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My Friends and I

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My friends and I were out for the night. We had been to a few bars and had a few drinks to say the least ;-) ,

We all ended up back at Jake's house. Jamelia and I being our usual selves got bored so we decided to play spin the bottle with ourselves and hope the others joined in!

I spun the bottle a few times until it pointed towards Amelia. Jameila is perfect. She had tanned skin, long straight brown hair, a tight body and a D cup sized breasts and the most amazing big brown eyes.

I had never kissed her before, god knows why. She leaned over and took my bottom lip lightly between her plump soft lips, then she slipped her tongue into my mouth, as explored her soft, wet, warm mouth with my tongue I thought about how her pussy would taste. Then it was over and I was left feeling highly aroused and light headed. As my awareness came back I noticed Jake and Tom staring as us and I smiled coyly and blushed.

I suddenly didn't want the guys joining in, our little game , so I decided to go make some coffee. When I came back from the kitchen with my hot mug of coffee I noticed Jake wasn't there.

'Where's Jake?' I inquired.

'Went to bed' Tom's Reply

Went to bed, there's now way he could be asleep after watching two hot girls make out. So I decided to find out what he was up to.

'Let's go to the bathroom' I said to Jamelia, as I took her hand and led her up the stairs, I giggled as we stood outside Jake;s bedroom door.

'shhhh' I whispered to Jamelia as I peeked through the keyhole.

'he's not in there '

'really? Let's just go in'

'ok but be quiet'

We slowly opened his door and walked quietly inside. The room smelled like cologne, the curtains were pulled and the lights were on.

I looked at Jamelia

'the bathroom' I whispered.

She bent down and peered into the keyhole, then she quickly jumped up and had an excited grin on her face.

I giggled, he was in there! I had an idea!

'lets tease him,'

Jamelia raised an eyebrow and smile.

Did she want me or him? Fuck it I don't care as long as I have her.

I took her hand and led her to the double bed.

'oh it would be so much fun to see the look on his face when he walks in '

Jameila put her finger to my lips and laid me down against the soft quilt. She leaned over me, I inhaled her sweet scent and giggled nervously.

She brushed my hair away from my neck, she slowly began placing soft kisses behind my ear all the way down to my collar bone. She swung one leg over me so she was now straddling me.

We were both wearing tight fitting jeans and low cut sting tops. So as she leaned over me I was getting a nice view of her full breasts.

I hooked my fingers under her straps and slowly pulled her top down, exposing her lacy red bra.

Damn this girl is hot,

I wanted her so badly, so I unhooked her bra, releasing her, as I flipped over. I buried my face between her breasts feeling their softness against my face, she moaned as I licked her nipples and swirled them in my mouth. It turned me on watching her gasp the bed sheets tightly between her fingers as she arched her back.

Suddenly she tensed up , her eyes wide.

'wow, am, yeah' a deep voice stuttered.

'Jake!' darn I had forgotten all about him.

I turned around and saw him standing there with a hard on, he so obviously wasn't trying to hide!

Hmm he did look quite sexy

'Hey it's your bed, sit down if you want.'

So he sat shyly, on the edge

Next thing I knew Jamelia had flipped me over! She was furiously pulled my top over my head exposing my hard nipples to the cold air.

She kissed me hard and passionately as she played with my nipples, then she moved her hands down along my belly and started opening my jeans.

I looked over at Jake, he had moved closer, his eyes still wide and his penis still hard.

The thought of how tuned on he was and how his penis was probably aching and throbbing like my pussy was got me very excited.

'come here ' I whispered to him, as Jameila was pulling my jeans off.

I let him kiss me, he kissed me quite softly compared to Jameila, who now had taken my panties off.

As I felt Jake's hand stroking my neck and rubbing my nipples, Jamelia had parted my legs, I opened my eyes to see her playing with her nipples as she gazed longingly at my pussy.

I moaned with pleasure and longing.

Jake was now sucking on my nipples ,

Damn it felt so good. I could feel his hard on against my leg.

'You can take your pants off, if they are making you uncomfortable' I said breathlessly.

He smiled shyly as he took off all his clothes!

I moaned with surprise at feeling Jamelia's fingers pushing deep inside me. Jake cupped my breasts in his hands and squeezed my nipples between his fingers as I went over the edge and orgasmed.

I pulled Jamelia up from between my legs and kissed her, tasting my own juices. I cupped her pussy and felt her wetness. She moaned as I did this, letting me know she wanted to cum.

As she sat on top of me, I sucked on her nipple while Jake sucked on her other one. Her nipples were big, hard and pink. As I sucked on her nipple I could feel her juices drip onto my belly. I inserted two fingers into her tight wet pussy. She moaned as she began fucking my fingers. I rubbed her clit whilst still sucking on her nipple. She bounced and grinded her wet pussy against me. I could tell she was close to coming, so I put my finger, which was covered in her juice up her butt. She came instantly, she screamed as her pussy and ass contracted around my fingers.



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