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My Friends and I Pt. 3

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This is the final chapter in this true story series.


This is a true story with identities and some dialogue changed.

Over many months that followed our last mini episode together, Jay and I always seemed to be in close quarters with one another, but whenever sexual tension was sky high and we had succumb to our desires, someone always managed to interrupt. The last time was when we had been sent on an errand by our history teacher to the resources room to get some supplies for the lesson from the supplies cupboard therein.

Jay and I walked giddily to resources, both knowing this adventure had a strong chance of an explosive outcome triggered and set off by the other, but we never spoke of what our expectations were. In fact, since the toilet episode, we never really did verbally reminisce about the events that took place that day. Everything was body language and minute actions that set the other off. For example, one day in IT, we were sitting next to one another, and Jay flirted playfully by brushing his hand quickly up the inside of my leg and brushed up against my semi. He smiled, but that was the end of that. He continued with his work and I sat there with a stupid grin and a rock hard dick, aching to be handled and released.

We arrived at the resources room which was locked shut. Jay opened the door with the key our teacher gave him and we went inside.

'Ry, fill in the register, and come help me get the stuff.' Jay said, still smiling impishly. I went over to the sign in sheets and filled out the requirement and then went over and stood by his side. I cheekily squeezed his perfectly formed round bum and he did a little jump and giggled. He turned to me and reached to my crotch with his right hand, palm down, and began massaging my now stiff dick. I decided to return the favour with my hand and as things got heated, I upped the stakes and leaned in, my face nearing his, when we unexpectedly heard hastily approaching footsteps, rapidly clicking their way toward the room we were in. We instantly broke apart. We both reached into our trousers and rearranged our boners so they were sticking up in our waistband of our boxer-briefs, hidden. We laughed and started searching for the supplies.

'What's so funny about getting supplies?' An elderly voice rang from behind.

'Oh, nothing. Just a joke.' Jay answered.

'Well be sure to hurry, this isn't a free lesson.' With that, the persons heels clicked their way out and away. We decided non-verbally, that we should just get going and see what happens when it does.

It was summer and Jay and I were 16 and still hadn't done anything great since the toilet or resources episode. I was eagerly awaiting the opportunity for us to finally have our moment together, because sooner or later, our lives would change and our paths would differ from the other and then these emotions, thoughts and actions would cease to exist and just be another faded memory that would be too weird to relive. It was a sad thought, but it rang truer than true.

It was a solid summer's weekend and we had been given our all in a few football matches with our friends. After an intense day of footie, both Jay and I had decided it was time to walk home. We were exhausted and our legs were sore from the workout and the summer heat really didn't help. Both of us were shirtless with only white football shorts on and a pair of trainers. You could see my black boxer-briefs through my shorts because of the sweat, but I noticed Jay was actually commando. His shorts were white and drenched in sweat, so I could clearly make out his perfect round naked ass through his shorts.

'So Jay, what you getting up to now?' I asked him, curious.

'Well, I was thinking of chilling at home in front of the computer, but I'm a bit tired to do that, so I might just chill naked in front of the tele and watch a movie or something. How about you?'

My ears pricked up and I was instantly more interested in his plans. 'Sounds cool. Well I don't have anything to do really. My house is full of visitors and my bro and his friend will be in my room and it'll just be annoying. Can I come join you instead?' Jay smiled and nodded. 'Of course, we can chill together.'

We got to Jay's house and the moment we entered, I felt this cool rush of air hit me. It was great. The house was quiet, so there was probably no one around. We went upstairs to his room and he shut his door, probably out of habit. I went and sat on his bed while he started taking off his shoes and socks.

'Why don't you switch on the TV and see what's on.' Jay said,

I looked around for the remote and found it almost fully tucked away under his pillow. I grabbed it and turned the TV on. The first thing that came on were two men making out passionately, grabbing one another's huge exposed dicks.

'Oh shit!' Jay leapt for the remote and ripped it out my hand, frantically changing the channel to a music one. 'Sorry about that, I have no idea how that ended up on.' I thought nothing of it. I looked down and realised Jay was standing there right in front of me with remote in hand, completely naked. His hairless semi stiff dick exposed. He caught me gawking at it and spoke up. 'Hey, I did say I was going to chill naked. You up for it?' He asked.

I didn't wait to be asked again. I got off the bed and kicked my shoes off and pulled my boxers and shorts off in one go. My dick sprang out in eagerness, rock hard and stiff. I felt embarrassed, but Jay couldn't say anything because he was now stiff to the point of precum oozing. We both giggled and laid down on his bed, side by side. I had my hands behind my head, watching the TV with my boner casually poking up.

'Hey, you're blocking the TV with that thing.' Jay laughed.

'Sorry, I can't help it, I'm excited.' I laughed.

'I can fix that.' Jay said before turning on his side so the front of his body was pressed into my side, reaching with his hand to his cock, stroking it a few times, taking the precum from his then transferring it to mine and started stroking. I shivered from the sheer pleasure his hand and precum was giving me. I turned my face to look at him already staring at me with a huge grin and our eyes locked. We both leaned in and started French kissing. Our tongues were licking and exploring each others mouth as Jay continued stroking the length of my five and a half inch uncut and slightly hairy dick. He went from the base right the way up to the tip of my head and twisted before coming back down. He stopped and put his hand to his mouth and spat in his hand and then continued to stroke me off. The pleasure was like nothing I'd ever felt.

I reached for him and took his thick five and a half inch in my hand and it felt magnificent. I really missed this feeling and now we were experiencing it in full, uninterrupted. Jay stopped kissing me and was breathing heavy, but his tongue still stuck out a bit, like a dogs, and I couldn't resist. I went in and took only his tongue in my mouth and began sucking it, he loved it, so he stuck out his tongue further and I just softly continued sucking it, then he pulled his tongue in and asked me to stick mine out and reciprocated. It felt truly awesome. After a few minutes, we went back to making out, but Jay broke away and announced the inevitable. He was about to blow.

I pecked him on the lips and quickened my pace and he moaned out loud 'I love you, Ry' and then convulsed, shooting huge blobs of cum across the bed. Five or six shots later, his cum oozed out of his slit slowly and I let go of his cock. He looked at me through half shut eyes, red in the face and smiled with what could only be described as deep lust and love.

'Now I know, I'm in love with you.' He leaned in and Frenched me for roughly 30 seconds and then broke away. He then scooped his cum off of my hand and his dick and spat in his hand and went to work with his technique on me. I didn't last 30 seconds before blasting a few shots over us. After moaning and heavy breathing, I kissed him and said 'I've always been in love with you.'

Needless to say, we got into a very active sexual relationship, where we did everything imaginable, but that's for another chapter in another story, somewhere else.

I hope you liked the series, all of which actually took place. The only things that were changed were the identities and some dialogue.



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