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My Friend No Longer

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Friends no longer...


I am straight, and so is my friend or so I thought. We hung out a lot after meeting in our senior year of high school, and she always used to talk about how she wanted to kiss a girl. It got kind of weird sometimes, because she's my friend and I kept telling myself not to think about it, but I always kind of started to heat up and get excited when I imagined her lips moving on mine... And then my thought filter would kick in, and I'd stop.

It went on like this for months, me wondering what she meant by it all, and if she wanted me. And it continued. One weekend she came over for a sleepover, and being the high school badass I was, I mixed us a few drinks with my closet mini bar. After four, we were loose and honest. We began talking about our sex lives, as she and I were both deprived, victims of a recent breakup. After we moved on to other subjects, she, out of the blue, sighed. "I want to see what all this hype about girls is about, half the world likes girls!" I laughed, and said "leave that to the men and the lesbians." she sighed wistfully, "I don't want anyone to judge me, I just want to know what it's like." We laughed. "Just to see!" I agreed, overly casual.

I was becoming aware of how hot I was, my panties were wet at the thought of us touching. Shit, the spot was visible outside my shorts! She didn't seem to notice, and stared intently at my face. I squirmed, trying to hide it. Shit! No bra either, damn sleepover, I was showing everywhere. "Hey, we'll always stay friends. If you wanna try it on me, go for it." "You sure?" "Yeah, it's no big deal." And as I said this, my heart leapt out of my chest, pounding. My pussy was throbbing.

She leaned in, and closed her eyes, and her lips were on mine. It was very slow, and sweet, and we kept at it, learning from each other, dancing as she led with her tongue and gently slid across my bottom lip. I imagined what else she could do, and immediately started getting wetter. I kissed back, harder, and it was then when I noticed her hand, running over my bra-less tee shirt, ever so slightly caressing my nipples, and I drew in a breath. She moved her kisses down my jawline, onto my neck, and her hands squeezed my breasts.

We began moving faster, rubbing against each other harder, and breathing harder, more animal-like. It was then that I felt her hand descend my body, down my tummy, and under the waistband of my shorts, and as I cried out in surprise, she hushed me with another kiss, binding my speech with her tongue. Her soft fingers played up and down my outer lips, slippery with excitement, bringing more wetness to my already soaked lady parts. I was mentally dissolving, needing to be touched, when her hand slipped between the folds of my body and began exploring my pussy, kneading my clit with her fingers, nearly making me moan, even though I was trying not to, because I was embarrassed.

She began making circles around it, sending me riding on pulse over pulse of electric, intense pleasure. I was shaking. Her fingers shifted again, into me, And the deep screaming pleasure sent ripping through me almost immediately, and I had to bite my lip not to make a sound, whimpering quietly. I don't know how many fingers she had up me, but the way that they filled me was more intense than any cock I'd ever had, and I was trembling, on the verge of a monumentally intense climax.

She eased my shirt up and began running her tongue over my nipples, tracing patterns on my skin and pushing me further. She jammed her fingers in me as far as they would fit, and it was suddenly too much. My orgasm broke, clenching on her fingers like a vice, wave after wave of pleasure sent me into convulsions as I finally let out a long, low, breathy moan and kissed my friend as the waves of my orgasm subsided.

She removed her hand, and smiled at me, kissing my nose and grinning in the aftermath of what had just happened. I heaved a sigh, smiled, turned over, and fell asleep, feeling her soft body cupping mine.



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