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My Friends Mum Helen

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Never forgot her


I used to go to my friend Ian's house a lot in the early seventies. His dad was away a lot, high powered business of some sort. When at home he was always making leary suggestions to the au pairs, he was a real creep. His wife, my friends mother Helen was rather attractive to me, she must have been in her early forties at the time. On this particular evening Ian and I were listening to music in his room as normal. I went downstairs for a drink and his mom was in the TV room that I had to go through to the kitchen. She was in a pale blue quilted dressing gown. On my way back upstairs with my drink she asked me to tell Ian to turn the music down, she asked why we had to have it so loud? I tried explaining that it was the best way to listen to heavy rock. As we were talking her gown opened slightly and I saw a glimpse of dark brown hair. Her hair was blondish so I was surprised about the color. She carried on talking and I still didn't know if she realised what I could see. My heart started beating really fast and I tried not to stare but was so turned on that I must have looked rather strange to her. She asked if I was ok? and I just said 'I'm fine.'

I went back upstairs and told Ian about the music, he turned it down slightly and we carried on listening. I couldn't really concentrate, I was confused and aroused.

An hour or so later I said I had to go to the bathroom. As I walked passed his parents bedroom I saw the door was slightly ajar and the TV was on. I carefully pushed the door open and Helen was lying on the bed with her back to me. She still had her dressing gown on but it was open and I could see her buttocks. Her legs were slightly parted and I could see a lot of hair from her buttock crack to her mound which was slighly visible. I was frozen and just looked at her for a minute or two. My heart was really racing.

Without really thinking I pushed the door to and very gently ran my middle finger nail down her crack. She stirred slightly. I quickly pulled it back and she settled down. Again I touched her very gently, this time she moved back onto my finger. It slipped into her pussy which had become quite wet. I still didn't know if she was asleep or not. I carried on for a couple of minutes more when she stirred again and turned round. I pulled my hand away and she stared at me. I didn't say a word and neither did she. I tilted my head to one side and put my finger back to her slip and pulled a curious expression as if I was conducting an experiment.

She let me open her wet slit again, I ran my finger up and down gently moving it in further with each stroke. She then guided my hand to her clitoris. At my age I didn't know how to locate it myself and she must have sensed this, she said softly 'just rub around it gently like this' and moved my finger in a circular motion. After a couple of minutes she started breathing heavily, gasped and went rigid and then relaxed. 'Mmm, what a clever boy you are' she said finally and smiled 'now go back and turn that music down some more please'. I backed out of the room and smelt my fingers. Very pungent and sexy. I thought I was going to burst so I went to the toilet and relieved my aching prick very quickly, using my vagina smelling fingers. I went back into Ian's room as if nothing had happened and he asked me why I was so long. I made some feeble excuse and then said I had to go home.

I was rather confused but decided to find a reason to go back when his mum was on her own. I asked if I could borrow an album to tape. I said I would return it in a couple of days. He said that was OK. My plan was to return the album when Helen was there on her own.

Two days later that's exactly what I did. I'll tell you what happened another time.



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