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My Friend's Car

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This site rules!!


Well guys, first I have to congratulate you on your site! It's really nice! After some weeks of reading your fantasies, ideas, suggestions and experiences, I decided to write an article, regarding my true adventures. I'm 26 now, but I have had some interesting adventures in the past. Let me tell you about one of my weird fetish moments.

I was around 15 when I had a feeling of horniness around my friends, two of them to be exact. One day, after some boring class lessons, one sunny friday, there was a strong wind blowing, and my friend and I were walking home. I had three quarters of a mile of road between my home and school. As we were talking I felt a hardon in my pants. My bulge was barely visible in my thick jeans, so I had very little trouble with it. I'm sure he didn't notice it. Well, to this point nothing happened. After we reached my home, he continued on and I looked back at him at the outline of his butt, because the wind was pressing the pants onto him from the back. Nice figure, you could say, and you would be right! Ok, we were horny every second at that age, right?

At home I had enough time to take care of my cock, stroking and caressing it while thinking of his figure,(he was some sort of slim, flat boy, a little girlish) until it was throbbing on the edge of no return. Suddenly my parents called me to go into town with them, so I had to hide my hard cock and go.

Later in the evening, while getting ready for a bath, my cock got hard again, but this time I stroked it enough to shoot a load in the toilet. My cock isn't very big, maybe six, six and a half inches. After I was spent, I had a bath and got into bed. Around 1.30 am, I woke up, listening to the wind hitting the window covers, I felt an urge to try something special. I walked over to my drawer and pulled out my blue soft cotton (I HATE plastic) baggy sweatpants and sweatshirt. I dropped my pajamas and underpants and put it on. Geez, as soon as I looked at myself I felt excited and as soon as I had made two steps I had a bulge in my sweatpants. (you should try that sometime) I was looking really sexy in my opinion.

Then I looked out of the window and decided to enter into some crazy adventure. I went downstairs and went to my secret place and put on another 'little touch' - a pair of slippers, modified to look more girlish. (take note, I am not a crossdresser, but I like the special look) After that I opened the door to the outside and I got a bit scared, thinking about geting caught, but my feelings were strong. I sneaked through the dark along the street while I felt my ass almost closed by the excitement. My feelings were mixed with fear as I arrived at my friend's house. It was a little out of the village, on the edge. The wind was blowing but it was July and it was warm.

I sneaked up to the wall of the house and went around the outside where they had their family car. I checked out the windows of the house for movement, lights and everything, then I came closer to the car. It was a little french car, nice looking and I don't know why but I had a hardon as soon as I saw it. It appeared sexy to me. That night, wearing only sweatpants, sweatshirt and thin modified girlish slippers on my bare skin, I got terribly excited. As I looked at the car, I saw it was gently bouncing in the wind. That was enough for me to have a full erection. I took my cock with the right hand and gave it some gentle strokes. The feeling was incredible, too intense, so I had to back off and calm down a little.

After some minutes, I opened the back door and sat in the car. Whoa, that was a real feeling. My cock was again pumped up, I felt the car shaking in the wind, and as if that wasn't enough, the material of my sweatpants caressed my cock, so I had to exit as fast as I could otherwise I felt I might shoot. I was so aroused that I had difficulty calming down. After some moments I returned to the car, and again I became hard. This time I pulled my cock out, leaving it in free air, smelling my arousal mixed with the cars ambient smell. An intoxicating mix, believe me! Thinking of my friend, even of his sexy younger sister, (she was around nine), I rubbed my cock again and some precum oozed out. After exiting the car again in a hurry, I stepped to the front, put my right leg on the bonnet, so I was able to press my cock against it, holding on with my hands on the edge. I thought about touching my friend and began to hump the car. It was responding gently to my movements, sending me over the edge. Suddenly I came so hard, that I had my sweatpants wet before I could pull out my cock. Shit, the car was wet too. I finished coming, then I took some foliage from the shrubbery nearby and cleaned my goo from the car. With a wet patch on my sweatpants I returned home and quickly fell asleep. I still think about this experience, and it was not the only one, but that's another story.

I hope you enjoyed reading this, any comments are welcome. Does anybody have similar experiences?

Bye for now.



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