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My Friend Julian (Pt 1)

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A night of Modern Warfare 3, turned into an exhibition with a close friend


I spent the night at my friend Julian's house last night, cause he'd just bought MW3. I'm not into gaming but any time with him is always nice. I fell asleep on the sofa at the foot of his bed, and he was on the floor playing live. We didn't really talk much before I fell asleep, maybe I was just tired, cause working a job, and going to school full time is kicking my ass. I woke up around 2:00am and he was still playing, I went to the bathroom, and came back, crashing as soon as I hit the sofa. I woke up again at 7:00am and the daylight was peaking in through the half opened blinds all around the room. I checked Facebook and Twitter on my phone, and stretched a little bit, when I heard Julian moving. I sat up to see if he was awake, and saw him adjusting his hard dick under the sheets. I fell back softly, kind of embarrassed, but then realized it was just a dick. I'd never seen Julian with a hard on, but I was curious if he would jerk it, like I often do in the morning. Living in the dorms hasn't permitted much privacy for me to do so, but I've listened to my dorm mate do it often. I quietly listened for more movement, but it appeared he had settled again.

I played brickbreaker on my phone for about half an hour, when I heard Julian moving around again. I didn't make an effort to check on him, until I heard him let out a soft moaning sigh. I instantly thought of him jerking it, and peeked over the edge of the sofa. He was adjusting himself again, but this time, his hands were moving up and down his dick under the sheets. He started to sit up, and I dropped back down for a moment, and closed my eyes. I heard him move to the foot of the bed, probably peeking at me. I felt him over me for almost a minute, and then he moved back to his position. When I heard him moving again in the sheets, I opened my eyes and listened. I could hear him sighing, and softly moaning, and the rhythmic motion of his hands rubbing against the sheets with each jerk on his dick. I felt myself growing hard, and adjusted my dick under my nylon blend bikini briefs. I didn't want to make any noise, so touching myself was out of the question. I slowly half sat up, to peek over the sofa edge again, and I saw that he had pushed the sheets down. I could now see his hands working up and down his dick, but the sheets were blocking my view. All I could see was the dark head of his dick, and the motion of his hands as they slid up and down it.

I continued to watch, my breath getting shorter and shorter. He was breathing heavier at this point, and the sheets were getting pushed further and further down, toward the foot of the bed. I could see a little more than his dick head now, and could feel my own dick, throbbing beneath my briefs, precum was starting to cause a moistness against my upper thigh, where the head of my dick was throbbing against. I was focusing on his movements when I heard him moan a little louder, and breathe a oh fuckkkk and watched his dick erupt. His cumshot went straight up in the air, shooting a couple long strands, and globs, with impressive range, and then little shots after. It lasted about thirty seconds, I was amazed. My cumshots only lasted a couple seconds, and then I'd be exhausted. I kept watching intently on his dick head, as the cum was still oozing out. He was moaning a little louder than before, and kept sliding his hands up and down the shaft. I knew the feeling of wanting to keep cumming, but always ended up exhausted, and panting.

Julian kept jerking, and picking up his speed. I've always wanted to have multiple orgasms, but could never achieve. He was panting a little more, and his hand was moving so rapidly, all I could see was his dick head moving, and a blur of his hand. He tilted his head up a little, and I could see his mouth was wide open, with a wince in his face. Once again he whispered oh fuckkkkk and started to shoot another load, with less range, but still impressive. I was watching the cum shooting out of his dick, when his eyes opened, and he saw me watching. I froze, and so did he. What the fu.... he closed his eyes and brought his knees up so I could no longer watch him. He was breathing heavy, and I saw him turn on his side, his body moving with his heavy breaths...I stood up and went to go in the bathroom...



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