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My Friend Julian (Pt 2)

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The exhibition continued


Wait Lex' he said in a small voice. I stopped and turned around slowly, in shame. He looked pleading at me, and pulled the sheet up to his waist. I could smell his cum in the air. He motioned for me to sit on the bed. I didn't mean for you to see that he said sheepishly. I nodded, and smirked, that was quite the show. He tried to laugh, but I could tell he was embarrassed. He tried to sit up fully, and made a face. Fuck, I'm like covered with this shit. I laughed and stood up. He asked me to get him a towel, and I went in the bathroom to grab one. I brought it to him, and he pushed the sheets off, and moved to the edge of the bed. His dick was semi hard now, and bobbing up and down. He had decent length and a thick girth. The cum was smeared all over his thighs, waist, and stomach. He had a thick happy trail and even thicker pubes, which were all soaked with cum. He started to dab at the cum spots, and was joking about having me do it since I had been spying on him. I tried to defend myself, but it was obvious I had deliberately watched him.

He left the bathroom door open as he showered, and we talked about getting food. Somehow the conversation came to him watching me. I was against the idea at first, but asked if he would join me. I'm openly bisexual with everyone I know, so it's really no big deal. I've had girls masturbate me, cause they like watching me cum, and I've been in three-ways with the other guy jerking off while I'm fucking, or me jerking while watching. I've never masturbated with a friend though. I agreed to it, but told him I typically don't just jerk off with someone, it's usually a preset to further activity, and laughed. He told me we could see what happens. He playfully pulled at my shirt, and dropped his towel. He was still semi hard, unless that's the way his dick always is...I was fastly getting hard during our conversation, so by the time I undid the drawstring of my pajama pants, and dropped them, my briefs were bulging again. He slowly reached out and poked my dick with his finger. It twitched when he did, and he laughed. He pulled the top sheets off his bed, so it was just the fitted sheet, and got into bed. I slid down my briefs and followed him in.

He asked if he should turn on some porn, and I said it wasn't necessary, as I looked him over. He laughed and said okay, and started to rub his dick. I did the same thing, and the pre cum started to flow again. He commented on how I was precumming already, and I reminded him of the show I just watched. He slide down a little, so his shoulders were resting on the pillows, and asked if he turned me on, I said yes. He closed his eyes for a second, and smiled. I slid down as well, so we were even, both of us sliding our hands up and down the shafts of our hard dicks. I'm not well endowed, probably around 6 inches, and average girth, but Julian seemed enormous compared to me. I kept glancing over, watching his movements, and he giggled at the idea of me liking his dick. You like my dick? Yes, it's nice. He slid over so that our sides and legs were touching. Would you ever jack my dick? I nodded and bit my lip, my dick still precumming. He let go of his dick, and it slapped against his stomach. He made his dick jump, and then I watched his stomach harden, and his dick slowly stood to a point, aiming toward the ceiling. I can cum without touching it he told me proudly. I looked amazed, show me. He laughed and shook his head, I'll do it some other time.

I stopped jerking and insisted. I had never seen that done in person, only on the internet. He gave in, and I resumed my jerking. He started playing with his stomach hair and pubes, and making his dick stand straight up, and then down, then up and then down. I couldn't help but laugh, cause it was so weird how he could do it. I was breathing heavier, as my actions resumed, and he said I could shoot my load with him, but he needed a little bit more time. I nodded, and slowed my actions. After a few seconds, he reached up and started to rub his pectorals with his right hand, and pulling on his nipple hair with his left hand, and whispered I'm close...I resumed my usual speed, and turned toward him. He turned on his left side, and we were at an angle, facing each other, looking each other in the eyes. I wanted to bad to reach out and grab ahold of him, but it was so intense. He started to close his eyes, and his mouth opened, and I forced myself to the edge. He whispered oh fuckkkk and I let myself go...



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