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My Friend Jake

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this happened a year ago and I wrote this for my friend, you know who you are!


So I was having a few friends over for some drinks and TV. and my hot friend Jake came over too. We drank, watched a movie, chatted and had a laugh, eventually most of my friends headed home.

So I was left with Jake. Well we were sitting on the couch, in the dark since we had been watching a movie, ok that was just a lame excuse for me to turn the lights out!

He moved a little close to me so we were arm by arm, so I was getting a little tingly just from that small amount of skin contact. We were watching the L Word, and of course two hot girls started having sex. I felt a little embarrassed by this but it was also making me wet.

Then I drew my legs up onto the couch which inevitably made my body press against his, that sent my heart racing, the next thing I knew we were making out. I could feel my nipples start to tingle too.

So I let out little moans to get him going, and pressed my body hard against his. He started to kiss my neck, hmmmmm that felt good, then his hand went up my top and he took my hard nipple between his fingers and gently rolled it and squeezed it, which made my pussy throb. I let out a few little sighs of pleasure. He then took off my top and started at my breasts like a wild animal which so turned me on, I was waiting for him to take my nipples between his lips, but no he decided to drive me wild by being a tease. He kissed my neck, bit my shoulders, held my breasts in his big strong hands. He circled my nipples with his finger, then circled them with his warm tongue.

I thought I would faint when he eventually licked my nipple with his tongue. My pussy was wet and aching so bad to be touched. He started to lick my other nipple very lightly and stroked the other one with his finger. My pussy started to contract and I got wave after wave of pleasure. Then when I was done he took my nipple between his lips and sucked, while licking it at the same time. I was horny all over again. He laid me down on the couch, giving me wet hot kiss's, stroking my neck, my arms and breasts. Boy was I loving every second of it.

He started to kiss my belly, I could feel my underwear getting very wet, my heart was pounding and I was breathing very fast, while hoping my sighs of longing would hurry him up. But he wasn't done teasing me. He took my jeans off, he began kissing my legs, making his way up to that sensitive spot behind my knee, his hands crept up to the edge of my pussy, 'oh fucking touch me now' I kept thinking, I wanted him to fuck me hard with his big fingers.

He kissed the inside of my thighs, clawed my legs with his nails, that felt great, but I wanted him to touch my pussy. He then grabbed my underwear and pulled them off. The cool air against my damp skin just turned me on even more. He parted my legs, I arched my back, sighing with anticipation. I went to touch my pussy but he pushed my hand away.

He touched the outer edges of my labia and every now and again lightly drew little circles on my clit. I felt like I would come every time he did that. But he wasn't going to let me get that far just yet. He rubbed his finger against my little opening encouraging my juices to flow. He put his finger in just a little bit. He went back to kissing and sucking on my nipples. I couldn't take it, so I came very hard, my moans and sighs got louder but he still wouldn't put his finger all the way inside me.

He grabbed my pussy with his hand and let me hump it, I was so close to another orgasm. He seemed to sense that and drew his hand away. I began to protest when he started kissing me again. My pussy was still wet and aching. I still needed to come more. He made little circles on my clit. I told him to fuck me with his fingers. But before I could come he laid down beside me so he was facing me. He started to suckle on my nipples, which drove me wild with pleasure. He pushed his finger half way into me, 'oh fuck yea 'I thought. He then took his finger out again, he then put it back in but only half way, this felt so damn good but I was aching for him to fuck me hard.

He was still sucking on my nipples when he finally pushed his finger deep inside me, he rubbed my g-spot really fast as I humped his hand.

I came really good and hard, I let out loud moans of pleasure. Then when I had almost calmed down, he put another finger inside me, he fucked me really hard with his fingers. I started to come hard again. I didn't think I could stand any more pleasure, but he didn't stop, he kept fucking me, rubbing my g-spot and sucking on my nipples so I kept coming. I thought I would pass out from the pleasure. I felt my juices all over his hands. While I was still coming he continued fucking me with his fingers. Damn this was hot. It felt like I had been coming for forever.

Eventually he stopped, and gave me soft kisses but my pussy was still contracting and I was still getting waves of pleasure.

So we took a nice long shower together.



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