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My Friend Seth

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Hope u like my very true story. Let me know in comments if it works for you.. like it did for us!


I am an attractive 28-year-old busy professional divorcee with long chestnut hair and a good figure. I'd say I have an average but not excessive desire for sex. I have always had no trouble acquiring partners if I have wanted them, but sometimes I just get tired of the ego trips and the selfish demands of sexual relationships.

I live in a small condo complex where they have a secluded pool and jacuzzi area. It is seldom busy and often left unused late at night. My next door neighbour, Seth, is a good friend and we have known each other as friends for years. Seth is the most caring and considerate man that I know. I think he has a girlfriend in another city but it has never been something we as friends had much discussed. We have always been close friends and we have always considered anything else between us as not suited to our relationship. Lately we have been taking late night swims in the pool followed by a brief soak in the Jacuzzi.

When we first started doing this we were very proper about bathing suits but our modesty was seldom required since we were never other than alone that time of night. Eventually suits became too much of a bother so we just started going over to the pool in towels and then shedding them once we got there. We would talk quietly, swim a bit to cool off and the soak in the Jacuzzi. Sometimes would lie out in the lounge chairs under the stars to finish a good conversation, totally oblivious to our nakedness.

One night we were discussing past relationships and the sexual proclivities of our previous partners. Almost inadvertently Seth started to become visibly erect and would occasionally give his cock a stroke or two but only in a casual, absent-minded way. I casually brought my hand to a breast and began to flick and circle a nipple idly with my hand. I could feel my clit begin to respond but kept my legs together. Seth seemed to become more erect and seemed now conscious and bothered by his very evident state of arousal. I asked him if he wanted to jerk off and if he did, that I wouldn't be offended.

At first he smiled and was delighted at the prospect but after a while began to feel self conscious and suggested that maybe he should 'finish' inside. I smirked with disappointment. I admitted that I had been getting aroused by his open but still furtive masturbation. I then had said that there was no reason why we both couldn't get off together. I merely laid back, opened my legs and smiled at him as I parted my labia with my fingers. I continued to rub my breast and circle my nipples with the other.

I tried to keep quiet but pretty soon I was in a full blown frig as my fingers noisily squished in my soaking labia, squirming and moaning as I did. I was touched by Seth's sweet remark about how attractive my open masturbation had made me. I could see Seth getting more and more turned on as he pumped his hard cock faster and faster. I could see in the dim light that his cock head was glistening with pre-cum. He seemed to be on the verge of coming. I pulled back the hood of my clit and let him see how engorged and distended it was and I began to circle my finger tips around it, looking at him and moaning as I did, whispering 'Come for me. I want to see it spew. Show me'!!! He suddenly grunted and energetically spewed streams of cum into the air, groaning with every spurt.

He sat up in the lounger and wiped a cum soaked hand across one of my breasts and with the other inserted his fingers into my vagina, as I furiously frigged my clit. Ooohhhhhuunngghhh ... it felt so good!! He pumped his fingers in and out of me until I came with a muffled howl, suppressed only by his hand in my mouth. Over the course of the evening he gave me two more fabulous orgasms and I jerked him off one last time until we both lay on the loungers, exhausted and spent. From then on, we remained close and selfless friends but we had a different kind of friendship.



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