asked me 'do you masturbate?' At first I denied it, but then she came and sat on my lap, and she commented on how big and hard my dick was. Then she said to me 'you cant tell me you don't do it?, It has to feel so good!' Then she started rubbing my hard on through my pants, which really felt like nothing I had ever felt before, I started moaning to the pleasure she was giving me. She kept on asking me and the pleasure was so much that I couldn't deny it anymore. I said, ' Yes I do it all the time!' We started making out on the couch, as I held her close to me, pressing my dick to her soft skin. She took her shirt off, and then I unzipped her pants and pulled them off exposing her beautiful body.
Then she took my pants off exposing my hard on popping out of my boxers. I took them off and, She asked me 'Let me jerk you off?' I showed her how to do it by first doing it solo, then she asked me ' What is that wet stuff coming out of your cock, I told her it was pre-cum and guys get it when the get horny. Then she tried and I took her hands with mine to show her the perfect motion and how to do it. She got really good at it, I laid back closed my eyes as she jacked me off with the lube of of my pre-cum. I started panting and moaning really loud, she asked me if she was doing ok, I told her, 'damn it feels so fucking good!' she was sliding her hand up the hard thick shaft very fast, just the way I liked it. I yelled out to her 'oh yeah, jack it! jack it harder!' I could feel my balls ready to unload; Instinctively I began thrusting my bone into her hand. This was the best ever and she was a pro for her first time. Finally I told her I'm about to come and she should go as fast as she can, I yelled 'oh fuck!' as the first thick, white spurt came out it had have gone 3 feet in the air it was shooting all over the place, I told her not to stop, it got all over us and the couch and even the walls. She was just amazed by how a guy orgasms. This was one of the best experiences ever, There's more to this story but I will save the rest for another time.



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