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My Friend Chip And Me

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Chip and I had been friends since the seventh grade and we were now both sixteen. He had been to my house many times but for some reason never invited me to his. Both his parents were professionals, pharmacists, and owned a drugstore. At this time we were sophomores in high school and had just finished the school basketball season. Neither of us were on the first team but both expected to make it in our junior year.
I knew for a long time that Chip was a very involved photographer. His folks gave him a couple of fine cameras and he was active in the school camera club and took many of the photos for the class annual. This afternoon, after our last class, Chip asked me if I'd like to come with him to his house and see his collection of photos. I said that I would be glad to!
I knew where he lived but, as I said, I had never been inside his house. The family house was a fine old Victorian style with three floors and two second floor balconies. It had a dozen rooms he told me. Chip, however, did not live in the main house. He lived in an apartment up over the detached four car garage! He had three rooms including his own bathroom and kitchen. A large walk-in closet had been made into a small studio and dark room.
After he had shown me the layout, he asked if I was ready to look at his collection of pictures. I said sure, expecting to see a collage of landscapes and fruit posings. I couldn't have been more wrong. He had them in three cardboard boxes aproximately 18inches by 18 inches and 18 inches deep. He reached in and pulled out a handful and passed them over to me to look at. My mouth fell open and I nearly choked. Every picture I looked at was of a naked person or group of naked people. He watched my expressions and volunteered that the people were members of the nudist camps he and his family went to on their vacations and such. I was extremely turned on by looking at all these naked people and my breath was coming in shallow draughts. My throat felt constricted and I wanted to relieve the aching in my groin. Chip reached into another box and again pulled out a handful of photos. I recognized the one on top as his fourteen year old sister, Millie. She was naked and posed in the old overstuffed chair in his small studio. Her left leg was up and over the arm of the chair and her hands were forcing her not yet fully developed breasts up and out. She did have a good patch of hair covering her pussy. She was smiling and not the least embarrassed by her pose. I couldn't take my eyes off the photos he handed me. As far as I could tell, they were all of family members and they were all naked! His mother and father were included, as well as, the grandmother and grandfather, on his father's side who had gotten the family into the naturist lifestyle. I felt as if I was going to smother I was so excited. I could tell my cock was just dripping precum and I needed to masturbate to relieve my anxiety.
Chip could tell I was ready to burst and started the action by dropping his pants and undershorts. His cock was fully erect, somewhat larger than mine and circumsized. I am still uncut. I scrambled out of my trousers and shorts and got my cock in hand. Two or three minutes was all it took to ejaculate and I let go a load that made me feel weak at the knees. Chip came shortly after I did and of a quantity equal to mine. We sat down on his bed and discussed what had just happened. He said that he had wanted to invite me over to his house many many times but his folks were not sure I could be trusted to keep their family secret. I asked him why he decided to invite me now? He said he just felt that since we were such good friends up till now, I would understand. I swore I would never tell and up to now I haven't. I discovered that Chip died about six years ago of liver cancer. His parents are long dead and his sister lives in Europe. I spent many many afternoons with Chip after this. I looked at every picture in his collection and added some to it by posing for him. Even now I get hard thinking about our masturbation sessions. We jacked each other but never anything more than that. I went with the family on a two week summer vacation to a nudist camp between our junior and senior years in school. I think his mother was one of the sexiest women I had ever seen and his sister grew up to be an almost carbon copy of her. I spent a lot of time at his house!



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