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My Fumigator

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I moved off campus into a studio in a quadraplex in September. One morning in early October I was lying in bed looking at some porn and jerking off before classes and there was a knock. I went to the door naked and peeked out. It was a guy coming around to fumigate. The landlord told me they did this every month. He was about 26 I would say and maybe 5'6' and kind of muscular but all smiling and looking very friendly. I told him I was still in bed and he said he could come back later. I told him I would be out to classes and he could come in now but I needed to be getting ready to leave. He said no problem. I kind of liked him because he seemed so friendly and outgoing. So I left the door open a crack and went back to the bathroom and said loud that he could come in now.

He walked into the living area and started to work. I had turned the vcr off but there was still some porn on the floor in a far corner, and tissues and lube on the night stand. So I was taking a shower while he was fumigating the other room. I was getting excited both because I had not finished jerking off and still had a load inside wanting to see daylight, and because it was just hot having this guy in the apartment while I was showering. He had on a white short sleeve with the company name on it and a baseball cap also with their name. I had noticed his arm muscles were well developed and his jeans were tight and worn. So I got a boner in the shower. I wrapped a towel around me and went into the room to get my clothes.

He started to chat me up and I couldn't help my boner popping up even more under the towel. He looked right at it, then walked with the fumigator into the corner where the porn was laying (I'm sure he had found it while I was in the shower) and picked it up nonchalantly and put it on the bed while he sprayed the floor area where it had been. I got my clothes out and started to tremble because I didn't know whether to take them back into the shower or to dress in front of him with my big boner, which I get ones that are very fat especially my dick head. But he started to say things like he knew everyone here was on a schedule and I should just pretend he wasn't there, and do whatever I needed to do.

So I tentatively dropped the towel like it had fallen off by accident. He looked up and smiled and kept working. I got so hot and sweaty seeing he was ok with this. I took a long, long time drying myself all over especially my dick and butt, and he was looking whenever he dared. Finally I got some courage and sat down and started to clean and dry under my foreskin. He just said, 'Oh shit that's hot!' and stopped working and started to rub himself through his jeans. I got up and turned the vcr back on and it was a four way (2 guys 2 chics). I sat down on the bed, my back to the headrest, naked with my knees up and started stroking. I asked him to climb in and watch with me.

He unbuttoned his jeans and got out of them and had no underpants on. He was already hard and I was surprised that our dicks looked so much alike. His was a little shorter (maybe 7 inches) but just as thick in the head which is rare. What he really wanted to do, I found, was to lay with his face just inches from my dick while I jo'd-so I let him do that, and quickly I let go a heavy load, slopping right into his face. I was surprised he loved it, but it was hot to do that and see he really loved it besides. He wiped it with his hand and licked his fingers and jerked off while he was trying to massage me hard again. I got hard again about the same time he was cumming over himself, and I shot more right after he shot. It wasn't dry either. I guess I still had more inside but it was thinner juice this time and clear. but still plenty of it. He is overdue for the November fumigation and every morning now I get ready for his next visit and wonder what will happen. I have thought about this almost every day when I jerk off since it happened.



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