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My Friend's Mom and Sister

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Growing up there was a family that lived near me that had a son two years younger than me and being the only boy close by, he and I were friends. We played together all the time. As I got older I developed a thing for his older sister, who was two years older than me. She, however was not interested in me. She was interested in older boys and thought of me like a little kid, the same way she thought of her little brother.

I had turned eighteen and had just graduated from high school when one day I went down to see my friend. His mother greeted me at the door and invited me in. I had never really thought too much about his mother because she was so much older than me. She was about the same age as my mom, mid 40's. She told me that her son had gone with his dad and that they would not be home until around six pm. It was around one at the time. Her daughter had moved out a year earlier.

Anyway that particular day Mrs. C asked me when was I leaving for college. I told her it would be in August which was still almost three months away. She made the comment that she was going to miss me. I looked at her and said, 'Why will you miss me?' Mrs. C replied, 'Because you help fuel my fantasy.' I asked her what she was talking about and this is what she said. 'I know that you know my husband drinks a lot. He hardly ever wants to have sex with me so I masturbate a lot. I have to because I get horny. I usually think of you when I do.' I almost was fainted I was so taken aback.

She wanted to know if I played with myself and jacked off. I blushed and told her that I did it everyday. She wanted to know if I would like it if she would jack me off. I don't remember saying anything. All I did was nod a yes.

Mrs. C got up and took my hand and led me to her bedroom. She stripped me naked and sat me on the bed. She then started pulling her clothes off. OMG what a body this woman had. Huge beautiful tits with just a little sag in them. She had the hariest pussy I had ever seen on a woman. She was very hairy and I remember her pubic bush looking so big.

She pushed me back on the bed and sat beside me and took my dick in her hands. Now I had not been jacked off by too many girls at that point in my life but a few had done it. This woman had magic hands. I know this sounds hard to believe, but her hands felt better than the two pussies I had been in. She was working the foreskin back and forth over the head of my dick with one hand while the other massaged my balls and played around my asshole. I had never had a woman play with my ass at that point but she was doing it. Occasionally she would bend down and rub her tits across my dick. I remember feeling her hard nipples on my stomach. It didn't take long until she had me shooting cum everywhere. She caught a lot of my cum in her hand.

After I calmed down she asked me if I had ever seen a woman masturbate. I told her no and she lay back and spread her legs. I sat between her legs and watched. I was fascinated with the amount of hair around her pussy. It was dark brown and completely covered her lips. She took my cum and smeared it all in her pussy hair and over her pussy. She pulled her lips apart and started massaging the area around her clit which was huge. It was at least and inch long and as big around as my little finger. The more she rubbed it the harder her clit got. It looked like a little minature dick sticking out. Pretty soon she yelled out my name followed by, 'Oh, fuck me.' I knew she was cumming. I knew that a girl's pussy got we when they were aroused but I had never seen one like Mrs. C. When she came several globs of clear thick juice boiled out of the opening of her vagina.

By the time she had stopped cumming my dick was hard again. She then used some of her pussy juice to smear on my dick and started jacking me off again. When I shot off a second time she held her face down and let it hit her face. It wasn't as much as the first time.

Mrs. C never let me fuck her but we masturbated each other a lot that summer. One day while she was jacking me off she asked me if I ever jacked off thinking about her daughter. I admitted that I had many times. She said, 'If you ever jack off again, I'll bet you think of me.'

That was a long time ago and me, my friend and his older sister are now older than Mrs. C was at that time. I have jacked off many times since that summer while thinking of Mrs. C.



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