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My Friends and I Pt 1

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This story took place when I was 15.


A friend of mine named Liam invited me to his house, one Friday afternoon. We were in school and we had science as our last lesson together, so we arranged to just walk to his house from there. We met one another outside of the classroom and entered together so we could sit next to each other.

The desks are spaced far apart and are enclosed, meaning they completely cover your legs from all views. You had to sit right behind the other person to see what was going on under their desk.

Liam and I got our chairs and seated ourselves right next to each other, so close that we were touching sides. This is relatively normal for friends to do because people usually traded notes and played on their phones during class.

While the class was going on, Liam whispered to me.

'I've got a stiffy and it won't go away.'

Now this probably sounds crazy that a friend would probably come out and say this without so much as a worry, but Liam and I were quite comfortable about our sexualities at this point and talked about masturbation amongst other sexually explicit things.

I thought he was joking so I replied 'Yeah right, I don't believe you.'

'I'm serious. Touch it if you don't believe me.'

I felt the heat rise in my face and was not expecting him to say something like that, but I was more than curious at that point. I slowly lowered my hands under the desk, making sure no one was watching our desk, and ran my fingers across his leg. I got to his inner thigh and felt what could only be his stiff dick. I pulled back my hand in surprise and giggled. He smiled and winked.

'I told you.' I said proudly.

Without another word, I ran my fingers over his leg to his stiff cock and clasped as much of it in my hand, giving it a good squeeze. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see his eyes close, giving an additional shudder and slight moan. I began stroking him through the trouser material, but he hit my hand away, saying it was too risky.

After class had finished and Liam's solid rod had softened, we left for his house. When we got there, we dropped our bags at the foot of his stairs and headed up stairs. We got into his room and he shut his door behind him. He said he had something he'd been meaning to show me for a while now. He went on his custom PC and loaded a porno. It was a girl sucking off a guy. I hadn't been able to watch my own porn at that point because I only had dial up and that was shocking to stream anything on. We sat next to each other and watched, transfixed.

Liam then said he was stiff, just like in class and wondered if we wanted to take things further. I jumped at the chance and started taking my trousers and tighty whitey's off. Liam had boxers and took those off. We both sat back down with only our school shirts on.

At this point I'd like to describe myself as a brown haired, 5'8' tall slim but athletic build with fully grown natural pubes and a 5.5 inch, thick dick, erect. Liam was a tall 5'9', but thin and had blonde spiky hair with big ears and a six inch, thin dick with clean shaved pubes. We were both uncut. We both sat opposite sides of each other, but so close that his knee was by my balls and mine by his. This was so we could have easy reaching distance to grab one another. I took his slender thin dick in my hand and began wanking, fast and hard. It felt magnificent holding someone else's warm tool in my hand. His hand on my dick felt superb and because I hadn't wanked in a week, I was already half way to splurging. He was wanking me with great speed and was going from the tip of my dick to the very base. With every pound, I moaned in complete pleasure. Not 30 seconds later, I already felt myself getting close. I tried to hit his hand away so I could pretend to only want to concentrate on him, but really wanting to last longer, but he didn't want to and said doing it at the same time was key.

Well, in another 20 or so seconds, I announced I was about to cum and he was seriously surprised. Before I could do anything else, I came hard. Spurt after spurt after spurt, thick white goops of cum erupted out of me and completely covered his hand. The orgasm I had was indescribable. I was shaking. By the end of it, I hadn't realised my head had dropped and was almost on his shoulder. He turned his head slightly and we made eye contact and then it happened. I stuck out my tongue and he enveloped it with his mouth. What followed was an intense lust filled french kiss, porn stars would be proud of. We explored each others mouth like it was covered in chocolate sauce. We were sword fighting with our tongues. I broke from the kiss and stuck my tongue out so he could begin sucking it like those porn stars were sucking dick and it felt great. Then I sucked his tongue for a couple of minutes and we resumed frenching hard. I broke from the kiss and stared deep into his eyes with only complete lust and said he was amazing. But then looked down at his dick, leaking pre cum. I took a hold of it and began wanking it furiously and after a few minutes, He shot a few ropes and a couple hit my cheek.

After that, we both were breathing heavily and looked at one another, smiling like cheshire cats and went back to frenching. I loved the taste of his tongue.

After that we cleaned up and I was ready to leave his house when he tapped me on the shoulder and when I turned around, his face was an inch from mine. We both jerked forward and kissed each other again. I gave his lips a lick to tease him and walked on.

'Next week, same time.' He shouted.

'You've got it.'



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