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My Friend Jami

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I'm writing this teaser after writing my story. Please forgive any mistakes I may have made in spelling. I've been masturbating through most of the story. I'm nude & I have a pillow on my chair to hold my rabbit vibe in place. The orgasms have been intense while reliving my memories letter by letter. I must go & concentrate on my masturbating. I need more orgasms right now. I'm so wet


My friend Jami was a fun & good looking girl who I met in my last year of high school. About a year later I was at her house one afternoon on a weekend in the backyard talking & working on our tans. I guess we would have been about 20 then. It was so hot that day & to keep cool we had a garden hose that we would spray into the air & let the drops fall back on us like rain.

We were alone until later that night. At one point when I was spraying the water in the air Jami sat up & her bikini top which was untied at the back, fell off her big boobs. She acted like it was an accident but I think she wanted to show them off. She was pretending to get her top ready to put back on, now up on her knees with a slight arch in her back. I knew it was an act so I reached out & grabbed it away from her. She balked but it was such an act. I kept it & told her she was not getting it back. She told me to keep it & laid back down never putting her top back on. Me being so easily aroused & very sexual I joined her a few seconds later taking my own top off. We laid sunning our white boobs for a while then Jami took sunscreen & rubbed it all over her boobs. Watching her made me even more excited than I already was. It was the first time anything sexual had happened between us. I sucked it up like crazy & tried to move the conversation toward anything sexual. Soon we were talking about sex & after a while my clit was swollen & needing some attention.

During the conversation I hinted to Jami that whenever I became aroused like I was right then, I had a deep need to orgasm. I told her long ago my aunt who was a hospital nurse gave me a book showing me how I could relieve myself properly & that it worked very well. Jami said "you mean you learned how to masturbate & you like it, right"? I couldn't believe she blurted it out like it was nothing. I answered her with, "no, I LOVE to masturbate" then I laughed with a little nervousness in my voice. I was getting so aroused by that time. "I like it too you know" said Jami. That was all I needed to hear. I wanted to do it right there with her. "What if I told you I wanted to do it now" I said. "Go ahead, nobody can see us back here" said Jami. I needed only one invitation to masturbate. What a thrill it was just knowing that I was going to do it with her there.

I slid off my bikini bottoms & Jami laid up on her side propping her head on one arm. She said "you're really going to do it right here aren't you"? I told her I had to & sowed her how swollen my clit was just for fun. She gasped a bit & then said "OK go ahead, start doing it".

I stayed facing her with my legs open & began circling my clit with a few fingers. Soon I was deep into wildly masturbating with Jami gazing at me. What a turn on that was!! It didn't take long before I could feel my wonderful orgasm building. My breathing got heavy & I told Jami I was going to orgasm. in seconds. I laid straight back out & brought my feet closer with my knees apart then I enjoyed the most wonderful orgasm right there for Jami's viewing pleasure. Once my body stopped twitching with orgasm I sat up & looked at Jami. "Sorry" I said. "I had to get that out". "Don't be sorry, that was amazing" she said. I was still pretty excited & I was not ready to let this feeling go. "So, I did it for you so it's your turn now" I said. To my surprise Jami said OK. She wiggled out of her bottoms & I sat up with her legs crossed. She looked down & pulled her lips apart & said "look, I'm all swollen too." I knew she was aroused like I was & also happy to see it. Jami said we should go inside so we wrapped our bodies with towels & in we went.

Inside she sat in a living room chair & I sat across from her. We were both nude & horny waiting for Jami to masturbate. Jami put one foot on each arm of the big chair. Her swollen pussy had just a bit of blonde hair on the top unlike me who kept it & I still keep it completely shaved. Jami was slow in starting. She started rubbing her big boobs which was fun to watch. Then she moved to her clit. Her style was so different than mine. Her fingers moved from side to side like she was washing her clit but it seamed to work well. Watching Jami masturbate was very exciting. She was taller than me, fairly skinny with big boobs. She also had long fingers & I don't know why I remember her long toes that curled back when she came. I guess it was just part of what I saw.

Jami rubbed her clit moving & moaning in the chair for a while & when her orgasm was coming I could sense it long in advance. Jami's fingers moved faster & faster. Her tummy pulled in tight & her boobs pushed out far. I could almost count each rib pushing through her tiny torso. Her breathing go harder & faster. She started to whimper softly over & over, "I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum". Then her body arched back hard & her faced squished up like she was in pain. I could see all her tiny muscles tighten under her tanned skin then her orgasm tore through her body. I watched her hips move with each pulse of orgasm like she was ridding a horse. She had such a nice long orgasm & so great to watch. Her body was still rocking long after her fingers had dropped to her sides. She laid back in the chair with her eyes closed drawing in deep breaths while her body twitched & rippled every few seconds for about a minute later.

"That was one of the best orgasms I think a girl can have" I said once she was back with her eyes open. "Oh yah, it was a good one" she said. "I hope you don't mind if I continue on my own, I feeling pretty excited right now" I said. I stayed sitting on the floor with my back to the couch, opened my legs & went back to give myself some well needed orgasms. I was not intending to stop at one, I never do. I'm much too orgasmic & I learned long before then that I can orgasm back to back many times over.

Jami was now laying curled up on her side in the chair watching me. I loved the feeling I had right then, masturbating & her watching me again. As usual it didn't take long for my orgasm to come on & it felt just as good as the first. As soon as my body allowed I went right back to my clit with the same passion. "Again" said Jami. "Oh yah, for sure I'm not done yet" I said. How many times can you come" she asked. "Lots, you'll see" I said.

Once I got into the rhythm of multiple orgasms they just kept coming. Jami watched me go wild masturbating like a savage. The more I came the more I wanted her to watch. I came so much that soon I was too tired to go on & yes, I was done. I didn't want to go on. I was completely satisfied laying with a quivering body & a well worked over clitoris.

Jami sat quietly watching for the entire time I was masturbating. Once she knew I was finished she softly asked me "how did you do that, you know, come so many times. I'd love to do that". I explained that all she had to do is try. I said, " just masturbate to orgasm & when you feel you can touch your clitoris again, go for it. Start rubbing & the feeling will just come back. The next orgasm will come faster then faster, then better, then after a while you'll know when you're done".

Jami sat up straight & said "I want to try now". She did more than try. She rocked! Jami blew me away with her new found talent. She came so hard & so many times, she would not stop. Finally after watching her body rip through so many great orgasms she stopped. She was on the floor by this time, leaning back on the chair. Her body still twitching form her last orgasm & she said "that's all I got. Wow, I never did that before. It was wonderful".

That was the first time I masturbated with Jami but not the last. We stayed friends until she moved away with a guy five years later. All that time we remained good friends & shared our masturbation now & then. I'd love to hook up again some time now & we if we could still be the same.



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