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My German Teacher

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When I was in my late 20s, I had decided to take some classes as a productive way to fill time on the weekend. Just being interested in something for fun instead of working towards a degree, I chose a German course being taught on Saturdays at the same community college I had attended some years before.

When I arrived in class, I chose a seat in the front of the room, as was my custom, to avoid distractions from my fellow students, helping to focus on the instructor.

The door to the office in the classroom opened, and the instructor came out. 'Renate' was short, about 5'1', in her 50s, with golden blonde hair, glasses, and wearing a gray dress that ended just below her knees, sheer dark pantyhose, and gray high heels, with black toe caps. The dress fit her snugly, and I noticed that she did have a nice rack and her calves were very firm and well formed. She had a really nice body for an older gal. I thought when she was younger she must have had guys chasing her all the time. What got me really interested was when she sat down.

The dress rode up, showing off some very shapely thighs. Seeing nearly the full extent of her legs, ending in high heels, made my cock stand up at attention. I thought to myself, 'If she dresses like that all the time, I'm not going to have any trouble focusing on her.'

She introduced herself as 'Renate Schmidt', said we could call her Renate, and told us her husband had a business that took him out of the country for a period of six months, and that she had just said goodbye to him the day before. Hearing that, I immediately began thinking of plans of how I could have that woman in my bed for at least awhile. As I've mentioned in other stories, I was attracted to older women, and found for the most part, they were attracted to me. As a result of focusing on mature women as potential lovers, I had enjoyed sex with experienced partners, and I usually learned something new everytime.

It was difficult focusing on the lesson, being distracted by her legs, her ass and tits, and fantasies I was conjuring up about having her as a lover. I thought of how I could get her alone and maybe start a friendship that would end with my having a regular bed partner for a few months.

Class finally ended, and I stood in the short line of students asking her questions, making sure I was last, and trying to not think about how I wanted her, as an effort to make my erection break.

Having had more than a few mature lovers in the past, I had learned poise when speaking to a woman I was interested in, so as not to scare her off.

I came up to Renate. She was sitting at the table she was using as a desk. I couldn't see those legs that had hypnotized me, but her wonderful tits were there for me to try to avoid looking at. I instead focused on her eyes, behind those glasses. She took them off for a minute, to clean them, and I saw her eyes had laugh lines in the corner, and I got an idea of what she had been like when she was younger. God, I would have gone after her in a flash.

'Yes, X?' She sounded like the actress Marlene Dietrich, and I always thought that Dietrich sounded very sexy.

I had come up with a question as a method of being able to talk to Renate longer, and then try to invite her to lunch, with the hope that something more would come out of it.

She answered my question, smiled and asked if there was anything else I needed. I didn't tell her what I really needed was for her to fuck me right then, but I asked her to lunch.

'Oh! Um, yes! That would be nice. Would you help me lock up the class first?'

As I lowered the blinds, I saw that she had gone into the small office in the classroom. She had opened her purse, and was freshening her lipstick. Renate asked me if I had lowered all the blinds. I answered that I had, and that I would turn off the classroom lights when we left. She asked me to turn off the lights right then, and come into her office. I did so.

She was perched on her desk, her dress hiked up again, showing off her gorgeous legs.

She looked at me and said 'I could feel your eyes on me all morning. I know that you are attracted to me. At first, I felt uncomfortable and was going to talk to you about dropping the class, but then I thought that the attention of such an attractive young man isn't such a bad thing, especially at my age. What do you have in mind?'

I told her that I wanted to become her lover, at least until her husband came back. No ties, just a lot of fun.

'Well! I have never thought about being unfaithful to my husband, until now. No man has ever approached me before with that idea. Maybe it's the idea that I won't be caught that makes this so exciting to me. Maybe I'm just horny. I appreciate your honesty, X. You know, of course, that you can't continue in my class. I'll drop you from the roll. It wouldn't work with the student who is sharing my bed to be in my class.' She held out her hands to me. I took them and leaned over to kiss her.

As I continued to kiss her, I let her hands go, and placed them on those legs I wanted to touch all morning. I slid them up from her knees to her thighs, pushing up her dress. Her hands were now holding my face, and I felt her tongue push against my lips. I opened my mouth, and she pushed her tongue inside. I moved my hands to the inside of her thighs, moving up to her crotch and feeling the dampness through her pantyhose.

'MMMM! Ach du lieber! Schatz, that is so good! Please, don't stop! I want to fuck you, darling, but not here. I am so horny, please, my love, make me come!'

I pressed my hand harder against the crotch, rubbing even more deeply, continuing to kiss her. She spread her legs apart to make it easier to move my hand. I continued doing this, feeling Renate squirm on her desk, the smell of her juices filling the air. Then she came.

'Aaagh! Aaagh! Oh, oh, oh!' Her hips bucked, and I found out that Renate was a squirter, my first experience with such a woman. I thought that tasting her juices after she had come that would be exciting, and that the first time I went down on her would give me that opportunity.

She leaned back on her hands, her hair tousled, her lipstick smeared. When she recovered, she kissed me hard, and asked me if I wanted her to jack me off, 'as you Americans say'. I told her I did, but at her house, where we had more privacy. She kissed me one last time, and as she turned out the lights, locked the classroom door, I followed her out to the start of what was five months of very hot sex on a nearly daily basis.



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