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My Friends Wife

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About a week ago I went over to my friends house to borrow his hunting rifle. I went over during the day when he was at work. I have a key because I house sit for him and his wife when they go out of town. When I got to the house I let myself in and headed for their room where his gun safe is. As I started getting closer to the room I could hear some noise coming from the room. I did not know what it was because he was at work and his wife was supposed to be at work too.

I thought someone might have broken in so I walked quitely towards the room but when I got there I could see it was his wife laying on the bed naked and she was playing with herself. She did not hear or see me so I just stood there and watched her a little while and then she opened her eyes and saw me standing there. She screamed and grabbed a towel and covered up. She asked me what I was doing there and did I see anything. I told her I had come by to borrow one of her husbands rifles and yes I had seen what she was doing. She was completley embarrassed. I told her I would not tell her husband if she didn't and we laughed.

I asked her what she was doing home and she said she had left work early and had come home and jumped in the shower. We talked for a few minutes and I grabbed the gun and told her I was sorry for interrupting her. She just laughed. I started to leave and she asked me since I had seen her start if I wanted to watch her finish. We both stood there quiet for a minute or two and then I mustered up the courage to say sure but your husband can never know or he will kill us both. At first I thought she was just kidding but then to my amazement she took off the towel and laid back. I said we shouldn't be doing this but she said sometimes you have to just go for it and have some fun.

She slowly spread her legs and I got a great shot of her pussy. She just smiled at me and said yes or no? I said yes. She started by rubbing on her tits and sliding her hands up and down her body. Then she put her hand between her legs and started rubbing her pussy. I could hardly breathe at this point. I watched her play with her clit and finally she stuck a couple of fingers in her pussy and just smiled at me. I didn't realize it but I was standing there rubbing my cock over my pants. She asked me if I wanted to take out my cock and we could masturbate together. I could not get my pants off fast enough. She said we could masturbate in front of each other but that was as far as it was going.

I agreed and started stroking my cock in front of her. It did not take long and I was ready to shoot my load. She was on the bed rubbing her pussy and moaning. I told her I was going to cum and she just smiled. By this time I had moved to the edge of the bed and was standing practically in between her legs. I stroked my cock a few more times and I started to cum. I shot a stream of cum directly on her pussy which surprised her. Then she just laughed and started rubbing my cum all over her pussy.

After I was done I stepped back and watched her rub my cum all over her pussy until she got off. When she was done we both just kind of laughed and I put my pants back on. She said I guess I will have to take another shower now. She got up and as she walked by me gave me a kiss on the cheek and said make sure I lock the door when I leave. We have not talked about what happened since. Now everytime I see her all I can do is see her naked on the bed with her legs open. I hope my buddy never finds out.



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