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My Friend's Hot Wife

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I often fantasize about my friend's wife when I masturbate.


Let me start by saying that my name is Roddie and I'm a 40 year old with the labido of a 16 year old boy. I'm not in the shape I used to be in when I was in high school but let's just say that my mind is on sex 24/7 whether my body is willing or not...

One of my good friends, we'll call him Chuck, is married to a cute little hottie that's about seven years younger than he or I. We'll call her Karen for the sake of this story.

I'm married as well, nearly 15 years to a lady I've known for 23 years, but here lately my wife has had so many medical problems her sex drive is almost dead. Which leaves me to masturbate and fantasize about her and other women pretty much daily.

The four of us are all pretty good friends. We've known each other for almost 10 years now. We used to be neighbors living directly across the street from one another, but opportunity presented itself and we moved to different neighborhoods about a month apart, and while these neighborhoods are relatively close, we certainly don't see each other with the frequency we used to. These days with where my head's at about Karen, it's probably better that we don't live quite as close.

As I said, we've known this couple for a number of years. Ever since I met Karen we've had this ridiculously flirty relationship. We hug really close, rub each other, play footsies at the dinner table, and say racy things to each other, right in front of our spouses. Did I mention she's hot? Karen is very petite (my wife is not)... You might even call Karen a 'spinner' because her frame is so small... she has these pert perky little A-cup breast (I know they are A-cups as I bought her a cheetah patterned bra as a gag-gift one time)... And even though she's had two kids she is hardly 110lbs soaking wet.

I often find myself fantasizing about Karen. Usually within a few days of getting to spend time around her and her husband Chuck, which as I said is just not that often these days. When I have my little Karen fantasy, it kinda goes something like this:


A lot of the time when the four of us get together it's to watch a movie at Chuck and Karen's house. We'll let the kids play together in their rooms and we'll lay about their couches staring at the TV in the dark. In my fantasy, Karen and I are on the same couch together sharing a blanket (not that strange BTW). My wife usually gets too sleepy to stay up and finish the movie so she will usually go home early. Chuck is usually up with us, but he passes out early too as he usually gets up very early to go to school or work... Which just leaves Karen and I.

Karen asks me to rub her feet, which I do graciously... but after awhile this kinda starts to be a mutual game of footsie. In my fantasy she's already changed into her PJ's for the evening... I'm in sweat-shorts and a T-shirt... as we're 'foot wrestling' under the blanket, her foot slips into the leg of my shorts by 'accident' and grazes my balls and puts my cock into full attention status. She kinda giggles as I flinch from the touch of her foot. She knows she did it, I know because her toes linger a little longer than they would have in a truly accidental touch. We continue our little game of footsie and again she slips her foot into the leg of my shorts this time her toes caresses the shaft of my now rock-hard cock.

'Oh My' she chuckles... 'did I do that to you???'...

'uh yeah' I murmered, still in disbelief that she's done this. Her husband Chuck is literally asleep on the love-seat adjacent to the couch we're fooling around on...

'I know it's tough for you..' she said in a pouty voice. 'I know that Carol's (my wife) health issues have made it tough on you'...

'I didn't know Carol had told you about that' I huffed, a bit dismayed, feeling like the secret of my basically sexless marriage was now out in the open.. God did I feel exposed..

She teared up a bit.. 'Roddie, it breaks my heart... you guys don't deserve this fate.'

'You know I love both of you right?' She asked, sitting up on her elbows from an otherwise prone position...

'Yeah... we love you guys too' I said with a lump in my throat.

'Can I help you with that Roddie? You have to be hurting so' she glanced down looking at my cock, now so hard it's not only pitching a tent in my shorts, it's pushing the blanket up too. She still has her toes sitting at the base of my cock this whole time too...

'I uh... er.. uh Chuck... uh'. I sounded like a 14 year old wallflower being asked by the prettiest girl in the dance to join her on the dance floor...

She put her finger up to her lips and whispered 'shhhhhh-don't wake Chuck' and she smiled really big.

We were now facing each other on the couch, both laying down under the blanket-I at one end, she at the other-her legs inside mine..

She slipped her other foot into the other leg of my shorts and met her other foot at the base of my cock. Her feet went to work on my now raging hard dick. she would use her toes to caress and stroke my cock, up and down varying her speed and grip. She'd stop at the top and squeeze the head of cock between her big toe and index toe. Occasionally her other foot would drift down and her toes would rub and massage my ballsack, she'd apply enough pressure to my prostate to blow my mind. I'd gasp for breath when she'd do this.

Then I caught a wiff of something familiar in all of this. It was the musty smell of pussy. It was the musty smell of Karen's pussy. She was apparently getting turned on too!!

Figuring all bets were off right now, I gently slipped my foot between her legs as she was focused on my cock so intently and ran my toes up to her crotch. When they touched her pajama bottoms there my toes were met with a warm wet sensation. Not only was Karen turned on she was sopping wet with pussy juice. She shuddered when my toes made contact with her kittie and she let out a little whimper.

I grinned and began to focus less on what she was doing to my cock and more on the task at hand which was returning the favor to her. I pushed my foot further into her PJ bottoms and could distinctly feel her obviously shaved slit and her giant engorged clit through the wet material.. I began to stroke her in the same rhythm that she is purpetrating on me. Always being sure to apply a lot of pressure to her magic button, almost in the same way she'd squeeze the head of my dick with her toes... She starts to respond by lifting her hips off the couch to meet my strokes.

Both of us are starting to lose control and have pretty much forgotten that Chuck is asleep litterally on the love seat next to us. Our breathing now almost as loud as the long-forgotten movie.

She is working my dick with the fury of a freight train and I'm grinding my toes into her now noisily wet cunt... I whispered to her that I couldn't take it any longer and was about to blow. This must have been all she needed too and she bit down on the edge of the blanket to muffle her scream. Her entire body tensed up, including her toes which were still wrapped around my cock. And this was all I needed to explode myself. Rope after rope of hot sticky cum drenched her feet inside my shorts... My toes got a similar bath from her snatch as she obviously ejaculated from her orgasm too.

After she and I recover, Karen removes her feet from my shorts and wipes them on the blanket that is only now partially covering us. She has a VERY obvious wet spot on crotch of her PJ bottoms and down her right leg. She climbs up on top of my stomach and plants a passionate kiss on me, which I meet with my tongue and we kiss for what feels like a week, but was probably only a few minutes..

then Chuck starts to stir a bit...

Panic starts to set in as we both realize that we have a big mess to clean up, and the smell of our sex is unmistakeable in the air of the room.

I hopped up and ran to the bathroom. She hopped up and ran to put on a different set of pajama bottoms. She met me at the door of the bathroom with a pair of Chuck's shorts that were nearly identical to mine.. I handed her my underwear, shorts and she grabbed the blanket and her other PJ bottoms and threw everything in the washer.

She walked me to the door and we hugged again. She pulls me closer and whispers in my ear. 'Roddie, I will do this for you whenever you need me to, you know I love you and want you to be happy... You are a good man and deserve to be that happy that way'.

I looked back to see if Chuck was still snoozing and I lean down and plant a big kiss on her again. I thank her, then I jump in my car and head home.


The fantasy varies a bit from time to time, but that's the basic gist of it. I especially have a go with this after Karen and her kids come over to our pool.. She always wears a two-piece suit and I know she sees me staring at her thru my dark sunglasses...

OK-well I've done it to myself again-I gotta go rub one out as telling this story has made me super-horny.



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