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My Friend Convinced Me To Masturbate

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This event helped me discover how much I like to be watched.


I used to have a buddy that lived in San Diego and we would hang out anytime I was down there for business overnight. I used to travel more and sometimes be down in SD for most of the week. Sometimes we would just hang out in my room and have a few beers and watch a game or something. Being away from home, I was naturally horny. One time he came over, it had been a really hot day, and I had not showered yet, so no problem, after we had our first cold beer I hopped in the shower. I did not take my clothes into the shower to change into, so I came out in a towel to get them, but my buddy handed me another beer and I thought I'd just enjoy that a bit. I don't know if he could tell that I was horny through the towel, but he just out right asked if I was horny if I was going to stroke later. You see, hanging out over time of course we talked about women and sex and I had admitted that I stroke off quite a bit when I'm away from home.

So, I guess he saw an opportunity that day with me in my towel, and he said he was always curious to watch a guy stroke his cock and that he'd like me to show him my dick. I was floored and also embarrassed because I was horny and a bit excited by the idea. I of coruse laughed and said, yeah right, good joke. He said, no really, nothing weird, he just wanted to see another guy's hard on for real, and was just curious, just to watch, he would not pull anything, no sex (you know, nothing 'gay'). Well, since I just finished downing my second beer and had not eaten, I was feeling relaxed, and more horny so I was starting to poke out of my towel anyway, so I give him a peek. I just pulled the towel open a bit and just grabbed my dick and pointed it toward him, 'see.' He says cool, and says let me really see, so I drop my towel and show him more and cop a feel. He compliments me on my nice penis, and remarks that I look horny. He asks me to stroke it for him, but I'm still self conscious and say I should just get dressed, this is weird. Nah, just hold it in your hand for a sec then, just want to see another guy hold his own dick. So I do, and of course I'm puffing up, so I start to get some clean clothes out.

He says, 'so, if you've already admitted to me that you jerk off a lot when you're away from home, and I'm curious to just watch, why not let me watch? We're friends, and all guys jerk off, so why not let me see?.' he asks me to just stroke a little bit and get totally hard so he can see how big I am, and that's all. Well, of course you know where this is headed at this point. I stroke a bit, and I am getting horned up, and am totally hard after just a few strokes. He says, yeah, nice buddy, see, feels good, it's natural we all do it, just relax and go for it... have another beer. I say, what about you, I feel weird just jerking off by myself in front of you. He declines, says that he's good and that if he doesn't have sex with his girl tonight then she will think that he's cheating on her again. He insists he's good and I should just go for it.

At that point, I figure, I'm totally naked, hard, horny and have openly stroked for a couple of minutes in front of him, so what the heck. I swallow like 1/2 of the third beer and sit back in a chair and just start to please myself. I've got a nice buzz going. I asked him if he really thought my dick was nice, and he says yeah. He starts to talk to me about how it feels and how I like to masturbate. Do I ever squeeze my balls, yeah... show me... I do, and I get even harder. NICE. I grab my dick and start to stroke hard, like I'm just gonna shoot and get this humiliation over with... I am embarrassed and feel vulnerable, but I'm so horny I just have to take care of myself. He says, whoa, hold on there, I'm having fun checking out your hard on, save it. He's rubbing himself through his jeans a bit at this point. so I stop stroking and don't touch myself for a few minutes, and then start playing with it gently, showing him where my sweet spot is located.

Finally, he says he wants to see me squirt, and even though I have been openly masturbating for what, 20 min or longer in front of him, I am still embarrassed about letting my load go in front of another guy. I am dying to see his dick out of curiosity now, and he unzips his fly and just lets it poke out a bit, but that's all. He says, come one buddy, let it go, you need to cum, just shoot it, so I grab my dick real good and slowly and firmly stroke. One. grab my balls. two and three. damn. and a few quick strokes, and then just hold it tight as I bust my nut, probably like eight squirts and all over the place.

So, I have to rinse off again and we get dressed and go to dinner. He thanks me and says it's all good, don't be embarrassed. And, finally, oddly I'm not. I guess it did just feel sort of natural to stroke off with another guy present. Over the course of time, we hung out quite a bit, and at least one time every trip he would suggest that I masturbate for him. It was fun.



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