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My Friends Mom April

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One day when I was eleven I was at my friend Kris's watching tv in their living room. I stayed at their house very often on the weekends and we were very close.

April his mother is quite attractive, she is sort of tall, with long golden hair, pale skin with a lot of freckles covering her face and chest area. She is not very skinny but she has a nice figure. I guess you could say she was sort of a hippy. Very down to earth.

So on this day we were sitting watching tv and April walked into the room. She was wearing a loosely fitted long black dress that showed a little cleavage.

She sat in front of the tv and began folding clothes. As I watched the tv I started to look at her as she folded away. I noticed that when she leaned over a bit that I could see her breasts. I figured that I should not look but I could not help it. So I stared at her sitting there waiting for her to lean over. Every other second or so I caught a nice view of her breasts. They hung down when she leaned over and were very big. Her nipples were a light pink color and big also. I started getting a boner and had to hide it from everyone in the room. I watched her till she was done and after she got up and walked away I was still hard.

Later that evening April said that we had to get cleaned up and ready for dinner. So she told us that the bathtub was ready and that she would meet us in there after we got in. I was used to bathing with Kris and thought nothing of it. His penis was the first uncut penis I had ever seen. So we got undressed and jumped into the tub. April came in seconds later and began washing Kris. After she had washed his hair she had him stand up as usual and she soaped up his body and scrubbed it. Seeing this I got nervous as I noticed how she washed his penis with both hands. Not like how my aunt's did, a quick pass over my penis and that's it. She actually washed it very thoroughly. I hope I don't get a boner when she washes me I thought. Worse yet at this stage in my life I got boners all the time for no reason. So she told Kris to dry off and get dressed and ready for dinner.

He got up out of the tub and dried off and left the bathroom. I told April that I could wash myself but she said it was allright and she wanted me to be clean. She then reminded me about the time we washed oursleves and did not do a good job. She began washing my hair and I was getting very nervous. After she washed the shampoo out of my hair she told me to stand up. So I held my breath and stood up slowly. She squirted the soap into my chest and back and began to scrub my body starting with my back. Then April told me to turn around so she could catch the front. I turned in fear hoping that when she washed me I would not get a boner. I turned around and she started scrubbing my chest and tummy. The soap started to bubble as she worked her way down my body. As I watched her she began to scrub my penis. With one hand she held it and scrubbed with the other. At this very moment I began to get hard, right in her hand. I freaked out and stood there with my eye's closed. All of a sudden she stopped washing me, I opened my eyes and saw her staring at my erect penis. She looked up at me and giggled and asked what's going on? I was so ashamed I just told her the truth.

I told her that I had seen her boobs when she folded the clothes and had gotten a boner. She laughed and said wow really. She said it was okay and not to be ashamed. She told me about sex, babies, love, and when it got hard.

So I told April that I could finish washing myself but she said no it's okay. She laughed to her self and said well it will be a lot easier to clean it now. To my surprise she began washing it with with her two hands, fully erect she did not seem to care. She washed it like it was not sexual but it was for me. After she cleaned me off I got out of the tub and dried off.

I often think about April and what had happened when I jerk off, wishing she could see my thick hot load shooting into her hands.



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