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My Friend Who Sleeps Topless

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My friend, let's call her Jane, and I have always been close. We speak every day, and have done since leaving school. Both of us have a slight sexual humour and often joke about these types of things with the rest of our friend group. Everybody in the group knows that she sleeps topless, but she has always been very insistant that she doesn't masturbate (despite joking constantly about it). This happened to us when we were both 16, just after leaving school.


Jane and I had just finished one of our exams. We had agreed earlier that we would walk into town together. When walking down the hill, she told me that her Dad was out of town and she would be alone in her house that night, something she didn't want. So I offered that she stay at mine.

We went back to hers to get what she needed (we don't live far away).

'Don't you need your PJs?' I asked her.

'Nah, you know I sleep topless,' she replied. 'As long as you don't look I'll be fine.'

So we had a good evening. We watched a pretty awful movie and afterwards we pretty much decided it was time to turn in.

As we were changing, she told me to turn my back and turn off the lights. I knew she was taking her top off. Although it was dark, I saw her tits as she quickly slid into my bed and pulled up the covers. I was on my sofa for the night.

About ten minutes went by with complete silence, I just couldn't stop thinking about her perfectly shaped tits.

Then all of a sudden I heard a whisper.

'Jonny, can I ask you something?'

'Sure, why not?'

'Have you ever masturbated?'

I couldn't believe I had just heard that.

'Of course,' I said hesitantly. 'Do you?'


I could feel my cock getting hard just by hearing her admit that.

'Why do you always insist you don't then?'

'I dunno, I guess I'm just scared I'd get embarrassed.'

'Well, you have no need to be, loads of people do it, I do it every day.'

'Wow, so do I, I just get so horny sometimes. Oh well. Night.'

I could feel precum coming out of my cock I was so horny, I just couldn't bear it.

'Hey,' I said, 'now we're revealing stuff, can I ask you something?'


'Have you ever watched porn?'

'Mhm. It helps me get off sometimes.'

'Me too... Say, do you want to watch some now?'

She sat up.

'But I'm topless, you'd see my tits if we watched it together.'

'How about this, if you keep topless, I'll show you my cock so there are no secrets, OK?'

'Loving that idea!'

So, still in the dark, I logged onto my laptop and got up a site. Then I turned on the lights.

'You first,' I said.

She bit her bottom lip suggestivly as she removed the sheets and revealed her awesome tits. I just looked at them amazed.

'Now you, show me your cock, I bet it's big.'

I slowly moved down my boxers until my cock, still rock hard, was right in front of her. I moved towards her and then touched her panties.

'If we're going to be watching porn, I think you probably won't be needing those.'

'Ok, but start jacking for me first.'

And so I started moving my hand up and down, just looking at her perfect tits; the nipples clearly hard. She moved her panties down bit by bit until I could see her nice little pussy.

I turned to the laptop and went onto one of her favourites as well as mine it seemed.

There was a guy fucking a girl really hard, I just stood there jerking thinking about what would happen if I did that to Jane. I looked at her, she was rubbing her pussy ferociously as she looked at both the porn and my cock.

I could hear her panting hard, I knew she was going to cum soon. I jacked even harder in order to cum with her.

'Oh yeah, oh fuuuck yeah, oooooooohhhhhhhh...'

I just stood there with my hard cock in my hand masturbating as I saw her face as she orgasmed. Once she finished, she licked her fingers and looked at me.

'Do it on me' she said. 'Cum on my face and let me eat it.'

'How much porn do you watch? You speak just like the girls on there!'

I felt myself getting close, she knew this and suddenly knelt down, took my cock from me and finished me off. I felt an orgasmic ripple going through my body as I came on her face.

Just as she said she would, she moved her finger around her face, gathering it all up and then put her finger in her mouth and sucked on it, eventually swallowing.

So there we were, two friends, both naked having just masturbated for each other, with porn glaring from my computer screen.

Since then, we have done the same at least once a week. Shows just how horny we both are, really.



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