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My Friend and I

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Well, you see. I had this very close friend of mine, who I confided everything in and we've talked about everything. Previously, he had mentioned his size, a whopping nine inches, and I couldn't believe it because he had never shown any sexual attraction to anything, much less anyone. How could God give that man such hardware?

So, I was curious to his size. He stayed over occasionally, and I would, at times, try to sneak over to his mattress on the floor and feel him up, but I wouldn't get very far, because I was worried I would wake him, which would lead to awkward questions, possible accusations, and loss of friendship.

But a week ago, he came over and we talked late into the night. Close to threeish, I was tired, and rambling, and I just randomly slipped out. 'Can I see it?'

I didn't have to explain, he knew what I was talking about. He replied 'meh.'

Feeling brave, I got up, took off my boxers and demonstrated my 7' piece of semi-erect cock, and implored him to show, stating that I'd shown him mine, so he should show me his. He sighed, stood up, unzipped his jeans, and pulled out the most massive cock I've ever seen. It was uncut, and after producing a ruler from the nearby desk, I confirmed that it did measure nine inches. And it was thick, too. I automatically slid my hand towards it, running my hands around it, admiring his huge sack, and copious bush. He was surprised, but said nothing. I continued to massage his dick, moving closer and closer.

By this time, I had a massive erection. So I sat on the floor, and began jacking off. He looked at me, and I told him to sit down and join me. He refused, zipping up his pants as a confirmation. I nudged him, telling him that he had to, that I used to mutually masturbate all the time, that it was normal, and that we might as well, seeing how there's nothing else to do. I emphasized my point with a few fake jabs towards his crotch, 'attempting' to remove his zipper.

At last, he caved, and sat down and played with his massive meat. I was transfixed by the penis before me. Everything about it was different from my own. It was bigger, thicker, uncircumcised so that his head would disappear and reappear with every pump. I hesitantly reach for his cock, he says nothing and I beat it a few times, without any change in his demeanour. I incline him over to mine, and his cold hands grab my inferior penis and rub slowly against my manhood. I tremble with ecstasy.

We return to our own, jacking off while talking about who we'd like to fuck. After a while, I begin tensing, feeling the rushing fire of the imminent orgasm. I ask him for his hand. He complies, slowly, unsure. I force his hand onto my raging boner and he starts pumping. I whisper for him to keep going, and faster. I was exploding with sensation. He started slowing down, and I quickly grabbed his hand and started pumping faster and faster. I came, everywhere. All over his hand, my hand, my body. He continued pumping for a bit, then stopped sheepishly. I apologized profusely for cumming on him, but thanked him for the great wank and his only response was with surprise for the load I shot. He got up and returned with tissues, and we cleaned up. He still had a boner. I turned to him, and told him it was his turn.

He declines, stating he's too tired, and that his boner was actually fading (I doubt this). He zips up his pants and returns to his cot, and his thoughts. I return to the bed, glowing with satisfaction.



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