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My Friends

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My friend Cindy, a pretty blonde is only 9 months older than me. And yet my mother insisted I had to have a baby sitter even though I was already sitting for my sisters, since they were gone for the weekend with my parents and I would be all alone. We compromised. My friend and a friend of hers would stay with me for the weekend. That sounded good to me. My parents and sisters were leaving in the morning. They would drop the girls off that evening.

It was mid summer, hot and sticky. I had a window fan that helped cool things off a little in the evening. I took a shower to clean up and cool off after a hot day. After the shower I just laid down on my sheet with the fan blowing. I heard a noise in the hall and pulled my sheet up over me just as Cindy and her friend, Janet, rushed in laughing. They had arrived while I was in the shower. They were staying in my sister's room and had showered and changed into their shorty nightgowns before they came in.

Cindy said 'Get out of bed and lets have some fun'. I said no and held the sheet tighter. Cindy said 'He doesn't want us to see him in his undies, get him'. They both dove on me. First they tried to take the sheet off. When that didn't work Jane started tickling me while Cindy was trying to take the sheet off. Suddenly Cindy reached lower under the sheet, perhaps farther than she intended. She had my penis and balls in her hand. All of a sudden I released the sheet as I reached for her hands and suddenly the sheet was yanked completely off me and there I was fully exposed with Janet hanging on to my penis, instantly erect. I took her momentary stunned freezing to yank her pants down and went for Cindy's. I started tickling her when she grabbed them. She let go as my hand found her breast. After pantsing them I started wrestling with both of them as I tried to get their tops off. We were all laughing hard the whole time. I had got Cindy's off all the way first. After hers was off she suddenly started helping me get Janes top off. When that was off the three of us continued rolling around wrestling, tickling and feeling each other everywhere. They both had a patch of hair. I was feeling there when I felt a suddenly warmth and wetness. As I felt her there Jane gave a sharp intake of breath. The more I rubbed her the more she rubbed me. I started rubbing Cindy too and it was hands all around. I came shortly thereafter. We continued rubbing for a while but neither girl had an orgasm. I don't think that they knew what they were and I sure didn't. We played around more on Saturday evening. We never repeated the experiences or spoke about it again. Cindy returned to an out of state boarding school in the fall and so did Janet.



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