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My Friend's Nudist Family

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A great introduction to women for me.


When I was about 18 I had a good buddy named Len. One early summer day while we were showering I noticed even his bum was completely tanned, so I thought he must have been sunning naked somewhere. Len admitted he and his family were nudists at home but preferred to keep it a secret.

The next day he said his mum said it would be okay for me to visit them while they were sunbaking, as long as my parents didn't mind. I thought this over very hard. My parents were really prudish so I told him I'd like to go but rather not tell them. Len said this would be okay and we arranged for me to come over on Saturday. I told my mum that I would be going over to Len's for the day and she didn't mind, even though neither she nor my dad knew Len's parents.

When I arrived, his mum, whose name was Helen, opened the door but was wearing shirt and shorts. I was kinda glad as I felt very shy. Len introduced me to everyone and his dad Phil made me feel at ease. No one even mentioned nudity. Len also had a younger sister named Elizabeth who was about 16 then. After a while, Helen asked me had Len told me that her family enjoy sunbaking nude and I said yes. She asked would I like to join in and I said okay. I guess she might also have suspected I hadn't told my parents as she suggested I keep this very private and not tell anyone outside. She was a pleasant lady in her early forties and I was starting to get hard thinking about her being naked.

Helen and Phil decided the time had come and asked me if I'd prefer to undress in the bedroom or here with them. We decided I'd strip with them. So everyone began to undress together, all very casually. They all tried hard not to look at me, nor I at them, but as the clothes came off, it was difficult to know where to look. With a silly grin, Helen faced us and let her bra fall down while we laughed at her bare breasts. I felt a surge of arousal. Then the women took off everything except their panties, which us guys thought was really sexy. Looking back, I think Helen must have had a secret exhibitionist streak. I looked at Phil and Len and both were semi erect, which felt a tiny bit confusing and also exciting. Helen looked at my hard-on which I was shyly trying to hide, grinned and said 'Maybe I'd better leave these on.' 'Take 'em off' they yelled back. Helen turned her back to them, dropped her panties slowly, wiggled her bum like a striptease artist and turned around, revealing her cleft surrounded by a hairy bush. Liz copied her mum. We all cheered. When I took my hands away from my penis to applaud, it stuck out even more, everyone seemed to look at it, and their approving looks helped a lot. Certainly not what I had been led to expect.

I hadn't had much experience with girls before then and had no idea about how I should behave on seeing Helen and Liz standing there unconcerned. Helen smiled and said not to worry, it's always like this the first time, isn't it (smiling at Len)? Then we all went outside to their pool and lay on the deck.

However, I still felt awkward about being fully erect and Helen must have sensed it. She came out with a beach towel, spread it out on the deck for me away from where Phil and Len were and suggested I lie on it. When I had got comfortable, she took up a sitting position just ahead of me, put on her sunglasses and sat with her legs parted in front of me. She whispered, 'Go on, do what you feel like doing if it makes you feel better.'

I rolled over onto my belly and stared straight up her pussy, which she knew I was doing. I could feel a climax building up and Helen spread her legs so I could see more. When she actually put a hand down and parted her pussy lips to show me her vagina I erupted in the best orgasm I'd ever had, almost passing out. Helen whispered 'Was that good?' and smiled. She fetched a fresh towel. When I sat up I noticed that Liz had witnessed it all, but Len and Phil were in the pool, appearing to ignore me. Maybe this had been arranged. At any rate nothing was mentioned about what had taken place. I thought Helen was a very good sport for doing what she did.

There's a lot more I could say about what else we did together, but that's for another time.



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