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My Friend's Girlfriend

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My Friend's Girlfriend
Hello there. I am an attractive 26 yr old male whom enjoys to masturbate very much. I'm in a 5 yr relationship which is very much a sexual relationship, but that doesn't stop me. I feel the need to masturbate at least once a day. I'm a voyeur at heart and I love to be watched. Here is a breif story of my favorite true story that happened to me a few months ago.
One of my friends, Jerry whom I've known for some years, was moving out of town leaving friends, and his girlfriend behind. Now, his girlfriend and I had always got along well and even flirted from time to time, but nothing more, for obvious reasons. One night at a bar, getting drunk with my friend Jerry, his girlfriend Linda and a few other friends, I was found alone with Linda at the bar for a few minutes. I think the occasion was Jerry leaving.
I guess I said something to Linda in the extent of we should get together sometime and she agreed. It began with some emails.. Flirting with some words hear and there.. Jerry had just moved so it was early on. Weeks past and we agreed to get together. "Watch a movie" or "talk"... was our reason...
I show up at one night at her apartment door. her roomate is out for the evening (imagine that) and she's got a pair of cut off sweats and a tank top on. I was completely aroused already. Here I am with Linda whom I've known for sometime, but was actually in her living room.. We talked and talked and it got kind of sexual. We instantly became very comfortable and even blunt in front of eachother. I told her, I thought she was extremely sexy, and I would just love to ravish her right there but could help but feel a little guilty about the whole situation. I told her that I love to masturbate and that I was kind of a voyeur/exhibitionist.. Linda looked at me and said, "I'd love to watch you.." my heart sank down to my stomach.. I said, "you would?" she said "Yes, in a very big way... that would be such a turn on for me too.." we decided it would best, to watch at first.. start out slow.. She smiled and said, "Do what you want.." I leaned over and kissed her kneck. she gave out a little moan of acceptance. I carressed her tits and slowly kissed her neck region.. After getting nice and hard and backed off so she could see the whole show. we were in her front room on her couch..
I turned sideways to face her on my knees.. I slowly slid down my shorts and then my boxers, exposing my rock hard penis.. she gave me some lotion to work with and i slowly stroked my cock while she looked on intently.. It felt soo good, and I couldn't believe that Linda was sitting there watching me masturbate.. It was great!! She even leaned over and cupped my balls and rubbed me a little.. I asked to see her tits while I was stroking myself. She lifted up her top and let her nice breast fall forward.. It was great. and I could control myself and the pace i went at.. I made sure it lasted a good amount of time.. I leaned over and rubbed her tit and began inching her nipple. she leaned forward making it easier for me to access her.. I was getting really horny now and brave, and asked her to show me her ass.. She stood up off the couch and turned so her back faced me.. She slowly slid her shorts just passed her buttocks exposing her wonderful ass in a nice black g-string.. I extened one hand and rubbed her smooth derrier.. She then took her shorts completely off and sat back down in her g-string.. to my shock, but much enjoyment she began to rub herself.. her moans slowly grew then put her hand inside her panties and rubbed her clit.. there we were, both getting eachother off watching eachother intently..
this went on for about 10 minutes or so. I said "Linda take off your panties.. let me see all of you.. she scooted her panties off down to her ankles then on to the floor. now we were both practicaly naked and stroking ourselves. she moaned loudly bringing her self to her first little convulsion.. it was such a great turn on seeing her climax infront me while i stroked my cock and watched. Now it was my turn.. I told her I was getting close.. She sat up on the couch and turned her ass to me again.. She bent over just a little and turned around and said, "I want you cum on my ass!".. well i'm not one to say no, so my left hand clinched her left ass cheek, i was stroking faster and faster.. she told me to stick a finger up her ass before I cum.. that was great. I had never had a girl tell me that before.. I slowly inserted a finger and she let out another great moan.. "Here i go" i told her. She turned her head to watch me cum.. I unloaded about 4 hot streams of cum all over her ass crack and back. She rubbed the cum all over her ass, as i oozed more all over her.. I could believe what I was seeing. Linda was rubbing my cum all over her body.. I didn't ever think I'd see this site.. she rubbed it all around and slowly played with her clit and ass infront of me till i came down off my high.. we laid there for a while half nude on her couch till it was time for me to go.. it was one of my best memories ever...
I love to share and hear what others have to say. we met a few more times and had even better experiences.. wanna hear? I'd love to hear from anyone and share whatever, whenever.. wanna mutually have some fun?? email me.. -S



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