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My Girl Friend's Mother

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I never knew that Mothers loved to watch!


Karen and I were dating for over a year and we had started to explore our sexuality by what we called dry fucking. She would press her groin right over my throbbing cock, feeling it as it twitched in my trousers over the area of her cunt. I always ended up cumming in my pants when we did this! Messy, and she had no idea that I had!

One day, when we were alone in her kitchen, we were standing at the sink as I was trying to thrust my enclosed prick up against her Vagina. I was getting overheated and frustrated, wanting to take it out and cream in front of her! I whispered into her ear, 'Karen, I want to jerk off in front of you. Can I?' Utterly amazed, she said in a heated voice, 'Yes!' We stopped and I asked her, 'Where?'. She led me down into her cellar, where there was a toilet in the weirdest place for a commode, right out in the middle open area. There was a washer and a dryer and other items that most people have in their cellars. The toilet was situated so that it was facing a back door that opened to the back yard, It had several windows in it. Karen said, let's do it here.

With no hesitation on my part I stripped totally naked as Karen was watching my throbbing prick bouncing out from my arched body. I then sat on the toilet, as I was slowly stroking my cock. Karen was wearing a full light dress and would not take it off, but instead she kneeled down between my spread legs, right in front of my standing prick. I started to beat my rod now in a very sensual way, her eyes glued to every stroke, when without a hint of warning the door opened from the back yard and Karen's mother just stood there after dropping a basket full of clothes on the floor! What in the name of....are you two doing?! Karen, get yourself up stairs this moment and go to your room! I will be up there in a minute!

I was in deep trouble! Karen took off quickly as I got up from the toilet facing her mother with a full frontal view of my cock dripping long streams of syrupy pre-cum. I started to put my shorts back on when she asked me, 'What are you doing? Don't you want to finish what you started?' By then she was standing on my right side and she placed her warm hands on the back of my ass cheeks and grabbed my throbbing prick with her right hand! She pulled back on the skin tightly, causing the whole cock to look steel hard as I was arching my back, and pushing out my hips, thrusting my prick straight out in her hand! She then removed her left hand and took hold of my cock and began stroking it while she cupped her right hand just under the hole in the head of my dripping dick.

She started at the base of my shaft and squeezed it forward, causing the syrupy stream to drip into her hand, about the third time she did this she took what was now a considerable amount of juices in her hand and cupped it over the head of my prick and smeared it all over the entire love stick! She was gently rubbing it on the 'head' over the hole and the sensation was so intense that I would jolt my hips back. She said NOT to cum. To let her know when I was at the point of no return when I whispered stop! stop! She would let go and allow the feeling to subside. She repeated this three or four times then told me to sit back down on the toilet, kind of in a laid back position, my butt moved forward on the seat with my now glistening prick sticking straight up into the air. My hands were grasping the edge of the toilet bowl.

Her mother said nothing but proceeded to use the precum as a lubricant as she stroked my pole hand over hand, then with the cup of her hand she would roll it over the hole in the head and told me to let her know when it was going to cream. Just as it was about to explode, she pulled down very tightly on my shaft as the first stream of white cream shot straight up into the air and landed back down on me, instantly before the next wad she was smearing the first ejaculate onto my squirting cock. It was a wonderful process of her actually milking my prick as it was in the process of creaming! Her technique was to build up the cum in me so that when I came there would be torrents of hot thick milk and there WAS!

To this day Karen has no idea how her mother punished me that day!



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