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My Friend’s Beautiful Agony

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Here's an experience I'm now brave enough to share...backstory, Jessica and I have been best friends forever. She’s taller and curvier than I am, big boobs, blonde hair, tan body. And very much NOT a virgin. We’ve been friends since we were really young. No secrets.


Last summer, she came over one day to hang out and went on my computer. The screen saver cleared and my internet browser was left at the website for the Beautiful Agony videos. I discovered them around that time and enjoyed watching them while I masturbated. Jess giggled, telling me she had never seen these before. So, we watched a few. She found them really erotic. She asked me, “Have you ever thought about doing one?” I told her I did think about it, but I’m not sure I’d be brave enough.

She then said something that totally shocked me, “Maybe we should do one together.” I asked her if she was serious. She said that she would like to make a video, but wouldn’t be brave enough to do it herself. I said, “Okay. Should we keep our clothes on?” She said, “Yeah, I want to show our arms moving. I think that would be hot. Plus, your nipples are visibly hard already, that would be hot to see on the video too, right?” I looked down noticing my nipples poke through my braless tank top, smiling as this thought amused me.

So, we rigged up a camera to record over my bed. And, after hitting the record button, we lay down next to each other. ”Okay, let’s do this,” she said. She then slipped her right hand down her shorts. I did the same. After a while of rubbing awkwardly, I soon drifted off into my own little masturbation world, still hearing her moans and letting mine be heard as well.

She started to near her orgasm, so I slowed down and opened my eyes to watch her face. She was moving her arm vigorously, and I was enjoying the effect it had on her jiggly boobs. I brought my other hand up to caress my nipples through my shirt as I watched her come down from her orgasm. She smiled at me, and we kept our eyes on each other while my hand was still rubbing my pussy. She then took her hand out of her shorts and put her fingers to my nose. My eyes closed as I breathed in her scent, being suddenly hit with my orgasm. I was rubbing nice and hard, knowing she was watching me have my orgasm.

I came down from it, looking over at her with a smile. She’s straight, but she asked if she could smell my fingers. So, I held my fingers to her nose as she smelled them. Then she burst into a giggle, “I can’t believe we just did that!” ”I know! But it was fun!” I laughed back.

She then left for work, and I watched the video. She later texted me telling me although she enjoyed making it, that it would be crazy for us to actually post something like that. I agreed. Then I deleted it. Yes, I deleted it.



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