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My Girlfriend and I

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When I was 16 I found the girl that I knew I fell in love with. One day at the end of May we decided to go to my grandmas house, she lives in a cabin out in the forest and there is plenty of places to go walk around. I told my grandma that we were going to go walk and explore. While we were out in the woods it began to drizzle a little and eventually it started raining. I gave her my jacket and I stayed in only my t shirt which was getting wet. We were already a little far from the house so I told her we should go up to this one area where it is covered completely by trees. She said that was fine and we headed that way. Both of us knew that we had wanted to try things with each other and we knew that we felt strongly enough with each other that we could so. At first we talked about what we wanted to do...

'So how comfortable are you with me... What would you do with me'? she asked. 'Well, I think we could just touch each other' I stopped thinking it was too far and that I sounded like those stupid guys who try to go for it right away. 'Or not! I mean we can just show each other'! I said frantically. 'No no... I mean we can... touch'. We talked about who would show who what first, and eventually it came down to me. She undid my pants and eventually my penis came out of my underwear.

She looked at it and then began to touch. She wasn't too sure how to jack off a guy and I kinda gave her some instruction... how to hold it, how to move it what to touch. After touching my penis she moved onto my balls and began to rub them softly with one hand and jerking me off with the other... I was loving it! It felt amazing the way she handled it! When she was still rubbing I asked if she was ready. She said she was and the rain wasn't letting up so we still had plenty of time. I asked how she wanted to do it and she said that I should do what she did.

So I began to undo her pants, which I had some difficulty with as I recall! Once undone I looked at her panties and became even harder than before! My penis was still out and she could tell, so she grabbed it and again began to rub it and jack me off. I lowered her pants to her knees or so and looked at what was before me. I asked if I could see it somehow and she turned around and bent over. She told me I could start, so I did.

At first I just rubbed her and saw that she was dripping wet, I asked why and she said she was really excited, I told her to turn back around and we both rubbed each other, I felt her dripping down my fingers and she felt my hard penis, we ended up both orgasming at the same time and we kissed for sometime after... That was my first of many things with my girlfriend, we are still dating and if you would like we have more stories.



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