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My Friend's Wife

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This involves me, jack-off buddy, and his wife.


My friend's wife

We've been friends for quite a while now. We met through a site similar to this one and were pleased to find out we actually lived close to each other.

Both of us had been trying to find a friend for quite a while, without luck, and it was amazing how much we shared in common and the fact we lived in the same town.

I've been married for 34 years and my wife and I had experimented with swinging a little years ago. She knows I'd love to do some of those things again but she's very against anything other than role-playing or fantasy.

He's been married for about 25 years and his cute wife doesn't have the apprehensions that my wife has because they've never really done anything. They did have one couple for friends that they'd discuss sex with and trade DVD's but that's about the extent of their swinging activities. With their two sons leaving home I think she's beginning to think about the fun things they might share with their, newly, empty nest.

He and I have shared nude photos of the wives and discussed things we'd enjoy doing if the wives were willing. We did meet one time and thoroughly enjoyed jacking off together and even jacking each other off. He's really got a nice cock and I couldn't help wondering just how it'd look fucking my wife while I watched. And, when I took it in my hand I could almost imagine how it'd feel inside my wife.

Well, to our great delight, we've been out together several times now with the wives. Now, the wives aren't going to be best friends but they do enjoy each other so it's going to be so easy for he and I to justify getting together.

His wife is a very huggy-kissy type woman and I find I'm just totally attracted to her. My wife is much more reserved and, although she's certainly into hugging him hello and goodbye, she's probably not going to expand from just those simple hugs. Because of our past experiences she's very defensive when things start in that direction and she even has made it clear that she's not completely happy with my kissing his wife so much.

Well, that's the background but I just have to share my Friday with you.

I was off, because of a morning appointment, and my wife had to work. My friend and his wife invited me to stop by their place for an early lunch and some beer. My friend has a shop in a separate building on the same acreage as their house. This would be the first time I'd been with the two of them alone.

I pulled into the shop and when I got out of my car his wife was the one to greet me. He was, evidently, still working on a project and she'd been in his little office waiting for me and had heard me pull up.

She welcomed me with a very long tight hug and several sweet kisses on my lips. When I finally opened my eyes I noticed that he'd come out of the shop too and was smiling while he watched us hugging and kissing.

We spent several hours in the shop talking about numerous, all non-sexual, topics and I noticed that she would take every opportunity to touch me and be close to me as we talked. Several times I noticed that he would find an opportunity to go to his office (it has windows that look into the shop that we were sitting in) for something or the other.

Each time he left us she'd move closer and we'd look into each other's eyes and talk with our faces just inches apart. I noticed through the window that it appeared that my friend was jacking off while he watched us and I would move even closer to his wife to add to his enjoyment.

A couple of times, when he went to the bathroom he'd stay much longer than a simple piss would have taken and I guessed he was jacking off. I too went to the bathroom, more than once and jacked off my hard cock a bit but I don't think either of us jacked off to completion.

At one point we all walked around the yard to look at some things and he and I made sure she walked ahead of us so we could look at her fine ass as she walked. We exchanged knowing smiles and rubbed our cocks through our jeans as we walked.

She hadn't worn a bra and her great little titties were apparent under her tee shirt. Several times she caught me admiring her breasts and each time she'd smile seductively.

When I finally knew it was time to go I shook my smiling friend's hand and she wrapped her arms around my neck and we kissed four or five long kisses on the lips. So far, only lips and no tongue's but it's so sexy, in an adolescent way, that it's even better than sex in a way.

It's so fun knowing that he's enjoying it and that she's so comfortable with it right in front of him. I don't know how much further this is going to go but if it's only going this far I'm totally content.

I sure look forward to getting alone with him soon and talking about what they did after I left. I can just imagine how hard his cock is going to be as we talk about it and I'm sure my cock will be just as hard remembering. I'd love to be part of a threesome with him and his wife and maybe that'll happen someday. If my wife would just loosen up I'm sure things would progress much more easily but I'm afraid that anything more than what's already happening will necessitate keeping my wife out of the loop. I hate deceit but I just couldn't pass on this opportunity if it was afforded me.

Thank you my friend, if you're reading this, for sharing your wonderful wife with me.



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