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My Friends Son

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Several weeks ago friends of mine had to go out of town and asked me if I'd let their seventeen-year-old son stay with me for the week-end. Of course, this would be no problem so I went into town and picked up Stephen.

Nothing eventful happened Friday night, we sat around in our boxers watching DVD's and talking. Saturday night was when things took me into the 'Twilight Zone.' Stephen and I had sat around in our boxers as we watched TV, talked etc. I asked about his girlfriend and he informed me that he did not have one, nor did he want one. He said that he was just fine being 'single' and that with a girlfriend; he'd be expected to be sexually active like his buddies and that was too risky with STDs, pregnancy etc.

Then Stephen added with a smile. 'If I want to get off, I am very good at 'jerking,' with Rosie Palmer and her sisters (He reached down and grabbed himself) We finished our small talk and I headed into bed and he was going to watch the big screen in the living room and just crash on the couch.

After about half an hour I got up for a drink and seeing the glare of the television went into the living room. Oh my God! There on the TV screen were two guys performing a sex act on each other (I guess Stephen had brought the DVD along in his back pack) AND Stephen was stretched out on the couch stark naked, eyes closed and an erection of about eight inches; and he was stroking it for all he was worth.

I guess I stood there in amazement watching him and let out a gasp, as he opened his eyes and said laughing, 'I can't stop now, come on you too.' Well, that was just too much for me. My seven and a half inch boner was already popping through the front of my boxers as I stood watching. He sat up and stretched his legs onto the floor, continuing to beat his meat as I sat down beside him and began stroking my own hard on also. Before I could even think or stop him, he'd reached over and grasped my erection and began to stroke it. I'd never felt the excitement and pleasure as this young man sat there jerking me off and I just seemed powerless to stop it.

I couldn't hold it and let loose with three ropes of my love juice that flew through the air. But that wasn't enough. Before I could get myself together, Stephen had put my hand on his throbing boner and was using my hand to stroke himself. 'It always feels better when someone else does it for you', he said.

I finally began jerking his meat as hard and tight as I could and it sent him into ecstasy as his legs stiffened out, he groaned and yelled, 'Here it comes!' as he shot a load clear out into the middle of my floor. After we'd both calmed down, got soft etc, I told him that this was one hell of a mistake and I was very sorry.

Stephen laughed and told me to think nothing of it and that it was his doing anyway. It won't happen again, I'll be on my guard now. I'm not going to prison for 20-30 years just so a teenage boy can get his jollies. However; when he turns eighteen in eight months and if he wants to play, then that will be another story.



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