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My Friends First Orgasm

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I first started to masturbate when I was 14. Since then I have been addicted! I love touching my clit and making myself cum as many times a day as possible. When I was 23, I shared an apartment with a friend. It became more and more difficult to masturbate as frequently as I wanted to because she was always around. When I masturbate, it is full-on sex with myself. Each session, I cum at least three times, twice with my clit, and at least once with my pussy. I love to use dildos and vibrators, but my favorite thing to insert is a cucumber. I was always embarrassed about my need to cum all the time, so I tried to be as quiet as possible.

But one time I went too far. I had already brought myself to completion about six times that day, but late that night I needed just one more orgasm. So I went to the kitchen and got a cucumber and ran it under warm water and walked back to my bedroom. Just as I got to my door, my roommate Sarah came out of the bathroom and saw the cucumber in my hand. 'What are you going to do with that?' she asked. I looked at her and said 'What do you think?' She looked kind of shocked! But then she asked me if she could watch! She had never seen anyone masturbate before and wanted to know how I did it. So we went back out to the living room and I took off my night shirt and sat naked on the couch. 'How do you start?' So I spread my legs and started to rub my clit. By this time my entire pussy was soaked and my clit was rock hard. Suddenly she took her pajama bottoms off and spread her legs as well. 'I've never done this before, but I want to try! Can you show me what to do?'

I was dismayed! She was 24 years old and had never masturbated before! How is that possible?

I walked over to the chair she was sitting in and opened her cunt lips. She grabbed my hand as if to stop me, but I told her I was going to show her where to put her finger! So I put my finger on her clit and said 'This is what you have to rub' She rolled her eyes back in her head and started moaning. I took my finger away but she grabbed it and put it back 'Don't stop! Keep doing what you're doing!' By this time her juices were really flowing. I had never masturbated another woman before, so this was a new experience for me to, but I was liking it!

Her legs spread wider to give me more access to her cunt. I just kept rubbing her clit, faster and faster. She was shaking as she held her hand to me and cried 'Oh my god! What's happening!' I took my index finger and inserted it into her tight vagina and within seconds she exploded in her first orgasm. It was amazing to feel her vagina contract around my finger. It took her a few minutes to calm down. She looked at me and all of a sudden went wild! Sarah pushed me on the floor and spread my legs. 'I'm going to do to you what you just did for me!' Her hand went to my sopping wet cunt and started to rub. I took her finger and showed her where my clit was. Since I was the expert, I told her exactly what I wanted her to do with me.

'Take two fingers and start to rub my clit clockwise! Faster, faster, now go the other way!'

'Oh yeah! Just like that! Now get the cucumber and stick it in my pussy! Yeah, that's tight! Now fuck me with it, move it in and out! I'm going to come soon, keep rubbing my clit!'

Then I had the biggest orgasm of my life.

Just thinking about it makes me want to come again!



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