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My Girlfriend and I

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My girlfriend and I don't have sex... but we do some fun things anyway..


I have been dating my girlfriend since the beginning of 2013. We don't get to spend a ton of time together because we currently go to different schools and have crazy schedules. I am 5'11" and very skinny, she is 5"4" and is also pretty slim. We're both white and have blue eyes and blonde hair. We have chosen not to have sex until we're married, but we do a lot of other fun things when we can get together for a while...

This is the story of our hottest time, real names omitted.

I had gone and picked her up one morning to go into the nearest city to go shopping and buy new fish for my aquarium. The drive was almost 2 hours each way and it had been a while since we had done anything together. We were in my truck driving with her in the middle next to me.. The entire way down there we kept touching and teasing each other making both of us go crazy with horniness.

When we finally got to my place, we put the fish in their home and immediately started making out like crazy. While we were making out and grinding, I picked her up and put her feet around my waist and carried her to my bedroom. Once we were in there, we started to take off each other's clothes. First her shirt then mine, my pants then hers, and finally our underwear. I then dropped her on the bed and she started to moan....

I climbed on top of her and kept making out with her for a couple minutes then started to move down her body... licking down her neck and boobs clear down to her pussy. Everytime I licked her she would arch her hips and moan. By the time I got down there her pussy would be dripping wet and I'd tease it somemore with my tongue, then work my way back up her body until I was laying on top of her again. Then I slowly slid in two fingers and made her shudder. I started slow at first then got faster and deeper until she was moaning and asking for more. When she finally came she squirted all over my hand and we both licked it clean. I also went back and teased her pussy some more with my tongue.

Immediately she grabbed me and put me on the bottom. She started making out with me and then licked my chin and slowly kissed and licked her way down to my dick. She slowly licked up the side of it and sucked my balls. after teasing me for several minutes she put her mouth on it and went on all the way deep. She did that for several minutes until I was close to cumming and then took it out and slowly licked her way back up my body to my mouth and made out for a moment, all the while grinding against my dick.

She then spit in her hand and started working my dick over slowly at first and finally speeding up and licked all over my upper body until I came all over her and my stomachs. we licked eachother clean and made out with my cum still in both of our mouths. It was so hot to do that we both passed it back and forth and we each finally swallowed some.

After that we took a break and went and admired my new fish. We started making out again and I took her and layed her on my couch and started fingering her again.. This time I must have got a new spot much deeper than before, she started moaning and calling my name and humping my fingers and completly dripping from her pussy. I slowed down to tease her for a moment and she sped up her humping.. she came so hard my fingers slipped out in all her juice, I got down and licked all of it up and stuck my tongue as deep as it would go and she arched her back. She lay there for minutes recovering all the while saying she could still feel it. After that we both got dressed and made out slowly until I had to take her home.



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