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My Girl Friend and I

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A good friend of mine, Travis, and I were having a few drinks at home. My girlfriend at the time Kristy had retired to bed. I can't remember how things actually came about but late at night, as Kristy slept, Trav and I put on a porn video and sat on the lounge watching it together.

As Trav and I where seated next to each other, watching the hot action on screen, you could cut the sexual tension in the air with a knife.

I like to wank watching porn, normally I would be naked, stroking my cock, however Trav and I sat silent watching the scenes in front of us.

My cock was semi rigid watching the porn video. I was wrestling in my seat, trying to shuffle my uncomfortable cock in my pants.

Trav was wearing track pants, I snuck a peak and could see the bulge in his pants also, still we sat next to each other watching the action on screen not willing to touch ourselves in front of each other.

Without warning the lounge door opened and my girlfriend Kristy walked in the room.

Kristy was 22, 5'3 - petite. She had long curly red hair, freckles on her face, arms and chest, perky little 'A' cup breasts. Slim and with a very slight build she was a real head turner - Kristy shaved her pussy for me, I liked her to be hairless.

Krist was wearing her nighty, it was white and came high on her thighs just under her tight ass.

Kristy and I often watched porn and masturbated together, but I guess that she was a little surprised to find Travis and I watching porn together.

'I could hear the groaning in the bedroom and was wondering what was going on', Kristy joked.

Without further prompting, Kristy walked in the room and took a seat next to us on the sofa, seated next to me on my left, Travis on my right.

As the action flicked on screen, Kristy sat back in the seat and watched the porn video with us.

It was a real turn on for me to watch a porn video with Kristy and Trav.

Kirsty was the first to make a move, her nighty that was pulled high up her legs, gently she slid her hand between her legs and rubbed her pussy through her panties.

Kristy gently stroked her pussy through her panties, slowly spreading her legs, enabling better access, I looked over to see her gently rocking her ass on the sofa as she rubbed.

I placed a hand on her bare leg, gently caressing, higher and higher until my hand nestled near her panty covered pussy as she stroked. Kristy was obviously turned on and was getting more confident and bold, rubbing with more enthusiasm.

I saw Trav look over at us, looking at Kristy's smooth legs, that were partly spread, her nightly riding up her thigh as she rubbed her pussy through her panties.

I noticed that Travis had lowered his hand and had started to rub his own cock through his track pants.

My cock was no longer semi erect. Trav was on my right massaging his cock through his pants, my girlfriend Kristy was on my left with her nighty pulled high and legs partly spread exposing her panty covered pussy as she rubbed. My cock was now rock hard in my pants.

I lowered the zipper on my pants and quietly pulled out my cock. It was fully erect, about 6.5 inches, thick with a little pre-cum glistening on the tip.

Kristy looked over as I took my cock in my fist and pulled back the foreskin and started to stroke it. Still rubbing her pussy, Kristy looked at my fist slowly jerking my hard dick.

I moved my hand to Kristy's pussy and rubbed her soft flaps through her panties as she slid her hand under the material and tickled her clit.

Then I got the shock of my life when Trav, who was looking over at Kristy and I, pulled the waist string of his track pants, and pulled the elastic down releasing his cock.

Trav pulled down his jocks and manoeuvred his cock into the open. I was amazed, Trav is huge, bigger than the guys on the video that was playing in front of us. Twice the size of me, at least 9 inches, and very, very thick!

With one hand Trav cupped his balls, his thumb and forefinger clasping the base of his massive cock. Then he rapped the other hand around his thick hard shaft and began to wank his huge cock.

Kirst looked over at me wanking my cock, then saw Trav. 'Oh my god', Kristy whispered to me.

Kristy then moved her hand over to my cock and jerked it. Still rubbing her own pussy in her panties, looking between the porn on the TV and stealing a quick glance at Travis' huge dick as he wanked it in his fist.

I leaned over to Kristy and whispered in her ear, 'do you want to touch it.' She looked at me as if to say 'you sure?.' 'Why don't you help him out?' I whispered.

Kristy smiled at me, then got up from her seat next to me and knelt in front of Trav. He looked shocked, then looked over at me and I gave him an approving smile.

Kristy felt between her legs, her hand under her panties rubbing her pussy as Trav settled into a rhythmic stroke looking at my petite girlfriend Kristy, kneeling in front of him, her stare fixed on his huge cock as he stroked it.

His pace quickened as he looked at Kristy, I got up off the couch and got behind her as she raised her hand replacing Travis' hand with hers.

It was an amazing sight, her hand hardly fit around his thick shaft!

As she stroked, Trav sat back, Kristy's hand sliding up and down his huge dick in long firm strokes.

With my cock in my hand, I cupped Kristy's tight ass and rubbed her wet pussy from behind. Moving the material from her shaven pussy, I felt her hairless lips, she was soaking wet.

I rubbed her wet pussy lips and slid a finger into her tight hole as I watched her wanking Travis', cock.

'Hold tightly', Trav instructed, 'I'm getting closer, I'm going to cum, keep going.'

Trying to keep a good rhythm must have been hard with me rubbing her clit, but Kristy's pace quickened. Stroking Trav with long strokes until he tensed and a thick rope of cum spurted from the tip of his cock, spraying into the air onto his stomach.

Kristy continued to stroke with firm long strokes, wanking thick white cum from Travis' cock. There were about three long ropes that splashed from the tip, coating Kristy's wanking hand.

As Kristy gently stroked the last of his cum from his shrinking cock, he was breathing heavily. I stood and jerked my cock over Kristy splashing her. I was hitting her face and splashing her legs, my white cum sliding down her freckled face and legs, soaking into her nighty.

We gently stroked our semi hard cocks as Kristy removed her panties and spread her legs putting on a show for us. We sat next to each other as we watched Kristy rubbing her naked hairless pussy, her nighty pulled up high. She moaned and rubbed until she made herself cum, jerking on the floor.

An amazing experience!



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