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My Friends & Me.

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When I was 13 years old, I had to move to a new

town. One of the first people I met was a kid

named Tyler. He was really cool, so we hung out

more and more. One night during the summer, we

were walking around the neighborhood because we

were 'cool like that'. We got in way after

curfew, but it was okay because my mom would

always be asleep around 7 or 8 o'clock, so she

would never know when we would get in. As we

headed upstairs, our conversation lead to what

turns you on, and stuff like that. I told him

that I have cable, and we could watch something

like porn on Cinemax. He thought it was a good

idea, so I started a movie, and we started to

masturbate. I had this old chair that he would

sit on (it was like an old computer chair), and I

would lay on my bed. We promised each other it

wasn't gay, because we weren't touching or

anything, and we were cool with what we were

doing. I don't think he climaxed the first time,

but I did. This would happen at least 3-6 more

times that summer.

Then one time during that

summer we did the same thing, but this time my

other good friend Dylan, joined us. He was really

big, and he was the one that thought it was a

good idea to start masturbating side to side. So

I would be on my bed, he would be on the floor,

and Tyler would be on the chair. Then I looked

down, I cant remember why but I did, and I saw my

very first penis (Dylan's) and let me tell you. He

had the smallest penis I ever saw. Like not even

2 inches long, not including it was thinner than

a pencil. He didn't even notice I saw. So I

decided to mess with him, just because I thought

it would be funny. So I asked my friends, 'Soo,

how big are your cocks?'. I said it as if I was

saying a joke just in case they thought it was

gay, and Dylan bragged he was 8 inches long and

very thick, and I started to laugh, and then he

said 'How big is yours?!'. I told him it was 6

and 1/2 inches, and he told me to prove it. Tyler

was quiet through all of this. (Keep in mind that

we were still watching a porno and jacking off).

So I threw off my covers and showed them. Tyler

says really loudly 'Duudee. Your huge!!'. I

laughed because I thought I was small. So then I

turned to Dylan, and said ' Your turn..'. So he

kind of just flashed it, but Tyler saw enough,

and then him and I just burst out laughing. Dylan

got quiet and just focused on the movie. Then

Tyler showed me his, it was average length, but

was on the skinny side. So I threw a compliment

that he was huge too. Then it was everyones time

to climax. Tyler was first, he showed us the cum

on his hand. I was next, and I had a pretty good

orgasm, I groaned and stuff to impress the guys,

then I showed off my cum. Dylan climaxed last,

but didn't cum. (Apparantly he was all talk).

There's a lot more stories to come. So watch out

for more.



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